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Yah right half your stuffs in English ;-) – mirlen101
I speak what language I know like everyone else does here .Most of the members are now english . The head and founder of pearltrees who is French speaks both English and French here . You want to speak French feel free . Pearltrees was founded in France but it isn't a French site . It is open to all languages . If I want to know what the French or Spanish etc are talking about I use google translate . I don't go around telling them what to speak . – mirlen101
Wow Dictator looks cool ! ;-) I'll have to give it a try ! ;-) – mirlen101
This scanning is helpful but also harmful . We are becoming Attention deficit . People speaking and writing in short twitter like terms . Reading shallow instead of in depth . But I really get what you are talking about . I can't shove info in fast enough ! I scan fast and read slow ! ;-/ I'm a sponge though ! In highschool I had the 2 hardest classes according to the masses. They were both history and pretty boring . I used a method that took very short time and delivered high grades. I would read the questions at the back of the chapter first . Then would scan the chapter paragraphs from the front for each questions answer by looking for key words provided by each question ! I found that the answers were all connected by key words within the questions . I could do an hours work in 15 minutes ! People would ask if I was going to do the asignment ! When I told them I was finished they would just look at me in amazment ;-) I had one of the highest test scores ! – mirlen101
I think books are going the way of 35mm film cameras. I'll miss the physical browsing of the old used bookstores . And the look and feel of the vintage books . But digital makes sense in so many ways . For one less trees needed for pulp ! Good riddance to newspapers as well ! There are so many advantages to digital books ! The possibilities are endless ! – mirlen101
They are planning to make money by next year . They are waiting to see how it goes . They have something like 5 million invested here ! They hope this site will go viral ! So they can make money . They were hoping to make money by having paid content . It sounds like it won't work the way they were thinking . But they seem open to new ideas about how they might profit from this site . – mirlen101

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DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, and to link the different data sets on the Web to Wikipedia data. We hope that this work will make it easier for the huge amount of information in Wikipedia to be used in some new interesting ways. Furthermore, it might inspire new mechanisms for navigating, linking, and improving the encyclopedia itself.