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Educational Adaptive Resources

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Classic Theories. Experiencias de innovación educativa y competencias del s. XXI. Acerca de los Procesos Cognoscitivos del Individuo. Pending for review resources. Adaptive Learning: Why Your Kids Will Be Smarter Than You. "Education is a big problem," says Knewton CEO Jose Ferreira. He's spent his whole life in the education space, starting at Kaplan in 1991.

He tried to bring adaptive learning to Kaplan in 1993, but it was hard to do so in a brick-and-mortar situation, an environment in which few people even had computers. Ferreira was ahead of his time, and once technology caught up, he founded the adaptive learning platform Knewton in 2008. Education might not be the sexiest of industries, but it's a $7 trillion global industry that's ripe for innovation. To date, Knewton has received $54 million in funding to build its Adaptive Learning Platform that helps you learn better by responding to what you do and don't know, personalizing the content that's served to you based on data collected about your learning habits.

Knewton has had students in 190 countries, and this fall over 600,000 students will use the platform. You founded Knewton in 2008 — how did it come about? What is the end goal for Knewton? Interfaces de Usuario Inteligentes. Modelo Inteligente Genérico Para Adaptatividad de Cursos Virtuales. INFSCI 3954: The Adaptive Web - Readings on Adaptive Systems. Doctoral Seminar on Cognitive Systems (Fall 2005, CRN 19141) [ Formal Data | Syllabus & Schedule | Readings | Course Materials | CourseWeb] This is an unsorted set of references from instructor's collection.

INFSCI 3954: The Adaptive Web - Readings on Adaptive Systems

It could serve as a useful, but not a sole source of information for selecting follow-up papers. Åberg, J. and Shahmeri, N. (1999) Web assistants: Towards an intelligent and personal Web shop. Åberg, J. and Shahmeri, N. (2001) User modeling as an aid for human Web assistants. Abidi, S. Ahanger, G. and Little, T. Ahanger, G. and Little, T. Ahn, J., Brusilovsky, P., and Farzan, R. (2005) Investigating Users’ Needs and Behavior for Social Search. Akoulchina, I. and Ganascia, J. Allert, H., Richter, C., and Nejdl, W. (2002) Learning Objects on the Semantic Web: Explicitly Modelling Instructional Theories and Paradigms. Ambrosini, L., Cirillo, V., and Micarelli, A. (1997) A user-adapted interface for a search engine on the World Wide Web. GrupLAC - Plataforma SCienTI - Colombia. Software Development Tools. Herramienta autor INDESAHC para la creación de cursos hipermedia adaptativos.

A context-aware adaptive learning system using agents. Diseño interactivo de cursos adaptativos @ josems. 80Days: Adaptive Digital Storytelling for Digital Educational Games. Producción y desarrollo de material docente dinámico, interactivo y adaptativo para la enseñanza de la familia de protocolos TCP/IP. INcreator-INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE TOOL FOR CREATION OF ADAPTIVE EDUCATIONAL DIGITAL CONTENT @ josems. TANGOW : Un Sistema de Enseñanza Adaptativa a través de Internet. Creación de cursos adaptativos en TANGOW mediante tareas , reglas y elementos multimedia.

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Main ideas. Hypermedia. Artificial Intelligence. Educational Adaptive Resources: Learning Styles. Video Games. Semantic Web. How the semantic Web changes everything again! @ josems. Automatic extraction of semantically-meaningful information from the web. Web 3.0–Based personalisation of learning objects in virtual learning environments @ josems. Modeling a learner based semantic web and web services.