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17 Apart: How To: Plant Seeds Using Eggshells. We were excited when our Sprout Robot alert went off that it was time to start broccoli seeds indoors this weekend for our zip code.

17 Apart: How To: Plant Seeds Using Eggshells

With the move and being in the midst of colder months, we are seriously lacking in the gardening department, except for our avocado sprouts (which we have an exciting update on coming tomorrow). We located our organic broccoli seed packet from last year's garden and hit up our gardening Pinterest boards (mine & hers) where we've been collecting ideas for creative planting all winter. We had one particular idea we'd seen pinned in mind and couldn't wait to try for ourselves — eggshell seed planters. Evidently, eggshells make the perfect size seed starters, are natural, biodegradable, can be planted directly into the soil after being cracked a little, and supply nourishment to the plant and surrounding soil (not to mention they're free).

After saving the shells from this week's eggs, we set out to make our eggshell planters. You'll Need: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Botanical Interests. Heirloom Seeds. Organic Seeds. United Plant Savers - Welcome to United Plant Savers. Maca Seeds for Sale. Maca Root, also known as Peruvian Maca, Macca, Peruvian Ginsing and Lepidium Meyenii is used in the Andean societies for thousands of years, Maca Root has long been used as a source of healing and nourishment.

Maca Seeds for Sale

Along with Damiana (Turnera Diffusa), Maca Root is highly sought after for its aphrodisiac affects. Today, the Maca Root is a much sought after super-food that is used to offset fatigue, increase stamina, boost libido, and is regarded as a highly adaptogenic and powerful food. The Maca Root powder is an excellent addition to drinks like milks, chocolates, smoothies, or even mixed into flour for various desert recipes. With its smooth earthy taste that is a tad nutty with a slight touch of butterscotch, a little Maca powder goes a long way. Germination is in approximately 4 days at 65 degrees F soil temperature. For more information on the Maca Root, Please click Here Also available:Organic Maca Root PowderDamiana SeedsDried DamianaDried Ginko LeafDried Valerian Root.

Medicinal Herb seeds From Mountain Rose Herbs. Angelica Seeds Angelica archangelica 100 seeds Medicinal gardens crave the presence of this, the official species.

Medicinal Herb seeds From Mountain Rose Herbs

Bitter aromatic, antimicrobial and carminative. 100 seeds/pkt More details… Arnica Seeds Herbaceous perennial for cold and hardy zones. Ashwagandha Seeds OG Herbaceous perennial in the tropics, annual in temperate zones. Astragalus Seeds OG Herbaceous perennial. Basil Seeds OG Prolific producer. 100 seeds/pkt Black Cohosh Seeds OG Herbaceous perennial. Borage Seeds OG Annual, direct seed in mid-spring. 50 seeds/pkt Burdock Seeds OG Perennial or self seeding annuals.

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When to Plant Vegetables. January It's time for garden catalogs to arrive in the mail.

When to Plant Vegetables

January is a great time to start planning what you will be planting in your garden. Look through your catalogs and find the vegetable seeds for your garden. Some flower varieties should be started in January. In a warmer environment you can plant certain vegetables but must be ready for a frost. Tomatoes and PeppersGet a head start on the growing season by starting your tomato and pepper seeds indoors. OnionsLate January is a great time to start your onion seeds indoors if you live in a warmer gardening zone (6-10) For zones 1-5 start your onion seeds in mid-late February.

Annual and Perennial Flowers Now is a great time to get your spring flowers germinating and ready for spring! February Get your garden planning started. Broccoli If you live in a warmer climate and can find a quick growing Broccoli variety you can harvest until it bolts in the hot summer sun! Herbs:Plant heat loving herbs like basil, oregano, thyme and sage.

Seeds. Seeds at Risk in AgroBusiness. Seeds of Change Homepage. Seeds - Saving, Trading, Buying.