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Religious Studies

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Eduqas Digital Educational Resources. GCSE Religious Studies Buddhism knowledge organisers Religious Studies GCSE Religious Studies Route B Component 1 - knowledge organisers GCSE Religious Studies Christianity - knowledge organisers AS Level Philosophy - knowledge organisers Judaism - revision activities Christianity - revision activities Revision Questionnaire - A level Revision Questionnaires - AS level GCSE Religious Studies A Study Of World Faith - Sikhism Revision Checklist A Study Of World Faith - Hinduism Revision Checklist Eduqas Route B Component 2 Applied Catholic Theology A Study Of Foundational Catholic Theology Revision Checklist A Study Of World Faith - Buddhism Revision Checklist GCSE RS Philosophy and ethics - knowledge organisers GCSE Religious Studies Judaism - knowledge organisers Route A Component 1 content (from a Christian perspective)

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Y12 Component 1 Christianity. Y12 Component 2 Philosophy of Religion. Y12 Component 3 Religion and Ethics. KeyWords Xianity. Philosophy Glossary. Ethics Glossary. Y13 Component 1: Christianity. Y13 Component 2: Philosophy of Religion. Y13 Component 3: Religion and Ethics. General Links. RS Past Questions. Aeon. Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd (Australian Business Number 80 612 076 614).


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Religions & Beliefs. Improving Analysis & Evaluation. Religious Studies Induction. Assessments. GENERAL. Textbooks - Quizzes, Answers, Glossaries, Scholars & Quotes. Y13 Assessed Work. Year 13 Workplace. Year 12 Workplace. Oxford A Level Religious Studies for OCR: A Level and AS: Christianity ... - Libby Ahluwalia. Aquinas 101 — Aquinas 101. We all ask questions about life: Who are we?

Aquinas 101 — Aquinas 101

Who is God? What is wisdom and how do we pursue it? And the world can seem chaotic—full of uncertainty and mystery. In a sea of conflicting voices and opinions it can be hard to chart a course. We need a navigator; someone who can point us towards true north and guide us along the way. In this endeavor, many who have gone before us have looked to St.

Religious Studies - DILA

Arts and Humanities Summer School. Our Summer School is designed for students coming to the end of their first year of Level 3 study (eg.

Arts and Humanities Summer School

Y12 in A-Levels, or the end of Year 1 in College). Sessions will give a taste of first year study at University and will showcase some of the exciting things about studying a degree across our Faculty of Arts & Humanities. Some will be specifically designed to enhance subject knowledge and skills, with further workshops offered on Student Finance and UCAS applications.

Students have the opportunity to stay overnight in our on-campus student accommodation, attend stimulating lectures and workshops, spend time with our own undergraduate students, tour the historic city of Chester, and see all our state-of the-art facilities. The Summer School is designed to raise aspirations for University study and will be of particular interest to students undertaking Level 3 studies in at least one of these subjects: The importance of a single word. – RE with Mrs McGee. As a GCSE examiner and classroom teacher I often despair when students fail to answer the question.

The importance of a single word. – RE with Mrs McGee

This is especially painful to see when it is clear that a student has revised but they have simply chosen the wrong information or presented it in the wrong way. There are lots of suggested strategies that could address this such as using words from the question or statement in linking sentences at the end or start of each paragraph. Our A level students use thesis statements as suggested by Charlotte Vardy. We also encourage our students to BUG the question. I think it is wise to get students in their linking sentences , conclusions and thesis statements to focus on the hinge words in the question.

For example the Eduqas GCSE RE exam of 2018 contained the following part D.

RS Revision Sheets

How to revise.