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Content curation is a huge deal on the web today. As content on the web grows exponentially, our ability to make sense of it is inversely proportional. In other words, we are fast sinking under the sheer amount of content pouring onto the web every day. The social web hasn’t made life any easier on content production either – in fact its lowered the barrier to entry.

9 content curation tools that better organise the web.

9 content curation tools that better organise the web. – read Twitter as a daily newspaper

Niche publishing Cover all the relevant news for your town or community, on an industry or event, or any topic you find fascinating. Content marketing Easily publish relevant, curated content daily to engage your community, build relationships and attract the right visitors to your brand. Web monitoring – read Twitter as a daily newspaper
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When we go into production next year with Moodle online for thousands of students doing 100 courses in Business, you will see Pearltrees at the core of each course. We can provide all the resources for each course in a Pearltree without going anywhere outside Moodle. It's beautiful design where activities for the Course are positioned in a series below the Pearltree as an integrated unit. Pearltrees is a curatorial masterpiece for our educational content. by pauljacobson Nov 22

While Pearltrees ideas relates to many other projects -either successfull or not- it still does not have direct competition yet by Patrice Apr 20