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Luke Chueh
Dana&#039;s Virtual Museum of Unusual LP Cover Art I'm a sucker for a bizarre cover, a great cheesecake cover or something that just plain is so cool that you know you'll never see it again. I have to snap these up. Partly because I want to archive as many of these kinds of covers as I can, before they disappear forever. They don't make 'em anymore, you know. The other reason is that these big 12" X 12" pieces of art really are just that -- art. Dana&#039;s Virtual Museum of Unusual LP Cover Art
Nice watch! Terry Ayres, “Love Music”, Carpathian #CA-7801 buy this record at GEMM BizarreRecords.com BizarreRecords.com
Art MoCo: &quot;The World&quot; Art MoCo: &quot;The World&quot; Christopher (or C.K.) Wilde is a collagist who creates with currency. Wilde painstakingly cuts various shapes out of paper money from around the world to form collages with economic and political undertones and overlays.
What would you say if I told you that I filled my entire living room with completely original works of art for less than $300? We're not talking kid's stuff - no crayon drawings, no attempts at self-expression. Art by real and struggling artists, both schooled and self-taught? You'd tell me that I am truly a brilliant shopper, right? But is it ART? But is it ART?
TOP 40 best Sand Sculptures (40 pics) (//STATiC)
Cuban Posters A blog about Cuban Posters from ICAIC, OSPAAAL, COR, Casa de las Americas and other cultural, political and social agencies in Cuba Sunday, 29 September 2013 Hiroshima - Unknown 1972 This is another great poster from OSPAAAL using simple pop art graphics, in this case by an unknown artist, to recall the bombing of Hiroshima in August 1945 by the American forces. Cuban Posters Cuban Posters
Film Poster Paintings from Ghana In the 1980s video cassette technology made it possible for “mobile cinema” operators in Ghana to travel from town to town and village to village creating temporary cinemas. The touring film group would create a theatre by hooking up a TV and VCR onto a portable generator and playing the films for the people to see. In order to promote these showings, artists were hired to paint large posters of the films (usually on used canvas flour sacks). Film Poster Paintings from Ghana
No 5th graders were drunk in the making of this video. CALLING IN DRUNK (S5E5) featuring MaxNoSleeves. Subscribe to Calling In Drunk! https://www.youtube.com/CallingInDrunk Calling In Drunk follows Sarah (gay) and Loryn (blonde) as they drink and film 8 episodes, all in 1 day. Watch them get progressively drunker as the season goes on!

Blow Me Away

Blow Me Away
Launch trailer for Hitman GO, a wonderfully odd looking iOS game. 23 things you didn't know about Ford Mustangs. FotA and former Guest Editor, Mike Sacks, has just gotten a publication date for his follow up to And Here's the Kicker, his hit book about comedians and their writing process: Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today's Top Comedy Writers. Coudal Partners Coudal Partners

Colossal | art + design

Colossal | art + design Remember Summertime Scrap Tires Sailing Hay Bales
unurth - street art Unurth - How long have you been working on this project/show?Bumblebee - The past 2 years I've been creating murals specific to the region of Los Angeles in an attempt to bring awareness to youth homelessness. This show titled, 'Bee Yourself', explores these murals I've created around the city. You will see some familiar images as well as some works that never made it on the streets. U - Use one word to describe your favorite piece in the show.B - Animated

unurth - street art

Lighting the Fuse
hey oh alphabet street
This article should come in handy for the next time you're stuck in traffic: have you ever wondered why the Audi in front of you has a logo of four interlocked rings? Did you know that the Cadillac emblem was inspired by a family crest of a nobleman who later turned out to be a fraud? Or that Volkswagen was Hitler's idea? We took a look at the evolution of tech logos before. Evolution of Car Logos
How to Read a Painting Art is a great status symbol in modern society and because of that it can be quite intimidating to the casual viewer. For many the first impulse is to blow it off, to see it as a worthless plaything for the rich and boring. This is too bad, not only because art can be a great source of pleasure in our lives, but because even a passing acquaintance with art can enrich and deepen our understanding of the world around us.
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