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SIDE BY SIDE - Mental Health and well-being support for families

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A collection of sites and information for family members affected by various addiction issues.

What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar in a Nutshell... - RECOVERY IS BEAUTIFUL. GRAPHIC: How Soft Drinks Affect Our Health. Alcoholic Parent: Its Effects on Kids. “The nights that year were so difficult for Sareena.

Alcoholic Parent: Its Effects on Kids

Her father was struggling with instability at work. As a result of the stress, he had started drinking every night. For a 15 years old, who had been so close to her parents, these daily fights at home between her parents and hearing the bottles crashing on the floor was nothing less than a nightmare.” Alcohol is just another drink consumed by people all over the world. But when it comes to alcoholism, excessive intake of it, its been an inflammable liquid that has burnt so many homes. A few of the many ways in which alcoholic parents affect kids are: Emotional health Environment at home contributes a lot to the mental and emotional health of a child. Sense of responsibility Children have to act far beyond their age. Embarrassment It becomes difficult for kids to take their parents to gatherings. Nor a child can prevent his parents from falling prey to alcoholism, neither can he solely make them sober.

Working Parents and Its Effect on Kids! Being in my twenties now, I can recollect memories of my school days, when every evening I would rush home eager to share stories from school with my mom.

Working Parents and Its Effect on Kids!

It could be simple jokes cracked in class or some remarks made on me, during the day. This way, she knew every friend of mine by name at least, if not by their faces. However, fast-forward to today, with the growing urban culture and busy life of people around us; it has now become a very common sight for kids to return home, from school, to not find their mom or dad waiting eagerly to hear stories from them. There is hardly any do minute ki Maggi in the evenings, that would usually be engaged with never ending stories about their day in school. Given such a situation, it has now become a common question. Image source: Pixabay To answer this question, it is first important to understand what a kid of this age thinks like?

Also, this is that very same age when there are a lot of changes happening everywhere around the kid. Case Study: Relationship Issues with Parents. “My Parents Don’t Understand Me!”

Case Study: Relationship Issues with Parents

About the Client: Neha (name changed) is an 18 years old girl who belongs to a middle-class family. She has studied in a girl’s school right from her childhood. She is currently pursuing her under graduations from a renowned women’s college. She is currently in her second year. Beyondblue - Home. Drug Services - Alcohol and drug search directory. A Mother’s Plight by Karen Foster. from FACEBOOK.

Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia. Family Drug Support Australia. Alcohol, Drugs, and Gambling Rehabilitation in South Australia. Help & support - Drug Prevention & Alcohol Facts - DrugInfo. Information: Call 1300 85 85 84, email DrugInfo or browse online drug information.

Help & support - Drug Prevention & Alcohol Facts - DrugInfo

Get information on prescription drugs. Support or treatment: contact a national service or a service in your state or territory. Read more about your treatment options. Advice for friends and family members. Visit the Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN) for more treatment and information services. Telephone numbers below appear as links. National beyondblue1300 22 463624 hours a day, 7 days a weekSupport for depression, anxiety and related disorders. Family and friends - Drug Prevention & Alcohol Facts - DrugInfo.

Social Support Activities. OARS Community Transitions - Offenders Aid And Rehabilitation Services Of S.A. Inc. Drug Intervention OARS Community Transitions has a number of services to support clients to reduce drug and/or alcohol intake and improve their lifestyles.

OARS Community Transitions - Offenders Aid And Rehabilitation Services Of S.A. Inc.

Drug Counselling Service - Illicit Drug Intervention Program OARS SA has been providing quality drug counselling for the past five years with the introduction of the Illicit Drug intervention Program (IDIP). The program is funded by the National Illicit Drug Strategy and is now well positioned to meet the needs of clients whose lives have been adversely affected by drug use. IDIP offers an holistic drug counselling service, which takes into account the complexity of the issues that clients face when they present for counselling.

How to make contact with the service: Referrals can be made directly to the service Contact the city office on 8218-0700 to speak to a counsellor or to make an appointment. Woolshed 2014 DASSA Jan2014. Drug & Alcohol - AnglicareSA. ADIS. Tremeth. Intervention orders - STH AUST. Playford Station - City of Playford - Drugs & Alcohol - Youth. Information on drugs & alcohol abuse ranging from the prevention of, treatment, education and links to community-based services.

Playford Station - City of Playford - Drugs & Alcohol - Youth

Web Services Helplines Fact Sheets Local Services Web services Drug Aware Provides information aimed at young people about the affects of many different drugs and also has a section on 'hot issues' such as drink spiking and law reforms and has a questions and answers section. Somazone A website designed by young people for young people.

Viewers can read personal stories and add their own, has opportunities for questions and answers, has interactive quizzes and lists support networks. Help lines Youth Healthline: 1300 13 17 19 (local call cost from anywhere in South Australia) Mobile phone users should call (08) 8303 1691 (normal mobile phone rates apply). Fact Sheets Alcohol, an overview Amphetamines , What are amphetamines? Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia. SA Health What are you looking for?

Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia