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Kaden Klingbeil Architekten — E3. © Bernd Borchardt .

Kaden Klingbeil Architekten — E3

Published on September 20, 2013. 7-storey wooden structure residential building in Esmarchstrasse 3 Berlin. Zeller & Moye Designs "Flower Terraces" Housing in Ruichang. Mexico City and Berlin-based Zeller & Moye has won the international competition MOLEWA (Mount Lu Estate of World Architecture) to design new housing in Ruichang.

Zeller & Moye Designs "Flower Terraces" Housing in Ruichang

Organized by UIA (Unión Internacional de Arquitectos) and Hua Yan Group, the competition received entries from more than 40 countries. With an "innovative housing design that sets new standards in low-energy use," Zeller & Moye's "Flower Terraces" will be built in the heart of the circular Chinese city by 2016. Read on to learn more about the competition-winning project. From the architects: Referring to traditional Chinese housing motifs, the Flower Terraces arrange living areas as individual volumes around green outdoor spaces.

The individually shaped apartments let the residents sense that they live in a unique "house," rather than a numbered unit along a corridor. Architecture.


Hawkins\Brown, Studio Egret West, Grant Associates — Park Hill. © Daniel Hopkinson.

Hawkins\Brown, Studio Egret West, Grant Associates — Park Hill

Published on October 07, 2011. The regeneration of the Park Hill estate is a collaboration between developers Urban Splash, Sheffield City Council, Great Places Housing Group, English Heritage and the Homes and Communities Agency with architects Hawkins\Brown and Studio Egret West and landscape architects Grant Associates. The original scheme, comprising 995 flats on a 32-acre estate, dates from 1957-61 and was designed by Jack Lynn and Ivor Smith working with J. L. Womersley of Sheffield Corporation City Architectʼs Department. The building celebrates its 50th anniversary with the unveiling of the four show apartments in one of the siteʼs four blocks.

The building is historically important as one of Britainʼs first completed schemes of post-war slum clearance and the most ambitious inner-city development of its time. . © Keith Collie. Markus Pernthaler — Messequartier Graz. © Paul Ott .

Markus Pernthaler — Messequartier Graz

Published on April 02, 2013. The „Messequartier“- housing project represents an essential contribution to the issues of living in city’s centres and their re-densification. Highest quality in urbanistic, architectural and functional terms has been achieved through a well-balanced mix of functions and the regard to latest ecological standards. Saigon House / a21studio. Architects Location Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Area 3x15m Project Year 2015 Photographs From the architect.

Saigon House / a21studio

Regard authentique p3 - Immeuble villa caché - ampuqàm. Page précédente Cas d'étude 2 : L'immeuble villa de Le CorbusierConstruction commémorative d’un projet théorique.

Regard authentique p3 - Immeuble villa caché - ampuqàm

Contexte initial : Né en 1922, ce projet théorique, jamais réalisé d’immeubles-villas est une composante importante des recherches de Le Corbusier et son cousin Pierre Jeanneret sur la superposition des logements et le jumelage des maisons verticales. Immaginé en 1922 pour le salon d’Automne, ce projet lui sert d’abord de maillon pour compléter une démonstration qui articule sa maison Citrohan. Le Corbusier et Pierre Jeanneret travaillent alors à l’élaboration d’un plan type standardisé, qui serait le résultat de différentes transformations de l’habitat en série mais aussi de la machine à habiter dans le monde de la consommation.

Valeur historique : Le projet théorique de l'immeuble villa fait preuve d'une grande innovation spatiale et architecturale. Drawings - Rue de Meaux Housing - Rpf. Models - Rue de Meaux Housing - Rpf. LYCS to Break Ground on Zhejiang Printing Group Headquarters in China. LYCS Architecture has won a competition to design urban headquarters for the Zhejiang Printing Group.

LYCS to Break Ground on Zhejiang Printing Group Headquarters in China

Dubbed “The Corner of Hangzhou,” their proposal is informed by the surrounding cultural context, and the distinctive highrise creates both a habitable thoroughfare and a landmark for the city. Beirut Residential Building / ACCENT DESIGN GROUP. Adjacent to a central transportation artery for the city of Beirut, and situated at the nexus of two urban fabrics, this design negotiates issues of scale, unit diversity, views and zoning regulations.

Beirut Residential Building / ACCENT DESIGN GROUP

Stacked glass boxes emerge from a massing, which is positioned to maximize buildable area. Cantilevering balconies and terraces take their cue from the character of the old urban fabric while creating a vertical neighborhood rich with panoramic views of the downtown, the city and the sea. Shading louvres provide relief from abundant east and west sunlight while creating zones of outdoor privacy and facilitating a green screen. Located at the edge of development and demarcation, the project blurs lines while innovating on the Beirut high-rise typology.

Coop Housing at River Spreefeld / Carpaneto Architekten + Fatkoehl Architekten + BARarchitekten. Architects: Carpaneto Architekten, Fatkoehl Architekten, BARarchitekten Location: Berlin, Germany Collaborators: Die Zusammenarbeiter, Christian Schöning, Angelika Drescher Area: 7400.0 sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: Ute Zscharnt, Daka, Michael Matuschka, Andreas Trogisch, Eric Tschernow, Johannes Dumpe From the architect.

Coop Housing at River Spreefeld / Carpaneto Architekten + Fatkoehl Architekten + BARarchitekten

The Coop Housing is a jointly developed and administered project building upon experience gained from many previous self-made projects. Coop Housing at River Spreefeld / Carpaneto Architekten + Fatkoehl Architekten + BARarchitekten. Vote for Your Favorite Atlanta Bridgescape Proposal. Five finalists have emerged in the Atlanta Bridgescape Competition.

Vote for Your Favorite Atlanta Bridgescape Proposal

The urban design challenge, which was launched earlier this year, sought creative ideas to enhance two existing freeway overpasses in the city’s Midtown and Downtown districts. Now in the competition’s final phase, the finalists have refined their ideas, taking in consideration a budget of up to $3 million for each project. The proposals are now undergoing public review and you are invited to vote for your favorite design as part of the People’s Choice Award.

Read on to review each proposal and find out how to vote. A winner will be announced this Friday, May 15 at the AIA’s 2015 National Convention. Espace Bienvenüe / Jean-Philippe Pargade. Architects: Jean-Philippe Pargade Location: 77420 Marne-la-Vallée, France Architect In Charge: Caroline Rigaldiès Partner: Jean-Pierre Lamache Studies Leader : Christophe Aubergeon, Malika Benzemra, Marco Carvalho, Joana César, Paolo Correia, Jean-Patrick Degrave, Emmanuèle Fiquet, Emilie Guyot, Antoine Hermanowicz, Joon-Ho Lee, Aline Marthon, Natacha Nass, Lucy Niney, Audrey Oster, Maxime Parin, Anne-Sophie Richard, Samuel Rimbault, Vincent Sengel, Ji Yeon Song, Marie Suvéran, Arthur Tanner, Van Hai Vu Area: 35300.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Sergio Grazia, Luc Boegly Construction Site Director: Birgit Eistert Landscape Designer : Besson-Girard Engineering Firm : SNC Lavalin Quantity Surveyor : All trades Client: Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy – Property and Housing actiondelegation Works Budget Excluding Vat: €95 million (2014 value) Usable Floor Area: 24,300 m2 From the architect.

Zaha Hadid Unveils Community-Oriented Housing Project In Monterrey. Zaha Hadid Architects have unveiled their first project in Mexico, a residential development in Monterrey. The country’s third-largest city, Monterrey is a rapidly growing and increasingly important manufacturing and technology center. The project, named “Esfera City Center,” is located to the southwest of Monterrey in the Huajuco Canyon, where it will provide crucial homes in a rapidly expanding part of the city.

Consisting of 981 units from single-person lofts to four-bedroom apartments totaling 137,000 square meters, the design rejects the original brief from the client which called for 12 residential towers, instead opting for a series of long, low-rise blocks which surround a public park, bringing a community focus to the design.

More images and information about the Esfera City Center project after the break. The design responds to its location in the Huajuco Canyon by arranging apartments to reduce solar loads and capture the prevailing winds and cool the buildings’ interiors. NT24 / Aflo Arquitectos. Architects: Aflo Arquitectos Location: Tlaltenango, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico Architect: Andrés Flores Project Year: 2013 Photographs: Rafael Gamo, Marcos Betanzos, Aflo Arquitectos From the architect. From the architects. The site is located in the north of the city of Cuernavaca, enjoying the best climate in the city.

The Tlaltenango colony enjoys excellent location and history, and is now a central point of connection with the city of Cuernavaca and its greater area. Nuevo Tabachin Street is a midpoint of the neighborhood within a canyon with little topography, the perfect place to lay low and to have a better lifestyle. Nueva Tabachin is a concept of contemporary-sustainable lifestyle integrated into a new way of life in cities. The development has 24 loft apartments with leisure features and privileges that many people in Cuernavaca wish for in the future. The apartments are arranged so as to have the greatest amount of natural lighting and ventilation, to optimize power savings.

Tribeca Loft / Andrew Franz Architect. Architects: Andrew Franz Architect Location: New York, NY, USA Area: 3000.0 ft2 Year: 2013 Photographs: Albert Vecerka/Esto Interior Design: Andrew Franz Architect, PLLC Structural Engineer: Blue Shore Engineering, LLC Mep Engineer: A to Z Consulting Engineers, PC Landscaping: Plant Specialists Av Consultant: Precision Home Theater General Contractor: ZZZ Carpentry, Inc. From the architect. In Manhattan’s landmarked Tribeca North area, the 3,000-square-feet top floor and roof of an 1884 caviar warehouse are reconceived as a residence with large open entertaining zones and a fluid connection with the outdoor environment.

Outdoor Connection The residence is transformed by a relocated mezzanine where a sunken interior court with a retractable glass roof connects to the planted green roof garden above. Historic Dialogue. Boeri Studio (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra) — Bosco Verticale. © Paolo Rosselli . Boeri Studio (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra) — Bosco Verticale.

Toni Gironès — Social Housing in Salou. © José Hevia . Published on July 28, 2014. Salou es un municipio que se encuentra en la costa catalana al Sur de la ciudad de Tarragona. Matthieu Gelin & David Lafon — Valenton, rear window. Façade from the garden Courtesy Gelin Lafon Photo by Filip Dujardin. Published on April 18, 2014. How to design a building that generates social ties rather than a social housing building?

How to create an open place that promotes interactions between residents, a place that is fully used while the environment continues to evolve? Guedes Cruz Architects — Alcabideche Social Complex. © Ricardo Oliveira Alves . Published on April 08, 2014. Portugal is not a Mediterranean country, but the fact that it has been conquered by people from the south, Romans and Arabs, has left us with a southern culture and life style, where there is a balance between privacy and life in society. The Alcabideche Social Complex is a housing complex promoted by the Fundação Social do Quadro Bancário (Social Foundation for the Banking Sector), of high quality in terms of construction and landscape, which aims to help to fill a gap in the elderly support system.

Located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, next to what was a clandestine urban area and rural fields, with a total construction area of approximately 10.000 m2, the Social Complex of Alcabideche aims to reconstitute a Mediterranean life style in which the outdoor spaces of streets, plazas and gardens are like an extension of the house itself. The roofs of the housing units also have other functions. . © Guedes Cruz Architects .

Alejandro Soffia, Gabriel Rudolphy — Hostal Ritoque. © Juan Durán Sierralta. Published on November 27, 2014. OSA architettura e paesaggio, Architetti Associati (L.Acito, R.Lamacchia, L.Rota), Giovanni Grande — Giardino urbano, infrastrutture ipogee e accesso agli antichi Rioni Sassi. Matera. Tav 01. Marco Visconti Architects — La porta del Piemonte, piano particolareggiato dell’area ATA. Caselle Torinese. Vista aerea da ovest © Marco Visconti Architects . Règlement à la parcelle - PLU - Urbanisme - Mairie de Paris. Règles du PLU applicables à cette parcelle : MDW ARCHITECTURE — Residential complex Le Lorrain. © Julien Lanoo . Published on October 24, 2011. Renovation of the former Brumétal dealer of old iron into a social housing complex composed of a 4-flat building connected by a large common open space to 3 maisonettes at the rear of the site.

Urban scale. This residential beacon project for the district contract « Maritime » consists in clearing and opening up the interior of the plot that was entirely built and making this portion of the street “breathe” thanks to a wide opening. Maison L. The next ENTERprise – architects — Lakeside Bath Caldaro. © Lukas Schaller . Published on March 05, 2010. Bjarke Ingels Group. IT Assistent til BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group A/S Hvem er BIG? One John Street – Snøhetta.