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The main page of Village e-Learning Consultancy. David Sugden proprietor. David Sugden email Learning Technologies The Most Awesome 450-Page Presentation Ever. A First Look At Cornell’s New NYC Tech Campus 484 Views 0 Likes New York City has always been one of the world's largest hubs for innovation. Cornell University, however, has been a bit too far away from the city to take full advantage. 5 Things Google Wants You To Know About World Teachers’ Day 5.45K Views 0 Likes It's World Teachers' Day tomorrow and that means teachers around the globe should be honored and shown the respect they truly deserve.

Reading on the iPad for the Little Ones Generating a love of reading is one of those gifts that benefit a child throughout their whole life. These apps and storybooks are a couple of ways that you can use the iPad to develop this passion. Some are beautiful illustrated others have cool narrative while some just use the touch and swipe technology in a new way. Check out a couple of these titles the next time you want to get a kid into reading. Babel the King: $4.49 AU Babel is a fascinating and entertaining story. Adventures of BB and Sam: $0.99 AU BB and Sam have never left the sleepy little town where they were born, but that is about to change! Lullatales - Puss in Boots: $0.99 AU Marvelous stories and excellent form. Hide run Growl: FREE Creative animation and audio bring to life this story of friendship and helping one another, this app will suit the learning abilities of children from ages 2-7. Pango Book 1 and 2: FREE Funny adventures, animated stories, brightly coloured drawings and sweet characters. Play Tales: FREE

Di Dawson - About Di Hi. I’m Di Dawson – an independent trainer and consultant who can help you with all manners of e-learning, pedagogical advice for successful online training and I can advise how to use mobile technologies for teaching or training. Why not browse the topics for Learn and Lunch sessions – pick up a new skill in just 15 minutes or if you need to get started with e-learning , as a cost effective way to deliver training to your staff. And if you want a refresher train the trainer course or wish to learn skills to become an online trainer or to be able to deliver webinars or virtual classrooms then do talk to me. I’m also quite knowledgeable about ITQ. Content creation is something I enjoy doing – using Articulate Storyline or Xerte. I’m happy to have a Skype chat about what you need in terms of training or content creation.

Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles 10 Education Blogs You Should Know About What’s the one thing that is making you read this post right now? Are you looking for interesting classroom technology, current trends in edtech, or just trying to have a laugh? That’s what Edudemic offers on a daily basis but we have a slew of other friends out there who you should know about as well. We haven’t included ourselves on this list since you’re reading this on Edudemic and already a HUGE fan I’m sure. Want to let us know about your site? Launched in 2004, this Washington DC-based daily online publication dishes daily news and analysis from college to university level in the US. The blogger has himself been a teacher for eight years and Richard Bryne is now hell-bent on sharing stuff that can help teachers make their classes interactive. Launched by a journalist Tina Barseghian who is also the mother of a grade-schooler, this blog is another innovative step towards learning through technology. Linking and thinking on education by Joanne Jacobs:

Load Up Your iPad with a Massive Library of Over 38,000 Free eBooks The iPad is a great device to read on, and if your digital library is feeling a little bare then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found some of the best places to get free ebooks, ready to be downloaded and opened with iBooks on your shiny new iPad (or iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Nook, or Android, for that matter). Project Gutenberg Top 100 – Full of classics, if you’re only going to visit one source for free ebooks, Gutenberg should be it. They have over 38,000 free ebooks available, and their top 100 list is basically a mirror of the Western Canon of literature. Gutenberg is probably the best source online, but other sites offer free ebooks too: If you download the books onto a Mac or PC, emailing them to an iPad or iPhone is generally the easiest way to transfer them over quickly without syncing. Know any other quality sources for free ebooks?

Donald Clark Plan B The 21st century pedagogy teachers should be aware of Interpersonal learning , personalized learning, second life learning , 3d learning, collaborative learning and virtual learning , these are just some of the few buzz words you would be be reading so often in today’s educational literature. Things have changed , old methods and pedagogies are no longer relevant. The teacher-controlled learning where pre-constructed information is presented in a formal and standardized classroom settings becomes very obsolete. The urgent questions we should , as educators , ask ourselves are : what are the driving factors behind this huge transformation in learning ? and Do we need a new pedagogy to better enhance learning ? Advancements in technology and particularly social networking technologies are changing the whole educational framework . It is evident now that we are in front of two different versions of learner one is labeleed the the 20th century learning and the second is called the 21st century learning. 20th century and 21st century teachers

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