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Common criticisms and views about feminism

Involving Men in Feminism. Mary Winsor, founder and president of the Limited Suffrage Society, holds a sign during the American suffrage movement; ca. 1917. : ColorizedHistory. [French] Les courants de pensée féministe. « Les courants de pensée féministe », Louise Toupin, Version revue du texte Qu'est-ce que le féminisme?

[French] Les courants de pensée féministe

Trousse d'information sur le féminisme québécois des 25 dernières années, 1997. Louise TOUPIN Chargée de cours en études féministes Résumé TABLE DES MATIÈRES Introduction - au commencement étaient trois grandes tendances - une question préalable : qu'est-ce que le féminisme ? Get the Latest Published Shriver Report, FREE! A Woman’s Nation has released its third in a series of Shriver Reports, A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink, in partnership with the Center for American Progress.

Get the Latest Published Shriver Report, FREE!

The print edition of A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink, to be published on March 11, 2014, is available for preorder from Amazon here and from Barnes & Noble here. The Kindle eBook edition of the report can be downloaded here. Contemporary UK Feminism. Time for a Timely Quote; or No More What About teh Menz. What happens when men enter women’s feminist spaces?

Time for a Timely Quote; or No More What About teh Menz

Dale Spender did an experiment to find out, and published the results in Man Made Language: Present at the discussion, which was a workshop on sexism and education in London, were thirty-two women and five men. Apart from the fact that the tape revealed that the men talked for over 50 per cent of the time, it also revealed that what the men wanted to talk about – and the way in which they wanted to talk – was given precedence.[...]There is no doubt in my mind that in this context at least (and I do not think it was an atypical one) it was the five males and not the thirty-two females who were defining the parameters of the talk.

I suspect that neither the women nor the men were conscious of this. Feminism 101. Rape Culture 101 can be found here.

Feminism 101

On Divorcing Slurs from Their Contexts: There are men (and women) who would swear up, down, and backwards that they're not homophobic, and may even genuinely be supportive of full LGBTQ equality, but nonetheless continue to use the word fag to malign other men—or use "gay" as a negative descriptor. They just like the words. Handy Reference Guide to Identifying Oppressive Silencing « sisters of resistance.

To assist you in identifying and resisting dominant and unequal power relationships in your life, we’ve compiled a list of common phrases people in historically dominant roles have been conditioned to and may use to try to silence oppressed others, particularly when they perceive their dominance to be challenged.

Handy Reference Guide to Identifying Oppressive Silencing « sisters of resistance

The quotations below were used by men against women and are thus patriarchal; however, one could expect to find similar strategic dismissals and silencing of the accounts and concerns of people of color, working class and poor people, queer and LGBTQI people, young people, fat people, disabled people, and other marginalized folks in the discourses of those who discriminate against them. The simultaneous and intersecting nature of oppression is also considered here. These strategies, and others we may have missed, can be found in any order, but from our experiences attempts to silence us commonly go something like this: Strategy: Assert authority. 1.

No, but… 2. What No One Else Will Tell You About Feminism. But this is the problem you bring up a contentious issue, ask if you a feminist if you believe differently and say you don't want to talk about the issue.

What No One Else Will Tell You About Feminism

A little too cute no? I think you can clearly be a feminist and think abortion is wrong, a bad choice, perhaps even immoral. You can try to persuade women not to get them and refuse to get one yourself even if you know your baby is going to die within weeks of birth. You can do all that and be a feminist. It is the legal issue that is more problematic. So why would the state have the right to demand that women of reproductive age donate their bodies to bring another citizen to life? La F.A.Q. du féminisme. Après cet article, mes camarades du forum ubuntu-fr se sont dit que ce serait chouette de faire plein de réponses simples de ce genre à des questions basiques qu’on entend souvent dans les conversations et débats sur le féminisme.

La F.A.Q. du féminisme

Il y a vraiment des remarques qui reviennent à chaque fois et certaines sont vraiment très agaçantes, d’autant plus que son auteur est persuadé d’avoir trouvé une super faille. Ainsi est née la F.A.Q. du sexisme accessible aux débutants ! Merci aux nombreuses auteures, crédits à la fin de l’article. Heartless Bitches International. [French] TEDxTeen - Tavi Gevinson: Still Figuring it Out. Moving towards solidarity - Features. Transphobic feminism makes no sense, argues Laurie Penny Laurie Penny, 6 December 2009 For decades, the feminist movement has been split over the status of trans people, and of trans women in particular.

Moving towards solidarity - Features

Women have no names-Mozilla Firefox. Why do feministschoose to name their daughters after themselves do they think this an act of rebellionthis passing on of their sir-names how comesuch smart women are so dumbwhen it comes to the passing onof their own shackles lengthening the chain that binds them.

women have no names-Mozilla Firefox

Let’s talk. Au risque de redire, d’enfoncer de nouvelles portes, d’affirmer l’évident, laissez moi vous expliquer une nouvelle fois une chose simple : on fait ce qu’on veut.

Let’s talk

[French] Les trolls féministes. S’il est un phénomène que les militants, peu importe la cause, connaissent bien, c’est l’énergumène. Pour employer un mot gentil. Sinon je parlerais de gros connard qui n’y connait rien mais vient ramener sa pseudo science. Je vous rassure, le gros connard peut être une grosse connasse. Efforçons nous donc de disséquer les différents types qui squattent les espaces féministes. 1. 2. Sinfest. By David Willis - Equal time. 'Feminists are Sexist' - Features. Geek Feminism Wiki-Mozilla Firefox. [French] Quand il n’y aura plus de violences, il n’y aura plus de victimes « A dire d'elles-Mozilla Firefox. Ah !

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Feminist actions. French Feminism. Masculinism. [French] Féminismes islamiques.