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Golden figurine of naked woman found in Danish field. Published on June 24th, 2013 | by Sevaan Franks A golden figurine of a naked woman, probably dating back to the 6 century A.D., has been found in a field on the Danish island of Bornholm.

Golden figurine of naked woman found in Danish field

The golden woman appears to be either standing on her toes or jumping up athletically with the insteps stretched. And above the elegantly shaped feet, the calves and knees are clearly visible. When viewing the figurine from the front, it is tempting to associate the naked, buxom, athletic female figure with fertility and health. Close-up of the golden figurine. Remarkably, the back side has ten prominent ‘teeth’, something that has never been seen before. [Full story] Story: Jannette Pippen, The Daily News | Photo: Chuck Beckley, The Daily News Tags: Denmark, Figurines. ARTEHISTORIA _ Arte + Cultura de Espana. Joseph Herscher - Kinetic Artist. The Scream_Edvard Munch. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Art Timeline - Oil Paintings Reproductions - Handmade oil paintings. Legend: Movements Most famous artists(birth-death) Famous artists(birth-death) Less known artists(birth-death) Byzantine Baroque Orientalism Renaissance - High Futurism Sir Joshua Reynolds(1723-1792) Jacob De Backer(1555-1585) Medieval & Gothic Art Rococo Mannerism Realism Expressionism Leonardo Da Vinci(1452-1519) Rembrandt Van Rijn(1606-1669) Richard Parkes Bonington(1802-1828) Renaissance - Northern Romanticism Modernism Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez(1599-1660) (Giovanni Antonio Canal) Canaletto(1697-1768) Giotto Di Bondone(1267-1337) Gentile Da Fabriano(1370-1427) Giovanni Da Milano(1346-1369) Yuan Ma(1190-1235)

Art Timeline - Oil Paintings Reproductions - Handmade oil paintings

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. Bassano is easily the least known of the great painters of sixteenth-century Venice—a galaxy that includes Giorgione and Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese, and Lorenzo Lotto.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Why this should be so is not altogether clear, for he was an artist of remarkable originality and in his lifetime enjoyed a European reputation. However, the fact that he chose to remain in his native Bassano del Grappa, northwest of Venice, and there established a family practice that included his sons Francesco... More » E-Gallery. Privacy Policy Update We want to give you the best possible experience online.


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The National Gallery, London. Web Gallery of Art, image collection, virtual museum, searchable database of European fine arts (1000-1850) Art museums online. Art Project, powered by Google. Art in the - An introduction to art history. EUROPEANA. Art History Ressources. Smarthistory.

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Art is a really big topic and can easily feel intimidating. Humans have been making art and artifacts for a very very long time and in order to understand what that art meant to the people who made it, we need to learn about their culture and how it is different from our own. This makes studying art complex but also really interesting. We are still building the art content but am sure you can find things here that will interest you. Don't feel like you need to start at… (more) the beginning and cover everything in order.