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L'esprit □ ro-to-no. Valerio Mezzanotti for The New York TimesA gathered skirt in striped silk with a bustier at Christian Dior couture spring/summer 2013 in Paris.

L'esprit □ ro-to-no

Six months ago, Raf Simons presented his first haute couture collection for Dior; he then followed with a hit ready-to-wear show that instantly restored prestige to the house’s tailoring. If people didn’t believe that Mr. Cork grips. Kateoplis. Colt Miller and Logan Caldbeck of Corbra Rock Boot Company show us how they make their beautiful and unique South Highland leather boots out of thier shop in the small West Texas desert town of Marfa.

When furniture designer and maker Joey Benton of Marfa, Texas had a surplus of beautiful leather left over from a job, he made lemonade by making sandals inspired by footwear of the past, where there were no left and right. Here he explains the idea behind the sandal’s design and speaks about the wild possibilities and limitations that are part of living in the remote west texas desert town of Marfa, Texas. Galerie de sandiv999. Directory - Magazine, the passion of photography. Photographer #033: Olivier Valsecchi. Olivier Valsecchi, 1979, France, is specialized in portraiture and photographing nudes, but the most attention he has recently gotten is with his series Dust.

Photographer #033: Olivier Valsecchi

Nude males and females covered in white powder in awkward positions. This series was recently published in the spring issue of 2010 of magazine Eyemazing. The following photos come from the album portraits. Website: Too much chocolate. J Ë S Ş Ẽ. Both Kinds of Music. DETHJUNKIE*

@jessewright. PHOTO DONUTS DAILY INSPIRATION PHOTOGRAPHY. Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities. There was rain.


Things Organized Neatly. Designers Go To Heaven. Yimmys Yayo™ GreyHandGang™ Blog. Supersonic electronic art. THÉO GOSSELIN. Lostandnaked. CurrrziO. Photo - Tags:#cine Lauren Bacall, 1949 Photo - Tags:#femminilità#l'art du portrait#very stylish person#attitude#cinema Badlands.


Photo - Tags:#cine#masculin/ féminin#attitude Photo - Tags:#godard#attitude#Nouvelle Vague#directors#ze french touch Photo - Tags:#poster#cine Photo - Tags:#cine#films sublimes Shame Video - Tags:#femminilità#Big City Life#masculin/ féminin#cine#Magic#music Photo - Tags:#femminilità#very stylish person. 0fr. Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.

The thinking tank. The Superunknown. Visvim. Tessellations › creating narrative through visual conversation. HOLLYWOOD’S ANTI-HERO & TRUE SON OF LIBERTY « Th. Steve McQueen– ironically displaying his signature, perfect balance of allegiance and rebellion.


“I live for myself and I answer to nobody.” –Steve McQueen Steve McQueen personified the “anti-hero” in Hollywood at a time when the emerging counterculture in America was challenging the very definition of what a true “hero” is. But does it float. M O O D. Sacred Mtn. Retrodoll. Beauty & Madness. Vos photos. La fiancée du pirate. Black Watch.

Nofound. My Parents Were Awesome. YESTERDAY TODAY TOMORROW ALWAYS. Herekittymusic: Lost in the oldies, volume 21: Come on, let’s go again, again,and again!


The Arab Parrot. Purple DIARY. Photo Jeremy Kost Click to see more pictures.

purple DIARY

Synaptic Stimuli. .giles phelps. GEOMETRIE VARIABLE. The new documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words, which airs this month on HBO, is ostensibly a celebration of the life and work of feminist icon Gloria Steinem.


The film, though, also offers a healthy dose of perspective on the Women’s Movement of the 1960s, what it accomplished, and what it all meant on a personal level to one particular woman, Steinem, who was already in her mid-thirties when she made the leap from journalism to activism. Steinem, though, quickly proved an influential, if polarizing, figure in the movement, and found herself not only wrestling with the long-entrenched ideas and political systems that were conspiring to deprive women of their rights and freedoms, but also with the media (which placed an undue emphasis on her physical appearance), her own ambivalence about stepping into the spotlight, and even, at times, with other feminists.

We were born before the wind. YOU MIGHT FIND YOURSELF. SUPER BAD - Biggie Smalls. Internet Archaeology. 1970's New York City - Wired New York Forum. Below 10 photos by Richard Friedman Hall 1971 6th Ave at Waverly Place, October 1970 55th Street & 8th Ave October 1970 Twilight October 1970 8th Ave and near 45th Street October 1970 8th St @ 6th Ave in the Village, October 1970.

1970's New York City - Wired New York Forum

Is this the precursor to the Naked Cowboy? Greenwich Village 6th Ave @ 4th St March 1971 Central Park March 1971 Greenwich Ave October 1970 Sheridan Square in the Village October 1970. KONBINI Diary. \\\ Feature Shoot. “Art Photo Studio: Closed Due to Retirement, Toronto, Ontario, 2005” This book is my own march backwards into the future. It tells the story of an industry that was obliterated by the creative destruction of the digital age. This industry not only shaped my work as an artist, but also touched millions of lives with its magical products, helping define what the twentieth century would look like and how it will be remembered. The work presented here is a photographic survey created in a post-photographic age: the result is a book about what photography once was—as a technology, an enterprise, and an art form.— Robert Burley The decline of analog photography is an undeniable topic these days.

Burley traveled the world with a 4×5 field camera—which only seems appropriate—and recorded soon-to-be obsolete photo studios, labs, darkrooms, and even the occasional photo booth. “Employee Darkroom Area, Building 9, Kodak Canada, Toronto 2009” FOREVER AMUSED. This isn't happiness.™ Peter Nidzgorski, tumblr. Hey Okay. It’s Nice That. Cosmic dust. Fever Knife. Specialist. Coolness Is Timeless. This photo comes from 1969.

Coolness Is Timeless

Har har har. Here is my mind. The Road Trip That Changed Everything. Mathieu’s Diary. Tinker street* Inspiration Lab. Emiliano Ponzi I do love seeing great conceptual ideas executed in an approachable manor.

Inspiration Lab

Like the amazing illustration below by Emiliano Ponzi dealing with Wikileaks. I just love the simple symbolism of it. Ben Trovato Blog by Marius Troy.