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Paper Artists

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A - B. Su Blackwell - Book Sculptor. Since the altered book project, I've become really interested in the artform and have been researching different artists and methods of alteration.

Su Blackwell - Book Sculptor

One of my absolute favorite book sculptors I've come across is Su Blackwell. Jorinde and Jorindel, Book Pages, 2010 Blackwell's work is predominantly in altering books, though she has some interesting works made from old nightgowns and curtains. Her works take a traditionally 2D medium (usually paper) and make it 3D. Sometimes the effect is subtle, such as in her piece, The Extasie, where the two figures are fairly flat, yet by standing up out of the book and by being placed at different sections of the pages, a sense of depth is created.

Other times, she creates a true 3D sculpture using the book pages, such as in The Hazel Tree. The Extasie, Book pages, 2006 Hazel Tree (from Aschputtel), Book pages, 2010. Su Blackwell: Book-Cut Sculpture. Quilled Paper Portrait - Yulia Brodskaya. The latest quilled portrait from talented paper artist Yulia Brodskaya.

Quilled Paper Portrait - Yulia Brodskaya

From her last piece Loves Doves to this piece, she has definitely changed the tone of colors to be less of a skin tone varient in terms of palette and more vibrant. This woman’s face bursts with swirls of color as she smokes her pipe and seems to be a perfect blend into the start of Spring. via Colossal. Rogan Brown - Paper Sculptures. David Brownings Illustration - Hand Made. Sara Burgess - Cut Paper Artist. From Sara Burgess, intricate paper works cut by hand.

Sara Burgess - Cut Paper Artist

"At a time when we see more and more work come from vector files and lasers, it's refreshing to see lovely and intricate works created simply by the fine negative patterns in paper created by x-acto blades. " (Click the images below for full sized images) C. Peter Callesen - Papercut Art. Peter Callesen Artwork: Single Sheet Of Paper. Papier Maché Art By Ellen Carlie. Sher Christopher Paper Sculptor. Christopher Coppers: Shredded Magazine Art. D - F. Daniele Del Nero - After Effects. A series of architectural scale models constructed with black paper and covered with flour and a layer of mould to create the effect of old abandoned buildings.

Daniele Del Nero - After Effects

My purpose is to talk about the sense of time and destiny of the planet after the human species, through the sense of restlessness which abandoned buildings are able to communicate. Genoa-Zug Artist's Residence, Zug August 2012. installation views, Brian Dettmer - Julie Dodd - Paper Sculptor & Altered Book Artist. Interview With Paper Artist Fideli Sundqvist. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Interview With Paper Artist Fideli Sundqvist

I’m sure you all have been waiting to see our latest interview, at least I am more than pleased to share it. This young lady is from Stockholm, Sweden and currently resides there as a graphic designer and illustrator both in the form of print, product designs and of course, paper! I’m pleased to introduce the talented Fideli Sundqvist. I hope you enjoy our interview with her. Happy Wednesday! When I was 14-15 years old, I became very interested in music, I played in bands and gathered vinyl records. This is where my interest in “cutting” began. The linoleum technique reminded me a lot of paper cuts, both in craft and graphic expression. So the last five years I have been consumed by this technique. Last spring I took my bachelor’s degree from the Art Academy in Stockholm, Konstfack, Graphic Design & Illustration.

What have been some favorite recent projects/clients/collaborations? How would you describe your creative process? Jacquet Fritz Jr. - Paper Sculptures. G - L. Peter Gentenaar: Paper Sculpture. More than 100 of Peter Gentenaar’s ethereal paper sculptures were installed inside the Abbey church of Saint-Riquier in France.

Peter Gentenaar: Paper Sculpture

Gothic architecture + paper art = SWOON! I love how the curves and organic forms of the paper sculptures echo the beautiful vaulting and cluster piers of the church interior – look how the sculptures have ribbing just like the ribbed groin vaults! Gothic architecture, facilitated by the invention of the flying buttress, is characterized by the towering, luminous spaces created by the higher ceilings and huger windows that flying buttresses allowed for (compared to the engaged buttresses of Romanesque architecture). So the true lightness and airiness of the suspended paper objects reminds us how the seemingly light and airy walls are actually a monumental stone structure. Just gorgeous, and amazing photos too. Here is a link to Peter Gentenaar’s site translated into English.

Flexible Paper Sculptures By Li Hongbo (Video) Jacquemin - Folded Paper (Book Pages) Sculpture. Jagoda's Origamic Architecture - Gallery 1. Christine Kim. Guy Laramee. Michael Lee. M - R. Nikki McClure: Paper Cuts. Lorraine Nam - Cut Paper Artist. Interview: Jeff Nishinaka - Relief Paper Sculpture Artist. Los Angeles native Jeff Nishinaka is a relief paper sculpture artist who has a stunning array of work that needless to say can blow anyone away.

Interview: Jeff Nishinaka - Relief Paper Sculpture Artist

His portfolio spans a wide range including Bloomingdale’s, Sprint, Visa, Penn State University, Paramount Pictures and Coca Cola. Over the years he has found various techniques in how to manipulate and bend paper to make these magnificent masterpieces. I’m really happy to have him featured on our site since he is one of my favorite paper artists! Also be sure to check out the videos of the artist in action!

Tell us a little about your background –and what path led you to what you’re doing now? What have been some favorite recent projects/clients/collaborations? How would you describe your creative process, start to finish? How long did it take for you to master your technique? What does a typical day at work involve for you? What is a source of inspiration that is not art/design related? What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Yusuke Oono: 360 Degree Christmas Book Panorama. Stunning 360 degree christmas book panorama by Japanese artist yusuke oono… Yusuke Oono | via Spoon & Tamago Magnifique livre de Noël panorama à 360 degrés par l’artiste japonais Yusuke Oono…

Yusuke Oono: 360 Degree Christmas Book Panorama

Paper Art. To the Power Of – Jen Stark Paper artist Jen Stark is about to open her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, titled To the Power Of.

Paper Art

The exhibition opens today September 28 and takes place at Martha Otero Gallery. Paper Art by Lisa Rodden. S - Z. Matt Shlian - Paper Sculptures. Bert Simons - Paper Portraits. Mr.I.Opstelten Rozemarijn Lucassen Harry Hamelink self portrait / clone cardboard girl papercraft anatomy head various.

Bert Simons - Paper Portraits

Fideli Sundqvist - Amazing Paper Seafood. Gerry Stormer Gallery Of Origamic Architecture. Virtual Gallery of Origamic Architecture 3-D Pop-up Greeting Cards & Paper Sculptures by Gerry Stormer Hello and welcome to my gallery. I hope you enjoy your visit. Unless otherwise stated, all the cards on this site are from pattern books by Masahiro Chatani and/or Keiko Nakazawa and/or Takaaki Kihara. Pictures Black and white images photographed by Carl Uetz....Thanks Carl!!! Click on pictures to view larger image. Richard Sweeney - Paper Sculptor. Suzy Taylor - Cut Paper Artist.

Art Portfolio for Eric Testroete. Paper Animals By Anna-Wili Highfield « Made In Slant. By Eyeswoon, on June 26th, 2012 Wolf, 2012, 70cm x 40cm x 40cm.