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Outrageous Economic Predictions. 2019: The Year of Witty Protest. So yesterday, I gave you the top ten trends for 2019 from British Airways’ Business Life magazine.

2019: The Year of Witty Protest

Nesta’s 2019 predictions: the shock of the ‘new normal’ Five years ago, you would have reacted with justifiable scepticism to suggestions that your gut microbiome could hold clues to treating health conditions, or that machines could handle your divorce and competently assess your child’s academic performance.

Nesta’s 2019 predictions: the shock of the ‘new normal’

This year, Nesta’s predictions series is a perfect illustration of an old adage of futurology, that the absurd has an unnerving habit of becoming the ‘new normal’ seemingly overnight. While it can be (relatively) straightforward to anticipate the path of progress for a specific technology, we find it much harder to imagine deeper shifts in cultural values and human behaviours, partly because doing so involves challenging our own internalised assumptions. Ten Top Trends for 2019. Hello, hello and hello again.

Ten Top Trends for 2019

Welcome to 2019. A brand new, fresh, shiny year, and just out of the starting gate. Having said that, yes we are still talking Brexit and we still find a group of shady bankers knocking off billions. Same shit, different day, as Stephen King would say. Being a different day or, in this case, year, brings us to the usual start of year fortune-telling. To kick off this week and this year, I picked up the British Airways Business Life magazine in December thanks to its front page which read 2019: What to expect.

Seven ways technology will change in 2019. 1 Silicon Valley’s cold war with the EU heats up At the beginning of 2019, as at the start of 2018, Margrethe Vestager remains the most powerful woman in tech.

Seven ways technology will change in 2019

The EU competition commissioner has the world’s biggest companies walking on tiptoe, afraid of her habit of enforcing competition law where the US authorities have refused to do so. In 2018, Google was the subject of Vestager’s cold gaze, receiving multibillion fines for its anti-competitive practices around its Android operating system, its shopping service and Chrome browser. But in 2019, it’s likely to be someone else’s turn. Nesta’s 2019 predictions: the shock of the ‘new normal’ 10 predictions for 2018. How will the world change in 2018? I was asked by my speaker’s agency – Speakers Associates – to give some predictions for 2018.

How will the world change in 2018?

It was interesting to see that they did the same with six other speakers and so thought I would share all of our thoughts here today. Noreena Hertz Regarded as a leading light in the field of ethical globalisation, Noreena Hertz has advised political and business leaders across the world. Her insight into changing economies has proved consistently accurate and her approach to global economics and ideas for the alleviation of poverty have inspired individuals and corporations the world over. Here are the stories that will make science headlines in 2018. Tumultuous political change will shape the course of science in the new year.

Here are the stories that will make science headlines in 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration is expected to continue working to dismantle science-based environmental regulations. Gartner's Top 10 Predictions For IT In 2018 And Beyond. The short history of global living conditions and why it matters that we know it - Our World In Data. Bill Gates Has Seven Predictions for the Future. In Brief 21st Century Nostradamus Bill Gates has been proved right in his predictions concerning world affairs, societal changes, and technological advances multiple times before.

Bill Gates Has Seven Predictions for the Future

What does he think will happen in the next twenty years? Bill Gates has been almost prophetic in his past predictions: his 1999 list was hauntingly accurate, foreseeing the advent of price comparison websites, smartphones, social media, and bots. Over the last few years, in interviews and annual letters, he has continued predicting: here are a selection of seven of his insights. 1. At the Munich Security conference, Gates warned that “epidemiologists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year.” 2. Track change to accelerate sustainable action. Things to Come: A Timeline of Future Technology [INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to the ‘Essential Eight’ Emerging Technologies.

Guest post by Vicki Huff Eckert, PwC US and Global New Business Leader Emerging technology strategy needs to be a core part of every company’s corporate strategy.

A Guide to the ‘Essential Eight’ Emerging Technologies

C-suites are challenged to sort through the noise to make clear-headed decisions about the most pertinent technologies that will sustain revenue growth and enhance business operations. But with the torrent of technological breakthroughs affecting businesses of all types, how can executives even begin to make sense of the individual technologies? To help companies focus their efforts, PwC analyzed more than 150 emerging technologies to pinpoint the “Essential Eight” we feel organizations should consider. While the corresponding strategy will vary by company, these eight technologies will have the most significant global impact across sectors. Artificial intelligence Software algorithms are automating complex decision-making tasks to mimic the human thought processes and senses. . © 2016 PwC. S Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017. Today, a digital stethoscope has the ability to record and store heartbeat and respiratory sounds.

s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017

Tomorrow, the stethoscope could function as an “intelligent thing” by collecting a massive amount of such data, relating the data to diagnostic and treatment information, and building an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered doctor assistance app to provide the physician with diagnostic support in real-time. AI and machine learning increasingly will be embedded into everyday things such as appliances, speakers and hospital equipment. The 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. 2116: A Look Into The Future [INFOGRAPHIC] These Are The Top 10 Emerging Technologies Of 2016. The World Economic Forum’s annual list of emerging technologies, released this summer, include both familiar and unfamiliar discoveries.

These Are The Top 10 Emerging Technologies Of 2016

Experts believe this is the year they will most impact individuals, businesses and society. A diverse range of breakthrough technologies, including batteries capable of providing power to whole villages, “socially aware” artificial intelligence and new generation solar panels, could soon be playing a role in tackling the world’s most pressing challenges, according to a list published by the World Economic Forum. “Technology has a critical role to play in addressing each of the major challenges the world faces, yet it also poses significant economic and social risks. “Horizon scanning for emerging technologies is crucial to staying abreast of developments that can radically transform our world, enabling timely expert analysis in preparation for these disruptors.

10 Predictions About the Future That Should Scare the Hell Out of You. 2016 Internet Trends. Kleiner Perkins partners with the brightest entrepreneurs to turn disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. The firm has helped build and accelerate growth at pioneering companies like AppDynamics, Google, Amazon, Flexus Biosciences, Nest, Waze, Twitter, and Square. Kleiner Perkins offers entrepreneurs years of operating experience, puts them at the center of an influential network, and accelerates their companies from success to significance.

For more information, visit and follow us @kpcb. JimPintoBlog: 2016 Pinto Prognostications. The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different. Peter Drucker Introduction Another year has passed – unsteadily creeping forward at jittery speed. The US stock market declined precipitously as 2015 closed. Global Strategic Trends. 10 predictions for 2016. Forecasting the world in 2016. Forward to the Future: Visions of 2045. Mmunications Trends 2016. Here's What Today's Experts Think the Future Will Be Like. Five Business Trends To Watch In 2016. Depending on the sort of entrepreneur, employee, freelancer, or company leader you might be, the year ahead holds varying degrees of promise and pitfalls.

Some of the changes afoot are already affecting some more than others. But optimism is itself a strategic asset—as long as it's backed up by a strong grasp of the facts. Five-trends-will-change-world-2016?trk_msg=SFJJ06M8OAF4RFFMDPVCIO6ND4&trk_contact=75J506VAUO4BIK9T75JHNP2V54# Printer-friendly version MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #96 - December 14, 2015 A geopolitical shift has taken place at the end of 2015 that could change the world more than we have seen since the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Core beliefs and values are being challenged across the globe. With such a major change of direction happening, where are we headed? Reveals Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users for 2016 and Beyond. ORLANDO, Fla. , October 6, 2015 View All Press Releases.


12-Risks-with-infinite-impact-Executive-Summary. Bank of America: These Five Maps Show the Major Global Trends Investors Need to Know. Cool chart breaks down how Star Wars influenced other movies and TV shows. 2015-SOF-ExecutiveSummary-English.pdf. 16 Things. How to Seize the Opportunities When Megatrends Collide. McDonald’s was one of the first Western companies to play an active role in the world’s emerging markets. It opened a franchise in Brazil in 1979, followed by Russia and China in 1990, and India in 1996. Top Tech Trends for 2015. Cyber security, data analytics and private cloud are the top priorities for IT investment in 2015, according to a new survey of over 500 IT and business executives from around the globe. The survey, conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit for PwC, asked 503 executives which technologies they are currently investing in and how they plan to modify their investment in 2015.

Looking Ahead: The Best of 2015 Trends. The Acceleration of Acceleration: How The Future Is Arriving Far Faster Than Expected. Trend Reports. Masculinity was more clearly defined when “men were men,” as the phrase goes. Today, as gender conventions blur, men are formulating more nuanced ideas of what it means to be a man. These 2015 Trends Will Impact All Businesses, According To Ford. Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we're nearing collapse. The 1972 book Limits to Growth, which predicted our civilisation would probably collapse some time this century, has been criticised as doomsday fantasy since it was published. Ray Kurzweil’s Mind-Boggling Predictions for the Next 25 Years. In my new book BOLD, one of the interviews that I’m most excited about is with my good friend Ray Kurzweil.

JLA -THE ECONOMY - What's Around the Corner in 2015? by JLA Live. Our lives in 2025: What the world will be like in 10 years' time. 25 Disruptive Technology Trends for 2015 - 2016. Everything ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Got Right and Wrong About 2015, According to Futurists. Page. JimPintoBlog: 2015 Pinto Prognostications. 9 media-tech trends to watch in 2015. 10 Ways the Next Ten Years are Going to be Mind-Blowing. 10 TRENDS FOR 2015. New Innovations, New Inventions, Future Technology. Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we're nearing collapse.

Inequality and Web Search Trends. Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years. The Depopulation Time Bomb. IBM: These Are The Top 7 Social Trends That Will Emerge In 2014. MRMR_Marsh-Maplecroft Political Risk_FINAL.pdf. 9 Economic Trends to Watch in 2014. Timeline of Emerging Science and Technology.pdf. Emerging Neuro and Cognitive Technologies. Uber’s remarkable growth could end the era of poorly paid cab drivers. What Did We Learn in State of the Future Report? The new technologies that will change human civilization as we know it -

Dietitians say anti-wheat, pro-nutrition info sentiments will top 2014 trends. Spectacular "Supersociety" Possible Thanks to Highly-Human Shift? Weak Signals Report IRI2038. Michio Kaku Talks About Coming Breakthroughs. The World-Changing Ideas Of 2014. Robots Are Coming for Our Poems. Cybersecurity in 2014: A roundup of predictions. The coming era of ‘on-demand’ marketing. 5 Futuristic Trends That Will Shape Business And Culture Today. 5 Health Tech Trends to Watch in 2014. Marketing Trend for 2014: Smaller Messaging Has a Big Impact. Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014. 8 Up-and-Coming Design Trends Marketers Should Know About.

15 Tech Trends That Will Define 2014, Selected By Frog. Invest in Engineers Now to Power Our Future.