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Preparing Vegetables

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Roasted Carrots Recipe With Garlic & Parmesan (Who Said Carrots Are Boring?) Not much thought is usually given to cooking carrots.

Roasted Carrots Recipe With Garlic & Parmesan (Who Said Carrots Are Boring?)

Throw some butter, salt and pepper on them and you're good to go. It's time to rethink carrots. This easy roasted carrots recipe elevates the vegetable to a whole new dinner-party-worthy level. Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes You'll need: 5 - 10 whole carrots, peeled and ends cut off 2 tablespoons butter 2 - 3 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese (or more, to taste) chopped fresh parsley Here's how you make them: In a small saucepan, melt the butter. Eggplant (or Chicken) Schnitzel Recipe - Rachael Ray In Season. 1.

Eggplant (or Chicken) Schnitzel Recipe - Rachael Ray In Season

If using eggplant, slice into 1/4- to 1/2-inch planks. Salt the planks generously on both sides and transfer to paper towels to drain for 30 minutes. 2. If using chicken, butterfly the breasts by slicing horizontally into the long, thick side of each one, taking care not to slice all the way through. Open each breast like a book. How Long to Boil Corn on the Cob - How to Cook Corn on the Cob. The farmers’ markets are stocking their stalls with corn just in time to kick off the outdoor dining season.

How Long to Boil Corn on the Cob - How to Cook Corn on the Cob

And even if your plans look a little different this year, outdoor BBQs still call for corn. Now is a great time to take advantage of all the fresh produce available at the outdoor markets and get back on track with healthy eating habits. Outdoor markets can also be a less stressful way to shop these days, as you are outside and can easily social distance from other customers. Planning on having a backyard barbecue this weekend and wondering how long to boil corn on the cob? Ask the farmer how recently the corn was picked. Eight simple tips for making the best fried rice - recipe. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan Recipe. Fried Cabbage with Bacon and Garlic Recipe. Tasteofhome. Crunchy Eggplant Parmesan Recipe. Oven Roasted Parmesan Corn on the Cob Recipe. Easy Thanksgiving Carrot Recipe. POPSUGAR is excited to present this cinnamon butter baked carrots recipe from Becky Tarala, the blogger behind The Two Bite Club.

Easy Thanksgiving Carrot Recipe

If your Thanksgiving menu is in need of a simple yet beautiful side dish, cinnamon butter baked carrots are the way to go. This easy-to-make recipe features fresh carrots that are smothered in cinnamon butter and then baked in the oven until they are perfectly glazed and tender. With the stunning presentation and sweet cinnamon butter sauce, these carrots are sure to steal the show this Thanksgiving! Menu planning for the holidays is no joke. Sure, when you first think about it, the whole process seems pretty simple and straightforward. It's when you actually sit down to make your shopping list that things start getting real. A million thoughts start running through your mind. One thing that I have realized over the years is that the first draft of my menu usually ends up a little bit on the rich side.

16 Most Popular Side Dishes to Serve With Fish. When it comes to fish, sides are a must.

16 Most Popular Side Dishes to Serve With Fish

Unlike other meat-mains, fish tends to be lighter and more mild. So a fresh, flavorful dish on the side is always welcome. Whether you're serving up fresh fish on the grill, baking it from frozen, or pan-frying to perfection, there's a side dish on this list that will make your fish a meal. 30 Best Side Dishes for Chicken, No Matter How You Cook It. The results are in.

30 Best Side Dishes for Chicken, No Matter How You Cook It

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. In a contest for the most versatile meat, chicken would win. That is all. But what's a chicken dinner without sides?

Cooking Potatoes

Zucchini-Parmesan Cheese Fritters - Printer Friendly. Creamy Mushroom Peas - Printer Friendly. How to Roast Every Vegetable (At Least the Ones You'd Want to Roast) Roasted vegetables are a uniquely special side.

How to Roast Every Vegetable (At Least the Ones You'd Want to Roast)

They’re tender and creamy but crisp and crunchy. The long, high-heat roast also gives them a delicate bit of char or caramelization that’s delicious and almost impossible to repeat with any other cooking technique. Many vegetables can be roasted. Obvious choices are root veg like carrots, potatoes, and parsnips. But crucifers like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower roast well, too. Temperature and times may vary, but the same general rules apply to roasting every vegetable, from sweet potatoes to bell peppers. Step #1: Cut or trim into bite-sized pieces Cutting larger vegetables, like potatoes and squash, into smaller bite-sized pieces will make cooking go faster. Of course, depending on what you’re planning to make, you could cut the veg into wedges or slices, too. Step #2: Toss with oil and season Olive oil is good, but oils with higher smoke temps may be better if you plan to roast above 400°F. Step #3: Give the pieces some space. The Crispy Eggplant Cutlets I Want to Eat With Everything.

Gratinéed Tomatoes with Asiago and Fresh Herbs. Outback Steakhouse Inspired. Cooking Light.