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Mapping and Travel Databases

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ACTIVE Network API - Campground API. Introduction Directory: For Use By: Third-party developers can use the API to build applications to promote and distribute campgrounds from the database.

ACTIVE Network API - Campground API

The Campground APIs, backed by Reserve America's database, provide access to campground data for 97% of the US and Canada's national and state/provincial parks. With it, developers can search for campgrounds that meet specified criteria. For example, they can search for campgrounds with horse sites in the state of California, or campgrounds in Maine that allow pets.

This API features two concepts, campground and campsite. All campsite reservations, however, must be processed online at Recreation Information Database - RIDB. ALL US AND CANADA CAMPGROUNDS LOCATOR: STATE PARKS NATIONAL PARKS FORESTS MORE california oregon washington new york pennsylvania more. 5 things to know before choosing digital maps API: Google Maps Vs Mapbox explained. The on demand economy is no longer a fad.

5 things to know before choosing digital maps API: Google Maps Vs Mapbox explained.

It is here, there, everywhere! This is not a sudden change, but one that has happened, and still happening gradually, powered by the collusion of numerous factors that have all come together to make our life easier – one tap to get everything under the sun, at your door. Indeed, sounds like a genie! While sometime ago this was a sole prerogative of the wealthy, many concurrent developments are democratizing services and enabling entrepreneurs to create marketplaces providing these services at an affordable cost.

MAP OVERLAYS. Download the map overlay files: Sorted Alphabetically Newest First NOTE - Microsoft Streets and Trips files are created with the 2010 version.


The 2011 version introduces a new file format that is not compatible with 2010. Users of the 2011 version will be able to use the MSS S&T files and also the Megafile. However, MS maintains a 2011 Megafile that is hosted by Laptop GPS World. Mapster. Bring Maps to Slack!


Mapster is a helpful slack bot that knows all things map/GIS related. He'll try to show you maps ondemand, distance, directions, elevation/height, geocoding and even streetviews! Example usage of Mapster: @mapster map New York@mapster distance New York | 40.714728,-73.998672@mapster streetview 1 yonge st, Toronto@mapster height of Mt Everest@mapster geocode 40.714728,-73.998672 Requirements. Maplets - a comprehensive maps app for iOS and Android. Maplets - a comprehensive maps app for iOS and Android. Share our Data. Create a Web Service to Obtain Federal Recreation Data To create a web service to obtain data from now, please see the technical procedures on the Recreation Information Database (RIDB) web page.

Share our Data

Other (non-government) organizations are also encouraged to use the RIDB XML standard and create a "web service" to disseminate their data widely, so their recreation sites will appear in other systems. Empower your location services. CoPilot RV GPS Navigation App. Every RVer knows that it takes a special breed to own a RV.

CoPilot RV GPS Navigation App

You have an inherent love for adventure, seeing new places and collecting memories along the miles. Not content with your comfort zone, you love to see what’s outside of your neighborhood. That’s why you deserve a navigation app designed specifically for you. Special Introductory Offer: Now get 15% off CoPilot RV USA Explore without Limits, RV without Borders Don’t let your travels be limited by the fear of scary high data bills. Talk And Drive For Waze on the App Store.   Google Developers. eSpatial - Fast, Easy Powerful Mapping Software. Map customizer for Google. Multiple Destination Route Planner for Google Maps. Map creator online to make a map with multiple locations and regions.

Download and use offline areas - Maps for mobile Help. Offline areas that you downloaded on your phone or tablet need to be updated at least every 30 days.

Download and use offline areas - Maps for mobile Help

If your offline area expires in 15 days or less, Google Maps will try to update your area when you're connected to the Internet and plugged into a charger. To update an offline area manually, follow the steps below. From the notification In the "Update offline maps" notification, touch Update. Touch the expired map on the list. From anywhere else On your phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app . Tip: You can update offline area before they expire by touching More > Update. Google Maps elevation for a route. POI Files for United States & Elsewhere. Introducing Woodall's Campground App/RV Park Application for iPhone: Woodall's RV & Camping Copilot. Woodall’s, a Camping World company and the leading brand in campground directories, today announced the launch of RV & Camping Copilot, the most comprehensive campground mobile application available for iPhone and iPad.

Introducing Woodall's Campground App/RV Park Application for iPhone: Woodall's RV & Camping Copilot

The free app provides RVers and outdoor enthusiasts instant and convenient access to more than 12,000 private and public campgrounds and RV parks in the United States and Canada, plus Mexico. Woodall’s RV & Camping Copilot can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and provides complete campground information, including amenities, services, types of campsites, on-site recreation and identifies many camping discounts offered at parks.

Private campgrounds also include Woodall’s 5W/5W Rating System, which is the most trusted consumer campground rating. The Woodall’s mobile application interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.