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Welcome to my tips, suggestions and resources for writers of all types.

I write too and one of the reasons for this Pearl is my frustration of not finding writing resources on the net easily.

It's a time staking process and by the time you have found what you were looking for, you are no longer interested. I hope to make it easier for you.

So relax, put your feet up and discover some writing gems that will help, entertain and inform you. Hopefully along the way you will find just what you were looking for. 25 Things You Should Know About Character - StumbleUpon. Previous iterations of the “25 Things” series: 25 Things Every Writer Should Know 25 Things You Should Know About Storytelling And now… Here you’ll find the many things I believe — at this moment! — about characters: 1.

Without character, you have nothing. 2. A great character can be the line between narrative life and story death. 3. Don’t believe that all those other aspects are separate from the character. 4. The audience will do anything to spend time with a great character. 5. It is critical to know what a character wants from the start. 6. It doesn’t matter if we “like” your character, or in the parlance of junior high whether we even “like-like” your character. 7.

It is critical to smack the audience in the crotchal region with an undeniable reason to give a fuck. 8. You must prove this thesis: “This character is worth the audience’s time.” 9. Don’t let the character be a dingleberry stuck to the ass of a toad as he floats downriver on a bumpy log. 10. 11. 12. 13.

The law of threes. How to write a novel* Ever wanted to write a novel but had no clue how? Having just finished my fifth novel, I am now ready to pass on my accummulated novel-writing wisdom to those what have never writ one but wants to. Here is the complete, full and unexpurgated guide: First of all you need a computer. (Yeah, yeah, I know in the olden days they made do with quill, ink and paper, and typewriters—aargh!

Don’t get me started on how creepy and scary typewriters are—plus, whatever, this is not the olden days.) On that computer you need a word processing program. If you want to write your novel relatively quickly and productively, it should have no access to the interweb thingy, also no games, or anything other than the two aforementioned programs. Do not spend a lot of time on this.

Sometimes working titles wind up being the actual title (Snakes on a Plane, anyone? Make sure you make it a bigger and fancier font than your novel proper, underline it, too. Do you just start the novel or do you outline? To sum up: Writing Historical Fiction. If you've thought about writing and publishing your own book, you should also consider making a ebook for easier distribution.

Jump to:Writing ResourcesGetting PublishedFinancial Survival and Thrival Many authors whose books never hit the bestseller lists still find their work deeply satisfying because they love researching and writing about the past. A few authors even make a good living writing historical fiction. What skills and knowledge do you need to succeed? Surprisingly few historical novelists have university degrees in history.

Among those who do are some excellent writers. They include Steven Saylor, who writes a mystery series set in ancient Rome; Charmaine Craig, whose literary novel The Good Men won critical acclaim; and Harry Turtledove, who writes in a variety of genres from science fiction and alternative history to straight historical novels. Some highly successful historical novelists have backgrounds in journalism. Resources to help you write better fiction: Back to Top. Writer's Block -- Practical Tips for Beating Your Writer's Block.

Most writers will have trouble with writer's block at some point in their lives. The possible reasons for writer's block are myriad: fear, anxiety, a life change, the end of a project, the beginning of a project... almost anything, it seems, can cause that debilitating feeling of fear and frustration. Fortunately there are as many ways to deal with writer's block as there are causes. The items below are only suggestions, but trying something new is the first step toward writing again. 1. Implement a Writing Schedule. Carve out a time to write and then ignore the writer's block. 2. In fact, don’t be hard on yourself at all while writing. 3. Stephen King, a famously prolific author, uses the metaphor of a toolbox to talk about writing in On Writing, intentionally linking it to physical work. 4. Writer's block could be a sign that your ideas need time to gestate. 5.

Many writers, understandably, have trouble doing this on their own. 6. 7. 8. 9. Are your desk and chair comfortable? 10. WRITERS' SUPPORT GROUP SparkTeam. Filter Stream: Total SparkPoints: 12,624,076 Total Fitness Minutes: 9,971,945 Team Forums Team Goals Team URL: Team Board RSS: WRITERS' SUPPORT GROUPTeam Message Board RSS Feed. Ten Rules for Mystery Writing. By Ginny Wiehardt Updated March 29, 2016. More than writing in many other genres, mystery writing tends to follow standard rules. This is because readers of mysteries seek a particular experience: they want the intellectual challenge of solving the crime before the detective does, and the pleasure of knowing that everything will come together in the end. Of course, the best way of testing the mystery writing rules that follow is to read widely in the genre. See how others use them or how and when they get away with breaking them. Because readers are playing a kind of game when they read a detective novel, plot has to come first, above everything else.

As the main character, your detective must obviously appear early in the book. The crime and the ensuing questions are what hook your reader. For many readers, only murder really justifies the effort of reading a 300-page book while suitably testing your detective's powers. Consider this part of the oath written by G.K. Horror Factor - Horror Writing Articles for the Serious Horror Writer. Prompt Generator. Creative writing prompts . com ideas for writers.

How to Write a Novel - Novel Writing Tips. Here, you'll find essential advice on how to write a novel. Find out: What type of novel is right for you 7 ways to get great creative writing ideas 4 ways that novelists turn ideas into stories 6 top tips on how to make your novel a success And much more! Advertisement: Table of Contents Types of Novels.

Thrillers, science fiction, romance, contemporary realism... there's a heaping buffet table of options for your novel. Browse around and see which one's for you. Elements of a Novel. Where to Get Creative Writing Ideas. Tips for Writing a Novel. Novel Outline. Frequently Asked Questions. How to Write a Great Beginning. How to Complicate Your Plot. How to Write a Satisfying Ending. How to Write a Mystery. A Simple Suspense Writing Technique. How to Write a Thriller. How to Write Science Fiction. How to Write Fantasy.

How to Write Romance. How to Write Historical Fiction. More on Writing Historical Fiction. How to Keep Your Reader Interested. Top Novel Writing Tips. Advertisement: Max Barry | Fifteen Ways to Write a Novel. Every year I get asked what I think about NaNoWriMo, and I don’t know how to answer, because I don’t want to say, “I think it makes you write a bad novel.” This is kind of the point. You’re supposed to churn out 50,000 words in one month, and by the end you have a goddamn novel, one you wouldn’t have otherwise. If it’s not Shakespeare, it’s still a goddamn novel. The NaNoWriMo FAQ says: “Aiming low is the best way to succeed,” where “succeed” means “write a goddamn novel.” I find it hard to write a goddamn novel. I can do it, but it’s not very fun. Some of these methods I use a lot, some only when I’m stuck.

The Word TargetWhat: You don’t let yourself leave the keyboard each day until you’ve hit 2,000 words. Why You Shouldn't Be A Writer. How to Write Fiction: Why Learning to Write Fiction is Important. Every now and again I hear some author putting down how-tos. “You can only learn to write by writing,” they’ll say. “Don’t waste your time studying writing books. Just put a page in front of you and write!” Which strikes me as making as much sense as saying, “You can only learn to do brain surgery by doing brain surgery. Uh-huh. Guest column by JAMES SCOTT BELL, the #1 bestselling author Plot & Structure and thrillers like Deceived, Try Dying, Watch Your Back and One More Lie. Another trope is, “No one ever learned to write by reading about writing.” The writer I know best – me – absolutely learned to write by reading how-tos. When I finally decided I had to try to learn to write, even if I never got published, I went after it with a club.

[Want To Be a Great Fiction Writer? Then one day I read a chapter in a book by the great writing teacher Jack Bickham. I was keeping a journal at the time, and wrote this: September 15, 1990EPIPHANY! I still get jazzed thinking about that moment. Freelance Writing Jobs | Demand Media Studios. Warlords of The Dreaming God. It was only a matter of time before I felt compelled to share my subjective and somewhat strange list of favourite music to write to/get inspiration from. Some of this music I used to roleplay to as well, so it’s been in my collection a long time. I highly recommend it for either purpose, or for general listening, whatever floats your boat.

So here goes: General Elizium, and Earth Inferno (Fields of the Nephilim) – I have some gothic tastes in music. The Nephilim reference Sumerian religion, magic and Cthulu. Carl growls his lyrics like a chain smoking god of ancient Mesopotamia. The heavy stuff (good for drama, battle scenes etc) Der Ring Des Nibelungen (Wagner) – Siegfried’s Funeral March being the most stirring piece, it was used as the theme for John Boorman’s excellent 1981 film ‘Excalibur’Carmina Burana (Carl Orff) – no surprises thereTyr (Black Sabbath) - a 1990 concept album, not exactly stereotypical Sabbath but the heavy riffs on ‘Anno Mundi’ and ‘Valhalla’ are very fantasy.

Fantasy writing tips, how to write a fantasy novel, creative wri. Sign up to my mailing list, and choose a FREE EBOOK as a gift. Join here. A Creative Writing Ebook AVAILABLE NOW from $0.99. Easy Novel Outline – Free Writing Lessons and Worksheets. Here you'll find easy novel outline techniques to plan your book step by step, along with worksheets for planning characters and scenes. This is just one of many pages on this website with creative writing worksheets and advice. At the bottom, you'll find links to related pages on how to write a novel. An outline for your novel A novel outline is a plan for a novel. If you are doing this for yourself and not for an editor, then the good news is there are no rights or wrongs. Why outline your novel? It can make it less intimidating to start writing. Advertisement: Dangers of a novel outline A reason some writers prefer not to work with a detailed outline is that they feel that the outline stifles their creativity and makes them less spontaneous.

Top tips for your novel outline Know yourself, and figure out the method that works best for you. A simple way to outline Here is an easy system you can use to outline your novel if you find it helpful. Who will be your main character? Examples: Prompts and Resources for Daily Journal Writing. Mystery Writing is Murder.

And MORE #7

MORE Writing Gems # 6. Even more writing gems #5. Writing with Ease 4...more gems. Writing With Ease #3. Writing With Ease #2. Yes, even MORE. The Online Community for Writers. Arts: Online Writing: Fiction: Fan Fiction: Multifandom. Don’t Write What You Know - Magazine. Why fiction’s narrative and emotional integrity will always transcend the literal truth Every Wednesday, I teach an introductory fiction workshop at Harvard University, and on the first day of class I pass out a bullet-pointed list of things the students should try hard to avoid.

Don’t start a story with an alarm clock going off. Don’t end a story with the whole shebang having been a suicide note. Don’t use flashy dialogue tags like intoned or queried or, God forbid, ejaculated. Twelve unbearably gifted students are sitting around the table, and they appreciate having such perimeters established. With each variable the list isolates, their imaginations soar higher. They smile and nod. The idea panics them for two reasons. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should admit I’ve been accused of writing what I know on a good many occasions. I don’t know the origin of the “write what you know” logic.

Stories aren’t about things. Stories aren’t about actions. Was Toni Morrison a slave? About Creative Writing -- Creative Writing Advice. Thickening The Plot. Thickening the Plot by Dr Vicki Hinze In crafting a novel, some experts say plot comes first. Some say it's character who leads the way. Some say it's neither, and some say it's both. They're all right. And wrong. As writers, we take the basic methods established for accomplishing a craft task, and amend those methods to suit ourselves. Before looking specifically at plotting, let's look at what we hope to achieve: a well-crafted novel. Think of the novel as a molecular structure. For example. But let's say your heroine acts, thinks, and reacts as a rural community Mississippian rather than the New York socialite she purportedly is, and must be for the novel to accomplish its goal .

That this metamorphosis occurs is a blessing to writers, though some don't view it is as one, but as a complication creating challenges that require a great deal of thought and sweat to correct. One effective way to craft a novel is to build plot, character, and setting and theme simultaneously. 1. So. . . . How to write a Fantasy Novel. Part 1- How to write a main character. First adjust your mind set; you are creating a fictional character, but you must go about it as if you are writing the life of a real person.

This will allow you to develop a well-rounded character. The initial task is to decide on who your protagonist(main character) will be; is it female or male, how old, what will the character's occupation, etc. -Deciding on the gender: This can depend on a lot of factors. Do you feel more comfortable writing male characters or female characters? All right, you have decided on your characters gender. Now you have a basic character, time for the details. You should sketch out a character outline or background. What details to include in your outline: I like to include some sort of family tree: parents, siblings, cousins, whatever. Physical traits: hair colour, eye colour, height, weight, etc. Personality traits.

Major life events. Take these things and create a history for your protagonist. Examples: How to Write a Horror Story: 11 steps. Figurative Language Quiz. On Writing Fiction. The Myth of Writer's Block (And 7 Ways To Get Unstuck) Unofficial NaNoWriMo FAQ - Wikiwrimo. Plot Outlines and Templates: Why Your Novel Needs Them. Outline for Writing a Novel In 1 Year - Novel Writing Help. Creative Writing Contests. How To Write A Novel Synopsis | Gareth L Powell - science fiction writer. Why I won't write another first person PoV novel. Writing A Novel | A working mother's guide to writing a novel. Find Writing Contests, Poetry Contests & Grants. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant - Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. Music for writing. : infomusings. 23 Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger - StumbleUpon.

ABC's of the Writing Process - Specific Graphic Organizers Links. 10 More Websites That Help Cure Writer’s Block With Writing Prompts. How To Write A Novel Using The Snowflake Method. Narrative mode. Advice on Novel Writing. Stephen King: The 'Craft' Of Writing Horror Stories. How to Start Writing When You Don’t Feel Like It. The 10 Best Things From 2011 To Listen To While Writing, According To Actual Authors - New York Music - Sound of the City. Fantasy writing tips, how to write a fantasy novel, creative wri. Writing Fiction For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Tips for Editing Your NaNoWriMo Novel. NaNoWriMo Ideas. Writing Contests For 2012, share your writing and enter a contest. How to Participate in NaNoWriMo: 13 steps. Nine follies to avoid when writing your first novel. Writing Plan. How to write novel outline in one page | Writing and Publishing Resource.

Practical Tips on Writing a Book from 23 Brilliant Authors | NeuroTribes. Writing English. Write for - Freelance writing jobs, work at home. The Ten Mistakes « Holt Uncensored – Pat Holt on Books, Book Publishing Industry, Reviews. Writing Right - This is a blog about business writing in its various forms. From tips and tricks to lessons learned, topics will stem from my experiences as a professional copywriter and communications consultant and ways in which those lessons can benefi. Writing When You Can't Focus. Baby Boomers Write. 5 Powerful Techniques to Help Your Posts Stand Out. Writing a Novel -- How to Start and Finish Writing a Novel. Free Novel Writing Help and Advice. - Advice for Freelance Writers. I Write Like. Get Your Writing Fighting Fit Chapter 3. Writing Tips - General. 10 Writing Rules You Can't Break...And How to Break Them. Six Tips to Write Terrifying Horror Fiction | CuteWriting. Novel Ideas.