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Creative "wired" furniture | Fil-corde-ruban | Pinterest | Créatif et Meubles. Leo Virieu » Affone. Affone Affone est un projet d’affiches sonores interactives. Elles sont des objets tangibles (objets physiques, permettant de manipuler du numérique), réalisées à l’aide d’encres conductrices sur du papier cyclus 80g. Le principe est de sortir le numérique de l’écran ; de garder l’aspect premier d’une affiche sérigraphiée avec ses qualités de grammage, de relief, de « toucher », mais en utilisant, pour certaines, des interactions numériques progra- mmées.

Affone est une série de huit affiches expérimentant le son : haut parleur, microphone, texte lu, lignes jouées… Elles mettent en scène des actions/réactions avec le spectateur et inte- rrogent le support du numérique, la proximité… Remerciements :Jonas Barry, RANDOM Lab avec David-Olivier Lartigaud, François Brument, Damien Baïs, Lionel Radisson, Léo Marius, Romain Le Liboux. Pattern matters, la visualisation de donnée en papier. Pas qu'un peu le blog Haut de pageHaut de page Lucas SimoesLucas SimoesInternet is made of catsInternet is made of cats Retour à l'accueilRetour à l'accueil Notre sélection d'articles Pattern matters, la visualisation de donnée en papier Posté par Max le 21 février 2012 Catégorie : Graphisme 2 commentaires - Rajoutez le votre ! Lim Siang Ching est une graphiste de Singapour passionnée par le “fait main” et les motifs. D’autres projets sur son site : Partager cet article : Max Mollon Interaction designer, Max complète actuellement un Master Media Design à la Haute école d'art et design (HEAD) de Genève. 2 commentaires Rajouter le votre !

Le 21 février 2012 à 23 h 13 min lovevcade a dit : Du très beau travail! Le 9 mars 2012 à 11 h 22 min MimoZa Graphic Lab a dit : Tout simplement superbe! Laisser votre commentaire À propos Pas qu’un peu est un blog qui réunit une équipe de passionnés du web. Voir l'équipe Nous contacter Catégories Archives Dernier commentaire Lire l'article Amis Suivez-nous. Plus de 1000 idées à propos de MAQUETTE sur Pinterest | Sculpture, Top Modèles et Paysages. Plus de 1000 idées à propos de Map Art sur Pinterest | Plans, Cartes De Ville et Œuvres D'art.

Topographic Map | skola | Pinterest | Plans, Boîtes En Fer et Pastel. FIBER – WORKS | AOKI JUN. Fil de Fer. Shellie Holden | Altered//Books//Journals | Pinterest | Télévision, Papier et Papier Découpé. Data visualization with open source Processing. | Data Visualization | Pinterest | Visualisation De Données, Définition Des Objectifs et Vagues. An Instagram takeover using 64 Dots by Brendan Dawes | Big Bang Data. We invited‬ artist Brendan Dawes to takeover the Somerset House Instagram account. He responded by creating a series of films, coded just for us to demonstrate his work process, the power of iteration all through 64 dots. “All my work is born from the same process, combining and iterating often mundane components to see what might emerge by simply playing within a system. So lets start with a system of 64 dots.” “I always hated maths at school; but nobody ever showed me the beauty of mathematics. Like a sine wave. “Rather than move all the dots at the same rate, so they’re uniform, instead I can change the frequency of the sine wave so it’s slightly different for each dot.

“Often within data visualisation you’re mapping a number to some kind of visual representation of that number. “Time is an important part of composition. “Enough of the 2D world – let’s send our 64 dots into 3D space around a sphere! “For me, a piece of work is not a finite, finished thing. Using Data as an Art Material in We Need Us | Big Bang Data.

We asked Julie Freeman to let us know more about her work in Big Bang Data and explain why data makes an ideal art material. Big Bang Data is an exhibition full of ideas that have been realised by the use of data. It contains the full spectrum of data visualisation to data art, from direct location-based mappings to abstract audio visual transformations to conceptual provocations. Artists and designers need to understand any material they work with so that they can use them effectively to convey their ideas. As a highly flexible, malleable substance data is an ideal art material which can provide structure, form, content, dynamic, or almost any other property we can think of. It can be directly mapped or manipulated, it can portray an alleged truth at the same time as obfuscating the facts.

And it’s fascinating because of this. I’ve been working with data in one form or another for most of my career. We Need Us v01 from translating nature on Vimeo. Big Bang Data. Huge Tax Disparities Along Central Park Become Visuals in Architectural Art Installation | 6sqft. No, you don’t have to suffer in a sub-zero apartment this winter, nor do you need to dine with mice and roaches in your kitchen during the summer. If you’re one of the many constantly finding themselves up in arms over a negligent landlord, rest assured there’s more that you can do beyond grumbling to your friends. Indeed, in NYC tenants have a lot of power, and the city has established a number of regulations to protect you, your family, and especially young children living in rental properties. Ahead is 6sqft’s list of the most common problems New York renters face—and some advice on how to get those issues fixed quickly.

Heating Adequate heating during the winter is one of the most common problems that renters encounter. But did you know that your landlord is required to heat your building to at least 68 degrees during the daytime in the winter, and at least 55 degrees at night? Construction Are you being tormented by unrelenting construction on a daily basis? Bed Bugs and Other Vermin. Art Installation. 'Floating Piers' art installation makes walking on water possible. Who says walking on water is impossible? A new floating art installation created by Bulgarian-born artist Christo Vladimirov Javacheff gives people the opportunity to make walking on water a reality. USA TODAY Who says walking on water is impossible? A new floating art installation created by Bulgarian-born artist Christo Vladimirov Javacheff gives people the opportunity to make walking on water a reality. The project, coined “The Floating Piers," consists of some 100,000 square meters, or 1,076,391 feet, of glistening yellow fabric attached to more than 220,000 polyethylene floating cubes on Italy’s Lake Iseo.

“Those who experience "The Floating Piers" will feel like they are walking on water – or perhaps the back of a whale,” Christo said in a statement. The floating walkway connects two small islands to the mainland town of Sulzano, and will be open to the public from June 18 through July 3, according to a statement on Christo’s website. 1 of 4 Autoplay Show Thumbnails Show Captions. Tony Taj’s Ambient Media Portal (AMP) Fuses Painting and Technology. Tony Taj fuses art and technological application. His practice reconsiders the traditional artist tools and along with acrylic paint and canvas, Taj has introduced the Ambient Media Portal, a technology that activates painting into an immersive experience. Implementing acrylics encrypted with a QR code, the viewer can now lose himself inside the dimensionality of the painting- literally. Cities are the convergence of technology, culture, and people. Complex in nature, they house the lives of millions of people living out hopes, dreams and fears.

What if there was a way to blend physical media, like paintings, and use the current wave of mobile technology to connect with digital media? Acrylic is dripped directly onto the canvas to sketch the painting of the cityscape. Autodesk Maya was used in the CG animations embedded in the paintings. The future is now. Beta testing art. Featured video: Tony Taj, Ambient Media Portal (AMP), 2012 All images ©Tony Taj.

Conceptual Art Archives - HAHA MAGAZINE | HAHA MAGAZINE. It’s My Party and I do What I Want To! Aims to comment on the widening wealth gap. Conceptual artist Ivan Sikic aims to maintain that debate with his installation denounces this system. He placed 99 balloons held by a fake gold bar over 7,000 thumbtacks. “This is the political and social context Iván Sikic aims to respond to in this instance by presenting It’s My Party and I do What I Want To! In a corner of gallery Luis Adelantado, Valencia, 99 helium filled balloons keep a gilded brick afloat. During the two months that the work will be open for viewing, each week, a newly inflated balloon gets added to supplement the ones that will continue to deflate.

*quote taken from artist statement. This is an evolving work, Sikic invites everyone to check back at the end of September for the finalized documentation of the piece. photos via artist website. Badar hopes these copies of old masters paintings will evoke the viewers memory. The City Lab | Domestic Data Streamers. The City Lab A Citizen Science Experiment for JDW Changing the way a city understands the perception of the locals. For the Jerusalem Design Week we designed an open laboratory at the Hansen House with the goal of showing how art and technology can help cities and municipalities better understand nearby communities. Streaming citizen thoughts into tangible data. The City Lab asked the audience a series of questions using different laboratory devices that collected the answers in the form of a liquid.

These were then processed and used to visualise a specific topic. Topics included emotions; love, fear, preoccupation, ambition and goals amongst others, to help participants build a bigger picture of Jerusalem. We wanted each individual to create a formula based on their own perception of Jerusalem by summing up the answers from each topic. There was also a layer of sound as each time a participant chose an answer a sound was generated accordingly, becoming the basis for a collective song. Domestic Data Streamers | New Data Languages. - Combinaison à capuche usage unique T.M. - 100 tabliers jetables blancs taille unique. The Emergent City. A life from Complexity to the City of Bits. Artwork By Stanza. The Emergent City. A Life From Complexity to The City of Bits. By Stanza The artwork captures the changes over time in the environment (city) and represents the changing life and complexity of space as an emergent artwork. The artwork explores new ways of thinking about life, emergence and interaction within public space.The project uses environmental monitoring technologies and security based technologies, to question audiences' experiences of real time events and create visualizations of life as it unfolds.

The installation goes beyond simple single user interaction to monitor and survey in real time the whole city and entirely represent the complexities of the real time city as a shifting morphing complex system. Underlying conceptual theme. Imagine walking out the door, and knowing every single action, movement, sound, micro movement, pulse, and thread of information is being tracked, monitored, stored, analyzed, interpreted, and logged.

This is The Mother of big Brother. Exhibitions: Images Site Web pour cette image A data visualisation of San Francisco city centre Recherche par imageImages similaires Les images peuvent être soumises à des droits d'auteur. By the way...: Ne pas perdre le Nord / Fan de cartes. STANZA | Welcome to the main site of the artist Stanza. Recurring themes throughout his career include, the urban landscape, surveillance culture, privacy and alienation in the city.