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Andrew Perfors. If you think what fictional characters say is unrealistic, try my family's real-world conversations. People really say crazy, implausible, ridiculous things—more often than you might think. Human Systems In Action. ©2004, Gerald M.

Human Systems In Action

Weinberg, Late one summer, I was called in to help an IT client learn to work better with their customers. I don’t ordinarily travel in the summer, but this sounded like a real emergency, one where I had to be on the scene to calm down both parties. Untitled. Pictish language. Extinct language spoken by the Picts Pictish is the extinct language spoken by the Picts, the people of eastern and northern Scotland from the late Iron Age to the Early Middle Ages.

Pictish language

Virtually no direct attestations of Pictish remain, short of a limited number of geographical and personal names found on monuments and the contemporary records in the area controlled by the kingdoms of the Picts. Such evidence, however, points to the language being an Insular Celtic language related to the Brittonic language spoken prior to Anglo-Saxon settlement in what is now southern Scotland, England, and Wales. The prevailing view in the second half of the 20th century was that Pictish was a non-Indo-European language isolate, predating a Gaelic colonisation of Scotland or that a non-Indo-European Pictish and Brittonic Pictish language coexisted.

This is now a minority view, if not completely abandoned. Joseph Jordania. We ask you, humbly: don't scroll away.

Joseph Jordania

Hi, reader in Canada, it seems you use Wikipedia a lot; that's great! This is the 8th appeal we've shown you. Rebecca Gomez.


ANAGRAMATRON. Recursion. Language Log » Why "deep learning" (sort of) works. « previous post | next post » A recent SMBC implicitly calls Aristotelian taxonomies into question: Mouseover title: "Like look at these leaves. 14 oakitudes, minimum.

Language Log » Why "deep learning" (sort of) works

" Future Language. "Dr.

Future Language

On the Existence of Powerful Natural Languages · Designed for­mal nota­tions & dis­tinct vocab­u­lar­ies are often employed in STEM fields, and these spe­cial­ized lan­guages are cred­ited with greatly enhanc­ing research & com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

On the Existence of Powerful Natural Languages ·

Many philoso­phers and other thinkers have attempted to cre­ate more gen­er­al­ly-ap­plic­a­ble designed lan­guages for use out­side of spe­cific tech­ni­cal fields to enhance human think­ing, but the empir­i­cal track record is poor and no such designed lan­guage has demon­strated sub­stan­tial improve­ments to human cog­ni­tion such as resist­ing cog­ni­tive biases or log­i­cal fal­lac­i­es. I sug­gest that the suc­cess of spe­cial­ized lan­guages in fields is inher­ently due to encod­ing large amounts of pre­vi­ous­ly-dis­cov­ered infor­ma­tion spe­cific to those fields, and this explains their inabil­ity to boost human cog­ni­tion across a wide vari­ety of domains. I would have to say that the answer appears to be no. This is a linguistics controversy. Now there are two of them. There are two ____.

Words. Mema Interretialia. Ricardus - Hyde & Rugg. Untitled. Children Are Using Emoji for Digital-Age Language Learning. Ńdébé : A Modern Ìgbò Script. THE LANGUAGE USED IN TALKING TO DOMESTIC ANIMALS - BOLTON - 1897 - American Anthropologist - Wiley Online Library. Dunn2013. Yanyuwa. Sounds like something out of an English-language textbook.


It sounds entirely American to me. The United States is perhaps the lowest-context culture that has ever existed, and I conjecture that such complex rituals are needed to overcome the barriers of misunderstanding and, yes, hostility. The people with the most complex rituals are soldiers, who need a process to make sure they shoot only the enemy and not each other. “Jaw, jaw is better than war, war.” Yenish language. Components[edit] The Yenish vocabulary contains many words of Romani and Yiddish (and through this route, Hebrew) origin; it also has many unusual metaphors and metonomies that replace the standard German words.

Yenish language

The relationship between Yenish and standard German is comparable to the relationship between Cockney or Polari and standard English. Some original Yeniche words have become parts of standard German.


Animal communication. Semantics. Historical. Syntax. Phonetics. How does language emerge? New study provides insights into the first steps. How did the almost 6000 languages of the world come into being?

How does language emerge? New study provides insights into the first steps

Researchers from the Leipzig Research Centre for Early Childhood Development at Leipzig University and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have tried to simulate the process of developing a new communication system in an experiment -- with surprising results: even preschool children can spontaneously develop communication systems that exhibit core properties of natural language. How the languages of the world emerged is largely a mystery. Considering that it might have taken millennia, it is intriguing to see how deaf people can create novel sign languages spontaneously.

Observations have shown that when deaf strangers are brought together in a community, they come up with their own sign language in a considerably short amount of time. The most famous example of this is Nicaraguan Sign Language, which emerged in the 1980s. How does a language emerge? Gadsby: Wikip dias Lost Lipogram.