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News and Features — Fair Education Alliance. I’m happy to be charged with naïve optimism.

News and Features — Fair Education Alliance

Defined as practical action in the service of others to create positive change, social action exists to communicate and work towards the best possible world. “#iwill…”, however one chooses to finish their statement, resembles a commitment to act and contribute. Your pledge, whatever it is, enables you to do three things. One: take pride in your passion. Two: to articulate how you intend to apply yourself in pursuit of the change you want to see. Engaging in social action is one very good means through which we can adjust and stay attuned to the many challenges our society faces. I know that everybody believes in something enough to want to change it or make the situation better. It only takes one encounter with the right person to change somebody’s fortunes overnight. We must never cease in our attempts to connect in education: subject to subject, person to person, business to business, business to school and so on.

Why? John Krajewski's Blog - Augmenting the Classroom: What Education Needs to Learn from Pokemon Go. Such a use of the classroom space is unfortunate, because there is essentially no richer and more interesting space to design a game for than the classroom environment.

John Krajewski's Blog - Augmenting the Classroom: What Education Needs to Learn from Pokemon Go

It’s a game designer’s dream space: You have an instant group of friends playing the game, where everyone knows each other. They physically gather and meet every weekday. There’s an experienced guide invested in their success whom they interact with several hours per day. They all have access to the same level of hardware, internet connectivity, and similar schedules to play together. Trying to make a game go viral and spread to a player’s friends is the goal of so many entertainment games. Moving Towards Virtual Field-Trips For technology to truly take advantage of the unique and rich environment of the classroom, we need to build virtual field-trips. Education is currently very focused on teaching students the ‘how’, even at the expense of them grasping the ‘why’. Our Approach. The Minecraft Generation. How Democracy 3 is simulating African politics. What happens when you turn 10th grade into an RPG? Learning Doesn't Stop At Three O'Clock Tools. Interactive Game Editors.

ICT Resources. iPhysics - Interactive Simulations of Physics and Physical Science Experiments, Plickers - Clickers, Simplified. Game-based blended learning & classroom response system. Free Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans & Worksheets – Promethean Planet.

ClassFlow. ClassFlow — Do More with Your Flipcharts. ClassFlow is the all-in-one teaching tool for creating & orchestrating interactive multi-media lessons across a connected learning environment.

ClassFlow — Do More with Your Flipcharts

ClassFlow won the Tech & Learning ISTE Best of Show Award this year and received 2014 commendations from prestigious organizations such as the SIIA and The ComputED Gazette. With ClassFlow You Can... Bring Your Classroom Devices to Life Deliver interactive multi-media lessons throughout your connected classroom. Gain Real-Time Insight and Feedback Receive real-time insight into student learning and progress through rich interactive polls and formative assessments.

Differentiate Instruction and Assessment Assign different content to different groups and administer self-paced, leveled assignments. Use One Single Platform for Creating and Storing Your Interactive Multi-Media Lessons See What Others Are Saying "@ClassFlow I imported sorting flipchart today. "Seriously science lesson done in 15 mins! Cloud-based Teaching & Learning Platform for Teachers & Administrators. WeAreTeachers - Get Lesson Plans - Teacher Grants - Teaching Resources and More.

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