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Dr. Christina Hibbert Dealing With Grief: The 5 Stages of Grief Dealing with grief is no easy task. As someone well-acquainted with death and loss, I know firsthand. Help & support - Drug Prevention & Alcohol Facts - DrugInfo Information: Call 1300 85 85 84, email DrugInfo or browse online drug information. Get information on prescription drugs. Support or treatment: contact a national service or a service in your state or territory.

Dealing with loss, grief or an emotional crisis Times of emotional crisis and upset often involve some kind of loss. For example, the loss of a loved one, or the end of a marriage or relationship. Most people grieve when they lose something or someone important to them. Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia SA Health What are you looking for? Breadcrumbs Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA) is a statewide health service that offers a range of prevention, treatment and education services for all South Australians.

Grief and Loss Resources The Center for Complicated Grief seeks to improve the lives of people with complicated grief through a comprehensive program of outreach, education, training, and research. The Centers activities focus on four key areas:Raising awareness of CG in the general population so that individuals suffering with prolonged, complicated grief, as well as their family and friends, will recognize the condition and learn where to find help.Working to disseminate CG-related assessment and therapeutic tools to practicing clinicians such as grief counselors and health professionals.Developing curricula for graduate, post-masters and post-doctoral education of mental health professionals.Fostering innovative research to continuously improve complicated grief treatment and treatment dissemination. The Center is committed to training mental health clinicians to administer and teach complicated grief treatment. - 15-Jan-2015 - Hits: 268 - Rate This | Details

OARS Community Transitions - Offenders Aid And Rehabilitation Services Of S.A. Inc. Drug Intervention OARS Community Transitions has a number of services to support clients to reduce drug and/or alcohol intake and improve their lifestyles. Drug Counselling Service - Illicit Drug Intervention Program OARS SA has been providing quality drug counselling for the past five years with the introduction of the Illicit Drug intervention Program (IDIP). The program is funded by the National Illicit Drug Strategy and is now well positioned to meet the needs of clients whose lives have been adversely affected by drug use. Catholic Ritual at the Time of Death Throughout the Church’s history, Christian burial has been an integral part of Catholic life. Catholic dogmas and doctrines relating to death and resurrection have been reflected in the liturgy, devotions and customs surrounding the death and burial of the faithful. Catholic belief in death as the entrance into eternity, hope in the resurrection, recognition of the value of prayer for the deceased, reverence for the body which remains, a sense of the mystery and sacredness which surround death — all of these should be reflected in the ministry and rites that are part of the Church’s pastoral response to death, the care of the body of the deceased and the consolation of the living. Christian belief in the sacredness of human life, here and in the world to come, must be reflected in the Christian response to death. When possible, those who were part of the Catholic community are buried in a Catholic cemetery.

Playford Station - City of Playford - Drugs & Alcohol - Youth Information on drugs & alcohol abuse ranging from the prevention of, treatment, education and links to community-based services. Web Services Helplines Fact Sheets Local Services Web services Drug Aware Provides information aimed at young people about the affects of many different drugs and also has a section on 'hot issues' such as drink spiking and law reforms and has a questions and answers section.

Rites of Transition: Hindu Death Rituals - Beliefnet Excerpted with permission of Hinduism Today. For a fuller exploration of issues surrounding Hinduism and death, read the full article. Hindu death rituals in all traditions follow a fairly uniform pattern drawn from the Vedas, with variations according to sect, region, caste and family tradition. Most rites are fulfilled by the family, all of whom participate, including the children, who need not be shielded from the death. Certain rites are traditionally performed by a priest but may also be performed by the family if no priest is available. Case Study: Relationship Issues with Parents “My Parents Don’t Understand Me!” About the Client: Neha (name changed) is an 18 years old girl who belongs to a middle-class family. She has studied in a girl’s school right from her childhood.

Traditions and Customs When death occurs, there are many Jewish traditions, customs and rituals that individuals use as a guide and follow relating to the caring and preparation of the body pre-burial, the actual burial and service at the cemetery, along with the weeklong mourning period (or "shiva") that follows. Most notably, Judaism's structured period of mourning, which contains various stages for grieving, is considered extremely helpful, because each stage focuses on honoring and commemorating those who are gone, yet it gives appropriate time and ways to grieve and cope with loss. Death is one of the most challenging and conflicting subjects encountered by anyone.

Working Parents and Its Effect on Kids! Being in my twenties now, I can recollect memories of my school days, when every evening I would rush home eager to share stories from school with my mom. It could be simple jokes cracked in class or some remarks made on me, during the day. This way, she knew every friend of mine by name at least, if not by their faces. However, fast-forward to today, with the growing urban culture and busy life of people around us; it has now become a very common sight for kids to return home, from school, to not find their mom or dad waiting eagerly to hear stories from them. There is hardly any do minute ki Maggi in the evenings, that would usually be engaged with never ending stories about their day in school. Given such a situation, it has now become a common question.