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Photography | Photoshop | Lightroom | Video | Tutorials | Reviews Founded in March of 2007 The Digital Photography Connection was formed to share our passion of Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography with a world wide community. Our goal was to produce Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photograhy video tutorials that would help assist photographers of all skill levels pursue their passion of photography. Our video tutorials cover Adobe Photoshop versions CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and now CC. Photography | Photoshop | Lightroom | Video | Tutorials | Reviews
Learning about Typography part 4 Typography is such a big part of design, and yet it can be daunting and scary and passed over by us as designers because we just are not really aware of the rules and what to do. Cameron Chapman has done a series of wonderful articles that I came across that I wanted to share the links with you so that you and I can become better type practitioners. So make sure you go over to and check out this final article in the series and then maybe follow some of the links that Cameron has provided to learn even more. Learning Center – CS4

Learning Center – CS4

100 Best Photoshop Tutorials of All Time that Yield Professional Results

Photoshop tutorials are one of the most popular subjects on the web, as the digital art community continues to grow and new designers bring their unique skills. However, quality Photoshop tutorials that teach you a useful effect, have a quality finished result and are well explained are harder to find, and with the large number of tutorial sites available, it can be hard to sort the quality from the mundane. In this massive roundup, we’ve collected the top 100 best Photoshop tutorials that have ever been created, that yield professional results, teach you a useful effect, are well explained, and will have you designing like a pro in no time. These tutorials are collected from niche tutorial sites around the web, and range in age from creation in 2008 to a few tutorials that were created just last week. So, if you think you’ve seen all there is to see from Photoshop, guess again and check out this post. 100 Best Photoshop Tutorials of All Time that Yield Professional Results
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