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Awesome Chemistry!!!

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Phenomena for NGSS. The Connected Chemistry Curriculum. Project Search. Create & Find Free Multimedia Lessons. Make mobile learning awesome!

Create & Find Free Multimedia Lessons

Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! Create & Find Free Multimedia Lessons. Using Phenomena in NGSS. Anchor Design Problems March2016. NGSS Assessment Portal. How to test Rochelle salt piezoelectric crystal. Needing some piezoelectric crystals I decided to make some rochelle salt crystals.

How to test Rochelle salt piezoelectric crystal

I've detailed the steps on my how to make rochelle salt crystals page. Once I had a crystal I then proceeded to test its piezoelectricity as detailed below. Note that this test procedure can be used with pretty much any type of piezoelectric crystal. High School Domains Model Course 1: Chemistry. Skip to main content High School Domains Model Course 1: Chemistry This Chemistry model course map is the first in a three-year course sequence that uses a customized version of the Modified High School Domains Model from NGSS Appendix K as the instructional year end goals.

High School Domains Model Course 1: Chemistry

Course Summary and Flowchart Bundle 1 Bundle 2. Online Labs for schools - Developed by Amrita University and CDAC Online Lab.

Bundle 1 "Where do different elements come from?"

Bundle 2 "Chemical Reactions" Bundle 3 "The Flow of energy" Bundle 4 "The Materials We Need" Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files. 5E Model. Next Generation Science Standards. Phenomena are an essential part of implementing the NGSS.

Next Generation Science Standards

But what are phenomena, and how can they be used? This brief resource about phenomena was developed for educators, and describes how phenomena can be used in NGSS classrooms to drive teaching and learning. In addition, the three minute video interview below with Brian Reiser introduces phenomena and their connection to the NGSS and three-dimensional learning: Criteria for Evaluating a Phenomenon. Databases - Oak Harbor High School Library. Anchor Design Problems March2016. Using Phenomena in NGSS. Ed and Periodic Videos. Collaboration between classes... physics and chemistry. From the Flinn Lab: Freezing by Boiling.

Resources for 3D approach