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Monnaie Libre Ğ1 : la monnaie que vous créez. Thank you for signing! - Public Money, Public Code. Your signature is confirmed Thank you for signing the open letter “Public Money, Public Code”.

Thank you for signing! - Public Money, Public Code

Your support means a lot to us. If you opted-in to having your name added to the public list, your name will appear on the list of signatures within the next hour.

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0 MONNAIE. Bioecon. To the extent that we are all capable of producing and consuming, it can be done WITHOUT MONEY.


Bioecon provides the tools for the exchange between individuals, stores and industries, at local, regional and global scales, behaving as producers and consumers at the same time. Consumers in Bioecon are actively engaged in the production of the goods, services and knowledge offered. Prix de l'Economie Sociale 2011. Les monnaies locales 4.0 by monnaies locales. Les problèmes financiers empêchent de réfléchir.

Monaies libres, monaies complémentaires

Par-delà le bien et le mal. A l'instar d'Internet, de la dérive des continents ou de la course des nuages, l'existence et le fonctionnement de Bitcoin ne dépend pas de la décision d'une quelconque organisation.

Par-delà le bien et le mal

L'essor des monnaies électroniques décentralisées est un phénomène avec lequel il faut composer. Game over, Bitcoin ! À quand des monnaies virtuelles valorisant l'humain ? La monnaie virtuelle Bitcoin est la preuve que les monnaies cryptées distribuées ont de l’avenir, mais ses défauts soulèvent des critiques justifiées.

Game over, Bitcoin ! À quand des monnaies virtuelles valorisant l'humain ?

Il est temps de passer à l’étape suivante de la révolution monétaire pour créer un système au service de l’humain. Quand Bitcoin a démarré en 2009, il ne s’agissait que d’un obscur projet crypto-anarchiste. The MintChip Challenge. 06Bitcoin-1338412974774.jpg (Image JPEG, 1871x1420 pixels) - Redimensionnée (58%) Bitcoin Isn't the Only Cryptocurrency in Town. In recent weeks, the digital currency Bitcoin has soared and then dipped in value, along the way attracting more public attention than ever before and speculation as to whether it could become an established and widely accepted way to pay for goods and services.

Bitcoin Isn't the Only Cryptocurrency in Town

But Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency out there. Several others are also surging in popularity and value, and they claim to offer technical improvements that make them better suited to mainstream use. Some of these competing currencies already represent significant stores of value. The value of a single bitcoin on the most popular exchange was $93.70 at time of publication, and the total value of all bitcoins in circulation just over $1 billion (it was over $2 billion at the market’s high point last week). The largest alternative cryptocurrency, litecoins, were worth $2.31 each and $38 million in total; the next largest, PPCoin, were worth $0.22 each adding up to a total value of $4 million.

Redonner du sens à nos échanges.


Fing: Innovation monétaire. Monnaie alternative. Eco-money- eng. Radio RMLL - Société : Les alternatives monetaires. More Thoughts on Social Currency, Part I. In Splitting the Social Currency Atom I explored how it was possible to make sense of the various uses of the term “social currency” by analogy to the different functions of money.

More Thoughts on Social Currency, Part I

“Social currency” means different things depending on whether we are talking about it as a “means of exchange” (jokes, information, rumours) or as “unit of account” (reputation points, badges, diplomas.) While this analogy is useful, it isn’t perfect. In a number of important ways, social currency does not function like money. In this post, I will focus in on the “means of exchange” view of social currency.

Monnaies alternatives. Monnaie locale et complémentaire. Monnaie sociale. Sous des termes différents, monnaies sociales, parallèles, alternatives, complémentaires, etc., on retrouve des projets qui ont d’abord pour caractéristique de répondre aux dérèglements majeurs des monnaies dominantes et surtout à la dépendance de plus en plus dangereuse de ces dernières à l’égard des marchés spéculatifs.

Monnaie sociale

La principale fonction de la monnaie, sa justification historique, est de faciliter l’échange et l’activité entre les êtres humains en établissant une unité de compte commune et en créant un espace de confiance (d’où le terme de monnaie fiduciaire qui, en latin, signifie foi, confiance). Rethinking taxes and welfare in a cryptocurrency world. The relative early success of Bitcoin in the world of hackers, means that cryptocurrencies will be coming in a decade or so.

Rethinking taxes and welfare in a cryptocurrency world

It’s urgent to rethink taxes and welfare, thinks Swedish Pirate Party leader Rick Falkvinge in this excerpt: “From a political perspective, this development means that taxation and welfare systems must be rethought and rewired considerably and immediately. Blog de Le livre traditionnel exerce toujours sur la plupart d’entre nous une attraction sentimentale.

Blog de

Transversales - Sciences & culture. Monnaies plurielles. Help » Fees. Circuits courts et monnaies compl mentaires - AgoraVox le m dia citoyen. The Infographic is Finished! The Future of Money: New Lenses of Wealth. Can "Complementary" Currencies Save Us From the Next Crash? In the wake of a global meltdown that exposed the fragility of our financial system, it's understandable that many people are suspicious of the stability of our centralized monetary systems.

Can "Complementary" Currencies Save Us From the Next Crash?

"We have had 97 major banking crashes over the last 25 years, and we have 178 monetary crashes over that same time period," says Belgian currency expert Bernard Lietaer. "Would you not say that’s a sign of something being repeatedly unstable? " As a result, Lietaer and others are advocating for "complementary" currency systems—alternative monetary devices that run parallel to centralized currencies. These can take the form of local currencies separate from the government, or even organized barter arrangements. La notation se répand dans les réseaux sociaux d'entreprise. Virginia Creates Subcommittee To Study Monetary Alternatives In Case Of Terminal Fed "Breakdown", Considers Gold As Option.

Creating Our Own Money: Examples with subtitles. What would life be like if there was no money? 'the Magic Box' by Bernard Lietaer. A fairy tale by Bernard Lietaer Once upon a time, in a far-away country, there was a small village. But this village had definitely known better days: many houses, public spaces and gardens were run down; the sidewalks were broken up in many places; the children's playground was abandoned and strewn with broken toys.

Even the trees lining the streets were getting sick from the lack of care and attention. The Mayor, who was an energetic man, gathered all the elders of town and asked them, "What is happening to our village? Why is everything running down? " The New Money Movement & Moral Currencies. In my post about Bitcoin, I told you how excited I was about it. The new Money movement seems to be gathering such pace with Bitcoin's digital currency at the forefront. But there is another important strand which centres around 'moral currencies'. It provides a major impetus to the movement. The idea of creating a moral currency is something I got really excited about in the 1990's with the Ecolabel movement. The Blog: Symbionomics Themes. What follows is a synopsis of the major themes we are exploring with the Symbionomics project (see kickstarter link on the right). Obviously, this is just a starting point.

We are open to these concepts growing and evolving as this process unfolds. With each theme, we are seeding an online video discussion (as linked to in the titles). Ultimately, we will have video forums for each theme. New Media: In the last twenty years, a wave of new tools has transformed the way we communicate. We're on a mission to spread important ideas and change minds. Monnaies complémentaires. Cri du cœur d'un libéral : créons, citoyens, nos propres monnaies !

Je ne sais pas si « la guerre est une chose trop sérieuse pour être laissée aux militaires », mais la monnaie est définitivement une chose trop sérieuse pour être laissée aux mains des banquiers centraux et des Etats. AppleSeed Permaculture. A whole system of economic understanding ©Copyright 2011 Ethan Roland & Gregory Landua Click here to download the article from Permaculture Magazine #68 Context: Financial Permaculture, 2009 In 2008 and 2009, I was part of the organizing & facilitation team for the Financial Permaculture Course in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Convened by the Center for Holistic Ecology, Gaia University, and Solari, Inc, the course brought together permaculture designers, financial planners, entrepreneurs, community activists, complementary currency advocates, farmers and government officials from around the country.

Repérer et soutenir les projets sociaux créatifs. Réformer le système monétaire international, une tâche impossible ? by Jean Pisani-Ferry. Exit from comment view mode. Click to hide this space BRUXELLES – Si Nicolas Sarkozy avait écrit le prologue de sa présidence à la tête du G20 qui vient tout juste de commencer, il n'aurait pas fait mieux. 10 Ways You're Being Fleeced by Banks. Activist Post Taxpayers are rightfully angrier than ever before about the state of the U.S. economy and the government's handling of the financial crisis; perhaps even more so than the Colonists at the original Tea Party.

After all, it appears that the only group benefiting during this painful slide into recession are the very people who caused the crisis -- The Banks. On the verge of bankruptcy in 2008, the banks are now once again making record profits and paying record bonuses, while nearly every other industry struggles to keep their head above water.

The banks seem to have designed the system where all businesses and individuals are dependent on them for credit, and without new lending industry grinds to a halt. 5 Reasons NOT to Pay Your Credit Cards. Are you one of the millions of Americans trying to decide between paying your credit card bills and eating? John Galt -- Activist Post We live in a matrix that goes to unspeakable expense to nurture us from the teat to be good consumers. Pay it Forward. Future of Transactions Research Brief. Future of Money: Currencies, Transactions and LendingTimeframe: January 2010 - March 2011University of Houston, Strategic Foresight Masters Program Updated: April 6, 2011. TEDxBuenosAires - TEDxChange - Rubén Ravera - Micromercados para un mundo global.

Quatre alternatives au Bank Run de Cantona » Article » Ownipolitics, Bilan, débats et enjeux. More Governments Show Interest in New Economic Yarsdsticks. “It’s the economy, stupid,” Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign advisors famously declared. Today, more governments might add nuance: “It’s about well-being.” Prosperity, to be sure, but prosperity with a purpose. The Role of Interest & Demurrage in The Future of Money.

In my recent reading I have frequently come across the related notions that currencies can be “designed” and that certain currency designs would eliminate the role of interest. Time for a New Theory of Money by Ellen Brown. Ripple Project Homepage. Monnaie locale. La sardine s'échangera bientôt à Concarneau - Finistère. Eusko-Euskal moneta bidean EUS-FR st. En Realidad hoy: ¿Es posible salir del euro? Assolidaires. Our Proposals. De la rareté vers l’abondance. Bristol Pound one month on: 'It's exceeded expectations' Should we use social currency in coworking spaces ? 1/5. Plastic Flashback. Semaine 35. La Revue des Affaires. Social Lending. International : L'ex-millionnaire est un smicard heureux. La révolte des billets….. Elle vit sans utiliser d'argent depuis 15 ans De tout et de rien... Forum Bébé Vallée.

Peut-on apprendre en ligne. Le crédit mutuel limité ne marche pas non plus. International : L'ex-millionnaire est un smicard heureux. Patrick Viveret.