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Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education / Apprenticeship standards. Sine Rule missing sides - Corbettmaths. Robot decorator makes its debut. How to invite external person to microsoft teams meeting. How to use Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams. Bookshelf: Spon's Architects' and Builders' Price Book 2018. Remote Working Guides for Staff: How to use Assignments in Teams.

Remote Working Guides for Staff: Adding Private Channels to Microsoft Teams. How to Create a Quick Poll in Microsoft Teams. Trigonometry in Excel. Understanding legislation. Start here - Training design - Cathy Moore. Gilly Salmon - Gilly Salmon Website. Design Thinking for Educators. Tools + Resources – Design Thinking for Museums. 18F Design Methods Cards18F is a civic consultancy inside US government that enables federal agencies to rapidly deploy digital tools and services.

Tools + Resources – Design Thinking for Museums

The 18F Design Method Cards introduce research and design methods for quick, comparatively low-cost user research. Circular Design Guide Developed by IDEO and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this design thinking guide encourages the application of “circular” principles to design. These circular principles include a focus on processes that move beyond the traditional “take, make, and dispose” model to approaches that are renewal, regenerative, and less wasteful.

Offsite Ready. Image Hotspots. Property survey for home buyers survey – Video 4 of 9. Creating 360˚ virtual tours. Using H5P, one of the tools available on Gateway (Moodle, our VLE), you can easily create 360˚ virtual tours: a collection of 360˚ photos, which you can add texts, videos, pictures, links and multiple choice questions to.

Creating 360˚ virtual tours

A 360˚ photo is a photograph which allows you to look in each direction. Virtual soil, air and water tour An example 360˚ virtual tour, developed by Dr. Felicity Crotty and Chantal Schipper for Catalyst module “4410 Making a positive impact on the natural environment and rural economy”, can be tried out via the link below: Creating a virtual tour is surprisingly easy to do. A smartphone with the free Google Streetview app installedA tripod with smartphone grip (can be borrowed from ITS if needed)The H5P virtual tour content builder, which is already available on Gateway (our Moodle Virtual Learning Environment – VLE)

Home. Staying Safe with the Safety 8 Doodly. Microsoft Word 2016 Formula tips and tricks. Drawing a standard cross section - CDR2212. Building a House: The Step-by-Step Guide. Knowing what’s involved when building a house on site is essential if you are planning on acting as your own project manager or building on a DIY basis.

Building a House: The Step-by-Step Guide

You will need to understand the stages involved so you can make sure you have the correct trades and materials on site at the right time and make sure everyone is sticking to the schedule. This guide will explain the process of building a house (and lists the smaller tasks included in each stage), from clearing the site and laying the foundations through to decorating and snagging. Building an Extension: A Beginner's Guide. This beginner’s guide to building an extension covers everything you need to know before you start.

Building an Extension: A Beginner's Guide

From what to design to getting plans passed, from working out your budget to the trades and build – it pays to know what building an extension involves. After all, you’ll be investing financially and emotionally in building an extension so you want the build to go as smoothly as it can do! How to Rank Items Using Excel RANK Functions. What is Construction Management? The Six Professionals in the Construction Value Chain.

Disability charity Scope UK. Construction And Disability. In the construction industry people with disabilities cannot be discriminated against – and employers have much to gain from taking on a diverse workforce.

Construction And Disability

Beneficial to all A diverse workforce brings benefits to both the employee and the employer. For people with disabilities, a job in construction can provide a great career for life. Meanwhile, the industry gains a diverse workforce of highly respected employees who are skilled at what they do – and will often be very loyal to a good employer. Here we take a closer look at the subject. Telling the boss Should a person with a disability tell their boss about it? Although an employee with a disability is not obliged to disclose their disability to their employer, if they do, they are protected under the Equality Act 2010. Russell Stannard (Teacher Training Videos) Using Biggs' Model of Constructive Alignment in Curriculum Design/Introduction. The main theoretical underpinning of the outcomes-based curriculum is provided by Biggs (2003).

Using Biggs' Model of Constructive Alignment in Curriculum Design/Introduction

He calls the model constructive alignment which he defines as: …coherence between assessment, teaching strategies and intended learning outcomes in an educational programme. (McMahon & Thakore 2006) As currently articulated, the model is attributed to Biggs (2003, 1999) but the essentials were formulated by Tyler (1949) some 50 years earlier - and elaborated in the 1980s by Shuell (1986). At its most basic, the model requires alignment between the three key areas of the curriculum, namely, the intended learning outcomes, what the student does in order to learn, how the student is assessed.

Teaching and Learning Toolkit. Young's Modulus of Copper - PRACTICAL - A Level Physics. Tensile Test. Why choose offsite construction? RIBA Plan of Work. The RIBA Plan of Work organises the process of briefing, designing, constructing and operating building projects into eight stages and explains the stage outcomes, core tasks and information exchanges required at each stage.

RIBA Plan of Work

Guidance in the RIBA Plan of Work 2020 Overview is based on nearly seven years of feedback, gathered by the RIBA, from the construction industry. How to draw isometric circles. BK WASTE MANAGEMENT (@BKSKIPHIRE) Pre-application advice for residents. Contents Important announcement Changes to development management advice From 1 July 2016, we will no longer be able to maintain the current free duty officer appointments and a fee will be applied for all Preliminary application (pre-app) advice and general planning enquiries.

Pre-application advice for residents

This includes telephone calls, emails and all other correspondence relating to development proposals. Details of the new pre-app charges. Do I need planning permission to build? This is usually the first question we are asked when someone wants to carry out development work at their property. Changes to permitted development rights Legislative changes have introduced new procedures for some single storey householder extensions, this legislation relates to larger single storey rear extensions: Important points: The new changes require that applicants submit a prior notification application with a basic level of information for the application to be determined by the local planning authority. Permission in principle. English application fees. Out buildings 2014. Search the List - Find listed buildings. Construction - Health and safety for the construction industry.

Roof structure summary. Roof Vents & Loft Ventilation Techniques - Why Vent an Attic. Guardian Tek Home Extension. Kitchen Extension London. Approved Documents.