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Apple to spend $850 million on solar energy. This story was reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Apple to spend $850 million on solar energy

On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a massive new investment by the company in solar energy: an $850 million installation that will cover 1,300 acres in Monterey County, Calif. Apple is partnering with First Solar — the nation’s biggest utility-scale installer — on the project, which will produce enough power to supply 60,000 California homes, Cook said. According to a press release from First Solar, Apple will receive 130 megawatts from the project under a 25-year deal, which the release describes as the largest such agreement ever. Cook called it Apple’s “biggest, boldest and most ambitious” energy project to date, designed to offset the electricity needs of Apple’s new campus, the futuristic circular building designed by Norman Foster, and all of Apple’s California retail stores.

“We know at Apple that climate change is real,” he said. Apple has already made huge commitments to solar. Creepy, or cool? Observez le pouvoir hallucinant d'une loupe géante fabriquée avec un écran télé. Un internaute a réussi à fabriquer une sorte de loupe géante et propose d'observer les effets de la chaleur dégagée par un faisceau très concentré de lumière du soleil.

Observez le pouvoir hallucinant d'une loupe géante fabriquée avec un écran télé

Avez-vous déjà partagé cet article? Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter. SolaRoad, la première piste cyclable solaire capable de produire de l'électricité. Une nouvelle piste cyclable vient de voir le jour au nord d’Amsterdam aux Pays-Bas et celle-ci a une petite particularité : elle est recouverte de de panneaux solaires.

SolaRoad, la première piste cyclable solaire capable de produire de l'électricité

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Liens solaire / végétaux

LUNA RING/Shimizu's Dream - Shimizu Corporation. The Energy Paradigm Shift Opens the Door to a Sustainable Society A shift from economical use of limited resources to the unlimited use of clean energy is the ultimate dream of all mankind.

LUNA RING/Shimizu's Dream - Shimizu Corporation

The LUNA RING, our lunar solar power generation concept, translates this dream into reality through ingenious ideas coupled with advanced space technologies. La plus grande centrale solaire du monde est opérationnelle !!! Chacun sait que la Californie, fait partie des leaders en ce qui concerne les énergies renouvelables et ce statut risque de lui être conservé, car depuis le 18 février 2014 on y a inauguré la plus grande centrale solaire du monde.

La plus grande centrale solaire du monde est opérationnelle !!!

Désormais dans le désert de Mojave, brille une immense mer de 173.000 miroirs, dont chacun fait environ la taille d'une porte de garage. Leur rôle est de refléter l'énergie solaire captée, vers des tours de 40 étages, soit 140 mètres de hauteur. La centrale électrique Ivanpah s'étend sur 5 hectares et 140.000 foyers seront donc alimentés en énergie propre durant toute l'année. - Récapitulatif du procédé : Solar is keeping California’s lights on as hydro dries up. We told you recently that wind turbines kept the heaters working in Texas during a cold snap that shut down several natural-gas power plants.

Solar is keeping California’s lights on as hydro dries up

And now we have similar superhero news from that other great renewable energy source — the sun. The San Jose Mercury News reports that solar energy is helping to meet California’s power needs amid a drought that has caused hydroelectric supplies to shrivel: Despite last week’s showers, the lack of rain in California this winter is having a dire impact on the rivers and reservoirs that power the state’s hydroelectricity plants.But the abundance of sunshine has been ideal for solar power, which is stepping in to fill the anticipated drop-off in hydroelectricity generation. “We’re going to have enough power to keep the lights on: We are not concerned about blackouts or outages,” said Robert Weisenmiller, chairman of the California Energy Commission.

“We are much less dependent on hydropower now than we were in the 1940s. The World's Largest Solar Plant Started Creating Electricity Today. Une société veut entourer la Lune d'une ceinture de panneaux solaires. La firme japonaise Shimizu Corporation envisage d'installer des panneaux solaires tout autour de la Lune afin de fournir la Terre en énergie renouvelable et non polluante.

Une société veut entourer la Lune d'une ceinture de panneaux solaires

Avez-vous déjà partagé cet article? Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter. Let’s source all of Earth’s energy from moon-based solar panels. A company called Shimizu wants to power Earth by building a band of solar panels around the moon’s equator that beam the harvested energy back in microwaves.

Let’s source all of Earth’s energy from moon-based solar panels

This plan would require moon mining and robots, but Todd Woody writes for Quartz that it isn’t totally unrealistic: If that sounds like a sci-fi fantasy — and fantastically expensive — it’s not completely crazy. California regulators, for instance, in 2009 approved a contract that utility Pacific Gas & Electric signed to buy 200 megawatts of electricity from an orbiting solar power plant to be built by a Los Angeles area startup called Solaren. When will solar get cheap enough for everyone to use? These giant singing flowers are also creating solar power. In Seattle, artist Dan Corson has partnered with the city to create this installation of solar panels that look like giant flowers, right out of a Dr.

These giant singing flowers are also creating solar power

Seuss book. The project is called Sonic Bloom. designboom writes: created on behalf of seattle city light’s green up program, which supports the development of renewable energy systems, five giant solar flowers absorb the sun’s energy — reflecting it at night with patterned LED lighting. sensors located in each flower are triggered by people’s movement, as the 40’ high by 20’ wide super-sized flowers set off a chorus of interactive harmonic tones. That’s right — they also sing. Here’s what that sounds (and looks) like: Kind of gives you a shiver, doesn’t it? Une PME française vend au Japon une centrale solaire flottante. Une PME française vend au Japon une centrale solaire flottante LILLE (Nord) - Une PME lilloise, Ciel et Terre, vient de faire une percée au Japon en y vendant sa première centrale solaire flottante au numéro un local du secteur, West Holdings Corp, a indiqué mardi son gérant, Bernard Prouvost.

Une PME française vend au Japon une centrale solaire flottante

Nous avons vendu une centrale solaire flottante d'une puissance de 1,2 MW pour environ 1,5 million d'euros à West Holdings, premier opérateur du solaire au Japon, a déclaré M. Peru’s poorest will soon have solar power. Solar is for rich people — or so it often seems. There’s the cost of the panels themselves (although they’re slowly becoming more affordable) and the fact that getting your landlord to plop solar panels atop your apartment building might be a lost cause (unless you live in these Seattle apartments). Community solar is catching on, but solar is still out of reach for most of us. Unless you live in Peru. China plans a major solar spree.

A solar-panel manufacturing blitz by Chinese companies has left a glut in the market, driving down prices for photovoltaic systems. And China thinks that’s a pretty good excuse to throw itself a huge solar party. The government has announced plans to add 10 gigawatts of solar capacity each year for three years. That would take advantage of cheap prices and help the country’s manufacturers move product in a difficult market.

From Reuters: Reportage sur le forum scientifique du 18 Mai 2013 à LAAYOUNE. California town of Sebastopol will require solar panels on all new homes. Vineyards won’t be the only things flourishing when the sun shines on the fertile city of Sebastopol, Calif., in Sonoma wine country. The liberal stronghold of fewer than 8,000 residents this week became California’s second city to require that new homes be outfitted with panels to produce solar energy. A vote by the City Council on Tuesday evening came less than two months after a similar program was approved in Lancaster, Calif., a conservative desert city with 150,000 residents nearly 400 miles away.

Just stick this portable outlet to your window to start using solar power. We have seen a lot of solar chargers in our day. And among all of them, this is the first one we’ve seen that we will definitely run out and buy as soon as it’s made available in the U.S. It’s a portable socket that gets its power from the sun rather than the grid. You plug into a window instead of into the wall. It’s easy. That was the whole point, according to the designers, Kyohu Song and Boa Oh: “We tried to design a portable socket, so that users can use it intuitively without special training,” they write.

Solar-Powered ‘Window Socket’ Lets You Charge Devices At Windows. Designers Kyuho Song and Boa Oh have put their heads together to come up with a portable plug socket that, if created, will allow the user to utilize cost-efficient solar energy. Subventionnement Photovoltaique. In India, Solar Ambitions Are Suddenly Outsize. ReutersA worker cleaned panels at a solar plant in the village of Meerwada in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, which aims to add 800 megawatts of solar power within five years.

After years of lagging behind China and the West in the adoption of solar power, some states in India are proposing to build solar farms at a galloping pace that leaves them at risk of falling short of electricity (a familiar problem here) or of paying higher prices for it. In just the last five months, five Indian states have announced plans to bring giant amounts of solar power online within five years, including 1,000 megawatts in Andhra Pradesh, 350 megawatts in Rajasthan, 800 megawatts in Madhya Pradesh, 1,000 megawatts in Chhatisgarh and a whopping 3,000 megawatts in Tamil Nadu.

SonUmbra Solar Powered Tree Lights up the Night. As advancements in lighting technology unveil fresh materials, we’re thrilled to see designers exploring new ways to light up the night. SonUmbra is a solar-powered tree composed of strands of light-emitting fabric woven into a lucent web of branches. The installation’s canopy of photovoltaic panels captures light during the day, and once the sun sets the tree blooms in an interactive flourish of light and sound. We were thrilled to catch a glimpse of SonUmbra at this year’s London Design Festival, where its beautiful glow signaled a bright future for energy-efficient lighting.

Designed by Loop.pH, the “sonic shade of light” is intended to be “planted” in remote areas, where it offers shelter from the sun by day and serves as a gathering place for the local community at night. The Solar Trade War Demystified. NOTE: This is a guest post by Erica Etelson, a blogger for Mosaic, an online marketplace for investing in solar. Follow her at @iluvsolar. Recently, the U.S. Commerce Department imposed tariffs on $3 billion a year worth of Chinese solar panel imports. Une guerre pour le solaire ? C’est une des technologies clés du XXIème siècle : le marché de l’énergie solaire suscite de telles convoitises que l’Union européenne et la Chine se comportent en “guerriers du soleil”, titre la Frankfurter Rundschau, qui prédit “le plus grand conflit commercial de l’histoire”. Le litige tourne autour des subventions de Pékin à son industrie solaire, que les Européens considèrent comme abusives et trop exclusives.

Stockage énergie solaire

En Europe. Rawlemon’s Spherical Solar Energy-Generating Globes Can Even Harvest Energy from Moonlight. The solar energy designers at Rawlemon have created a spherical, sun-tracking glass globe that is able to concentrate sunlight (and moonlight) up to 10,000 times. The company claims that its ß.torics system is 35% more efficient than traditional dual-axis photovoltaic designs, and the fully rotational, weatherproof sphere is even capable of harvesting electricity from moonlight.

The ß.torics system was invented by Barcelona-based German Architect André Broessel. Giant Marble Harvests Energy from Sun and Moon. It looks like a giant, glass marble. Solar Energy is capable of powering Australia. Up on the Roof. By Michael Brune, Sierra Club’s Executive Director.

Japon : la plus grande centrale solaire jamais réalisée. Un consortium d’entreprises a annoncé en début de semaine la mise en chantier prochaine de la plus grande centrale photovoltaïque jamais réalisée au Japon. L’archipel nippon est en effet proche de la panne énergétique depuis la mise en arrêt temporaire de bon nombre de ses réacteurs nucléaires ; décision prise suite à la catastrophe de Fukushima. Bien que rien ne soit encore tranché quant à la question de poursuivre ou non le nucléaire, les autorités et le peuple encouragent fortement le développement des projets d’énergies renouvelables. Himalayas could become the Saudi Arabia of solar - tech - 18 October 2011.

Panneaux solaires

Solaire thermique. Solar Charger SBC3001. Véhicules solaires (Tûranor, lol !) Fonctionnement des réacteurs-météorologiques, cheminée-solaire flotante, tour-énergétique, vortex. Google invests $280 million to spur home solar. 69% Increase for Solar Installations. Native sun: In the Deep South, a solar farm rises on a former cotton plantation. Obama makes a push for solar power. Solar wins: How sunshine will save the planet (really!)

Solar bridge unveiled at Blackfriars station. How Can This Island Nation Go 100% Carbon Neutral by 2020? Solar Could Provide One-Sixth Of the World's Heating and Cooling. Une nouvelle vague d’hydroliennes. Comment la Chine a raflé le marché du solaire.