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Dans les entrailles de Git - Bidouilleux d'Web. Ce billet est une traduction de l’excellent billet de Mary Rose Cook, Git from the inside out.

Dans les entrailles de Git - Bidouilleux d'Web

On y apprend vraiment plein de choses sur le fonctionnement de Git. Il se peut qu’il reste quelques coquilles, n’hésitez pas à me les signaler. Je tiens à remercier Pierre Ozoux, goofy, Agnès H, Stéphane Hulard, Jums, Julien aka Sphinx et xi de m’avoir aidé à traduire ce très très long billet. Comprendre et utiliser Git avec vos projets. Si vous découvrez le système de gestion de version Git et que vous l'utilisez seul, occasionnellement, etc. il existe peut être encore beaucoup de zone d'ombre dans son utilisation et dans la totalité des possibilités que le système offre.

Comprendre et utiliser Git avec vos projets

Le système d'exploitation GNU-Linux/Commandes de base. Un livre de Wikilivres.

Le système d'exploitation GNU-Linux/Commandes de base

Éléments de syntaxe[modifier | modifier le wikicode] Les commandes présentées dans les sections qui suivent sont introduites juste après un message d'invite qui dépend de la configuration du shell utilisé. Celui-ci est représenté par un signe dollar $. Il ne doit donc pas être tapé. Le caractère dièse # marque le début d'un commentaire qui se termine en fin de ligne.

Exemple : $ pwd # affiche le répertoire courant Pour tester cette commande, il suffit d'entrer p w d ↵. The Designers Guide to Git - Marvel Blog. Or anyone who really wants to use it but has no idea how Writing code is hard.

The Designers Guide to Git - Marvel Blog

For every 1 minute of bliss typing characters in the computer and seeing it render things that didn’t exist before, there are 10 minutes of frustration with unreadable code and bugs that didn’t exist the night before. “Writing code with Git is hard. Writing code without it is unthinkable.” Whether you’re senior developer on a huge team or a designer who just started dabbling with front-end for personal projects, using Git will change the way you code for the best and make group collaboration enjoyable. This guide will walk you through basic concepts in Git with some hands-on action at the end. Robusta Code : Formations Java & Créations HTML5. Git Community Book. Home // Think Like (a) Git.

How to use Git and GitHub. Git Merge Strategies. Introduction Imagine I have a master branch with one commit: 75eb1cb - (origin/master) README This is a single file with the following content: Now imagine I have a branch from master called feat/foo and in that branch I've made 3 additional commits: * 41d4115 - Add C (also revert A) * 9e5626c - Modify A * 8e7965e - Add B The contents of the file is now:

Git Merge Strategies

GitHub Pull Request Formatting. Introduction What makes a good Pull Request?

GitHub Pull Request Formatting

The answer will depend on your team, and to a certain extent your organisation. Currently I work at BuzzFeed, and prior to that I worked at the BBC. Both have a large number of engineers and teams, but due to different organisational structures they have differing opinions on what constitutes a good pull request format. These opinions aren't happening at the organisational level either, but are very much 'team' specific. Below I discuss some ideas around what I've used in the past and what I'm using today and I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine what parts they decide to takeaway with them.

Why Probably the most important part of a pull request is understanding why the change is needed in the first place. What exactly are you changing and is it even needed? Are you solving a problem that promotes a real business requirement, or are you just adding a nice feature that doesn't actually serve to improve the end user's experience? Getting a Git Repository. If you can read only one chapter to get going with Git, this is it.

Getting a Git Repository

This chapter covers every basic command you need to do the vast majority of the things you’ll eventually spend your time doing with Git. By the end of the chapter, you should be able to configure and initialize a repository, begin and stop tracking files, and stage and commit changes. We’ll also show you how to set up Git to ignore certain files and file patterns, how to undo mistakes quickly and easily, how to browse the history of your project and view changes between commits, and how to push and pull from remote repositories. Initializing a Repository in an Existing Directory If you’re starting to track an existing project in Git, you need to go to the project’s directory.

. $ cd /home/user/your_repository $ cd /Users/user/your_repository. Explain Git with D3. We are going to skip instructing you on how to add your files for commit in this explanation.

Explain Git with D3

Let's assume you already know how to do that. If you don't, go read some other tutorials. Pretend that you already have your files staged for commit and enter git commit as many times as you like in the terminal box. git branch name will create a new branch named "name". Creating branches just creates a new tag pointing to the currently checked out commit. Branches can be deleted using the command git branch -d name.

Git - petit guide - no deep shit! Git - Beginner to Advanced Commands and Git Workflows. Git Tutorial. Git & GitHub for Beginners. Learn Git in 30 Minutes. Danny Markov Git has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Learn Git in 30 Minutes

The version control system is used by huge open source projects like Linux with thousands of contributors, teams of various sizes, solo developers and even students. Beginners are often terrified by all the cryptic commands and arguments that git requires. But you don’t need to know all of that to get started. You can begin by mastering a handful of the most often used ones, and then slowly build from there. The basics. Ry’s Git Tutorial - RyPress. Ry’s Git Tutorial is a complete introduction to distributed version control with a focus on practical command line usage.

Ry’s Git Tutorial - RyPress

We explain Git’s robust branching, merging, and collaboration capabilities from the ground up, so prior experience with centralized systems like SVN or CVS is not required. Published Dec 23, 2012 – Tested on Git 1.7.10 Testimonials I just got done reading the “Plumbing” section of your git tutorial and I was pretty impressed with it. Definitely one of the best git tutorials I’ve read and I will be checking out the other sections shortly. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU! Git Community Book. Github git cheat sheet. Git Reference. Une Référence Visuelle de Git. Si les images ne s'affichent pas, vous pouvez utiliser la version Non-SVG de cette page.

Les images SVG ont été désactivées. (Réactiver SVG) Git Cheatsheet. Stash workspace index local repository upstream repository status Displays: <br>• paths that have differences between the index file and the current <code>HEAD</code> commit, <br>• paths that have differences between the workspace and the index file, and <br>• paths in the workspace that are not tracked by git. Gérez vos codes source avec Git. Git Tutorial - Try Git. Learn Git. Gérez votre code avec Git et GitHub. Documentation. Documentation Reference Reference Manual The official and comprehensive man pages that are included in the Git package itself. Quick reference guides: GitHub Cheat Sheet (PDF) | Visual Git Cheat Sheet (SVG | PNG) Book Pro Git is written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub and published by Apress.

Print copies can be purchased from Amazon and PDF, mobi, and ePub versions are available for free. Back to book → Book.