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Paddling the Learning Pool – 8 Tools That Changed My Teaching. There’s a lot going on.

Paddling the Learning Pool – 8 Tools That Changed My Teaching

Educators seem overloaded with initiatives and expectations. Students appear weighed down by assessment and intervention. Open University Innovations Report #1. The series of reports explores new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world, to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation.

Open University Innovations Report #1

View the Innovating Pedagogy report. This third report proposes ten innovations that are already in currency but have not yet had a profound influence on education. You can see a summary of each innovation at the menu on the right. Bloglovin, a design-conscious RSS meets Tumblr, gets Betaworks investment. When Mattias Swenson, Patrik Ring and their three co-founders first decided to launch a startup out of high school, the plan was to work on it for a year and then move on with their lives.

Bloglovin, a design-conscious RSS meets Tumblr, gets Betaworks investment

Growing up in Stockholm, they said, they didn’t know of anyone else who gave up university for entrepreneurship. But more than five years later, they’re still at it. And their startup Bloglovin, which is something like a visual RSS reader meets Tumblr for the entire blogosphere, is poised for a new level of growth. Health, Social & Childcare. Health, Social & Childcare. Interesting Ways. The Interesting Ways series continues to be a great example of crowdsourcing good quality classroom ideas and it has been a privilege connecting with all of the people who have taken time to add an idea.

Interesting Ways

It is remarkable what can be achieved and created together if you give people the right way to do it. Thanks for all the help so far. Interesting Ways to… Use Google Tools. The Design Thinking School. Design Thinking can be a powerful vehicle for deeper learning of content, more divergent thinking and building the thinking skills capacity of learners.

The Design Thinking School

Key to the process's success in learning, is that it provides the platform for learners to become problem finders. At a time when design thinking tends to come across as "shop" class and post-it notes, NoTosh have spent four years developing medium- and long-term professional development programmes with schools around the world, which marry design and education research with classroom practices that work in any part of curriculum. We've seen schools increase student engagement, content coverage and attainment thanks to the challenging way we frame design thinking and formative assessment, together, as a vehicle for creative and robust learning. What is design thinking? In schools, we use design thinking as a framework onto which we hang specific thinking skills to achieve specific learning tasks. Digital Media & Learning. MoTEL Academy. Welcome to Mobile Technology Enhanced Learning In a world were technology underpins communication and collaboration it is imperative that we equip our learners with the skills and confidence to effectively utilise technology throughout their lives.

MoTEL Academy

This portal aims to facilitate continuous professional development for mobile technologies. Showcase/Best Practice Technology Enhanced Learning Blogs. Learning Innovation. HandheldLearning’s Presentations on SlideShare. Di Dawson - About Di. Hi.

Di Dawson - About Di

I’m Di Dawson – an independent trainer and consultant who can help you with all manners of e-learning, pedagogical advice for successful online training and I can advise how to use mobile technologies for teaching or training. Why not browse the topics for Learn and Lunch sessions – pick up a new skill in just 15 minutes or if you need to get started with e-learning , as a cost effective way to deliver training to your staff. And if you want a refresher train the trainer course or wish to learn skills to become an online trainer or to be able to deliver webinars or virtual classrooms then do talk to me.

I’m also quite knowledgeable about ITQ. The main page of Village e-Learning Consultancy. David Sugden proprietor. David Sugden email. Celebrating and transforming learning at Leeds City College. E-Learning Stuff. Course: Learner Support in using Technology in Learning. Free technology teacher training videos for teachers. Donald Clark Plan B. Learning, Innovation and Society. Futurelab. Home. FE Connect. Innov8lcc's Blog.