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Web 2.0 scientific calculator. PhotoMath Brings Its Awesome Math Equation Solving App To Android. PhotoMath is a nifty little app.

PhotoMath Brings Its Awesome Math Equation Solving App To Android

You point your phone camera at a math equation, and it will give you the answer and show you all the steps to solve this particular equation. Following its huge success in the App Store, the app is coming to Android. 6 Great Tools to Create Educational Flyers and Posters for Your Class. February 22, 2015 Earlier this week we received a request to post about digital flyer making tools.

6 Great Tools to Create Educational Flyers and Posters for Your Class

Below some of the best options we would recommend for teachers who would like to create beautiful digital and printable posters and flyers. All of these tools are simple and easy to use. MySQL GUI Tools (Archived Versions) Automate Network Diagram and Visual Network Troubleshooting - NetBrain. The Ultimate Online Tools List - The Social Marketers. Below you will find a list of tools, services and resources that we love and recommend.

The Ultimate Online Tools List - The Social Marketers

The list will be frequently updated. Note that some of the links below are affiliate links – that means when you visit the target site through these links and buy a product, we will earn a small commission. We will always give our true opinion about a tool and will never recommend something just for the sake of earning commissions. Social Media Tools ManageFlitter: PhD students: How do you keep your notes while reading scientific papers? A project of the Program for Legal Tech & Design. Welcome!

a project of the Program for Legal Tech & Design

The Legal Design Toolbox is a set of resources for aspiring designers who are approaching legal challenges with a creative, generative, human-centered approach. The toolbox provides you with guides, tools, and examples to help you scope & tackle these challenges with design.

PowToon animation maker

Beesy note taking. SummarizeThis Quickly Summarizes Long Passages of Text. Flash cards. Convert PDF. Mindmap. Making videos CC. Email encryption. TAM Microsoft academic platform. Web creation. Analytics. Free To use cartoons. Increase productivity via automated website monitoring. Email manager/marketing. Create infographics. Creating eBooks. CVs. Photos. Content curation. The Cleverest Ways to Use Dropbox That You're Not Using. Organize your resources in an online binder - LiveBinders. PowerPost - Schedule and optimize your tweets. E-Learning modules on-the-shelf covering key concepts, practices and managerial behaviours. CrossKnowledge currently offers more than 300 e-learning modules in ten different languages (French, English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, German, Italian, Finnish, Chinese and Japanese).

e-Learning modules on-the-shelf covering key concepts, practices and managerial behaviours.

The CrossKnowledge Sessions are based on an exclusive educational format: the use of one or more voices as a common thread, providing a user experience close to that of TV or radio,extensive use of video to demonstrate good and bad practices,inductive educational methods aimed at promoting learning through discovery rather than top-down learning,frequent interactivity to pace training and keep users active,systematic practical exercises to check that know-how is really being acquired and assimilated. The quality of the CrossKnowledge Sessions has led to them being selected as an integral part of the diploma programmes of the foremost European business schools, for example, HEC Paris, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, ESMT (Germany), Vlerick (Belgium), Open University (UK). Ritu Chopra - Changes. Socrative: Turn Student SmartPhones into Clickers » Technology for Educators. [Update: See a more recent post on new features.]

Socrative: Turn Student SmartPhones into Clickers » Technology for Educators

This is the tool I’ve been waiting for. Socrative turns your students’ smartphones into a powerful student response system. It’s like PollEverywhere (see this earlier post), but with greater flexibility and ease-of-use, the ability to attach student names to electronic quizzes, and free – even when you have more than 30 students. This promises to be a real challenge to the makers of student response systems. You and your students have options for accessing Socrative. Socrative includes a simulation on their website, so I took the liberty of taking screenshots. To experience it yourself, on your ‘teacher’ device, go to On your ‘student’ device, go to Yes, it’s just that easy. Connecting student devices to the teacher’s device On the lecturer’s device, you see “my room number”. Multiple Choice Questions Pose a multiple choice question orally, or by writing it on the board, or in your presentation slides.

Short Answer Questions Exit Ticket. 3 Ways to View Your Old Tweets. 10 Tools to Tell What’s Hot Today (Right Now Even)! Are you afraid that you’re missing out on an important event?

10 Tools to Tell What’s Hot Today (Right Now Even)!

Concerned that you won’t know what’s being discussed around the water cooler tomorrow? CoderDojo - Youth Coding Clubs Movement. Hear Ye Hear NYT. We get it.

Hear Ye Hear NYT

You’re busy. In fact, you shouldn’t be wasting time reading this email. France Open Proxy List sorted by reliability column. Free Dingbat Fonts that you can use for PowerPoint presentations. Free Dingbat Fonts that you can use for PowerPoint presentations.

Free Dingbat Fonts that you can use for PowerPoint presentations

If you are looking for free font resources that you can use for your presentations then here we will list a few dingbat fonts that you can download and use in your slides. However, you should be aware in advance that if you plan to share the presentation between different machines you need to embed the font in PowerPoint file (which will increase the output .ppt size) or even share the font with the other computer. Dingbats are a special type of fonts containing decorative symbols. Glyphyx (OTF) Sign, edit, and fax documents online. Mindmap. Outils de visualisation. Jean-louis zimmermann / Stock Photos Nos stratégies d'apprentissage s'élaborent en interaction permanente avec notre environnement.

Outils de visualisation

Et celui-ci, surtout si l'on considère sa composante numérique, est actuellement saturé d'images. Images que l'on regarde, image que l'on fabrique, avec des outils de plus en plus variés et performants. Aucun domaine n'échappe à la vogue de la visualisation des données. Nous en examinerons trois. Tout d'abord, l'enseignement et de la formation. La gestion de projet en contexte professionnel ensuite. L'activité en ligne, enfin. Ce dossier ne serait pas complet s'il ne s'intéressait aussi à l'infographie.

L'infographie, info ou intox ? 22 avril 2012 L'infographie permet d'accéder à des données complexes par le biais d'une représentation visuelle facilitant la compréhension. Gephi : bâtir une communauté autour d'un logiciel Gephi est un logiciel gratuit et ouvert de visualisation des données. 24 avril 2012 Visualiser pour mieux comprendre. Unit Conversion - Online Unit Converter. JJ DiGeronimo. PhD in Googling [Interactive Infographic] Startpage Search Engine. 10 Essential Tools For B2B Conference Coverage Domination. Congratulations! You’ve finally convinced the boss-man that attending and covering an industry conference on behalf of your B2B company is fantastically worthwhile for a multitude of reasons. As an attendee, you’ll absorb rich information from true thought-leader s– info you can bring back to the office so the whole team stays on the cutting-edge of technologies, trends, tactics, and techniques specific to your biz.

Explore museums and great works of art in the Google Art Project. One of the things I love about working at Google is that you can come up with an idea one day and the next day start getting to work to make it a reality. That's what happened with the Art Project—a new tool we're announcing today which puts more than 1,000 works of art at your fingertips, in extraordinary detail. It started when a small group of us who were passionate about art got together to think about how we might use our technology to help museums make their art more accessible—not just to regular museum-goers or those fortunate to have great galleries on their doorsteps, but to a whole new set of people who might otherwise never get to see the real thing up close.

We're also lucky here to have access to technology like Picasa and App Engine and to have colleagues who love a challenge—like building brand-new technology to enable Street View to go indoors! Using Piktochart: a marketing technology review. A friend alerted me to Piktochart, the online Infographics creator so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s my first impression after making two infographics, the one you see above (which took about 7 minutes) and a spoof Content Marketing Strategy infographic I cranked out last week and shared on Pinterest (yes, it did get shared as a real infographic).

What is Piktochart? It’s a quick and easy way for non-designers to create and share infographics. Why would you use it? If you have an idea and a handful of data points – but you don’t have the time or budget to do a proper infographic, you could use Piktochart to get something credible to market quickly.