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Livres Blancs. 266 - Convertible Bench - The Wood Whisperer. Welcome to the Honda Ridgeline Saturday Project series produced in partnership with Honda.

266 - Convertible Bench - The Wood Whisperer

Each project is designed to be approachable using basic tools and materials. And to show you how versatile the all-new 2017 Honda Ridgeline can be, we’ll build each project right in the bed of the truck! This Convertible Bench is designed for versatility and style. Each section has two positions allowing for numerous configurations. It’s a bench, a 2-seat bench, a table, a love seat, and even a chair with an end table, all in one piece of furniture! Download the Plans Materials 5 – 4’x8’ sheets of 3/4″ plywood2 – Metal EMT Conduit 2 1/4“ OD by 5 feet long 1. Print out both the seat and the side support templates and print them out scaling turned off (or 100%). 2.

Trace the template shapes onto the plywood using the arrangement in the PDF Cut List. Futurism - Building the future together. Collecting ideas since 2013. International architecture students community. Art. Issue 14: Mutation. Biology | Neurology Michio Kaku Explains Consciousness for You The gregarious physicist gets inside our brains.

Issue 14: Mutation

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Spe blogs sites. Revues et sites de création. Online Portfolios on Behance. Architecture. L art mystique. Reason Alternatives and Similar Software. Thalassa - Toutes les diffusions et rediffusions. Journalisme graphique. Accueil - Accueil. : portail de revues en sciences humaines et sociales. PHOTOGRAPHY - Issue 3 by hashtagphotography. Megadeluxe - For The Love of Speed, Sport & Design. Événements. Le media qui vit de l'innovation - e-64. À la une Le media qui vit de l'innovation Jeudi 4 novembre 2010 | 07h30 Le site d'information vient de boucler une levée de fonds et d'obtenir un prestigieux award américain.

Le media qui vit de l'innovation - e-64

Sans pub et gratuit, le site d'info se développe et se distingue. Les grandes villes en France ont moins d'une semaine d'autonomie alimentaire. Dans un élan de folie à peine dissimulé, mon coach conseiller d'affaires m'a dit il y a quelques semaines :Mike, quel est pour toi le truc le plus dingue que tu aies à exprimer ?

Les grandes villes en France ont moins d'une semaine d'autonomie alimentaire

Ma réponse fut hésitante (ce qui est rare et à souligner) :Euh... ? ... les erreurs que les médias de masse véhiculent et les gens peu informés racontent à propos du bio ? About PICNIC. PICNIC is a leading European platform for innovation and creativity.


We function as an incubator and accelerator for game changing ideas, concepts, products and services. Through our activities, we address the mega trends of our time and explore how to creatively apply technology in order to meet business, social and environmental challenges. Why We believe that innovation and creativity are powerful forces that should be used to meet the world’s challenges head on.

How Today’s big challenges can’t be solved by one company or one industry. PICNIC believes that bringing together people from many industries, companies and fields and encouraging them to create solutions together is how the world’s big challenges should be solved. Les fermes urbaines de SOA. Le Courrier de l’Architecte : Vous menez, depuis 2005, des recherches sur l’agriculture en milieu urbain.

Les fermes urbaines de SOA

Accueil - - le panorama en images du Réseau des maisons de l'architecture. TreeHugger. The professional network for Architects and Designers. Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide. Emergent Futures Mapping with Futurescaper. Futurescaper is an online tool for making sense of the drivers, trends and forces that will shape the future.

Emergent Futures Mapping with Futurescaper

As a user interface system, it still needs development. As a tool for analyzing and understanding complex systems, it works very well and does something I have yet to see anything else be able to do. Several people asked me about this after my last post, so here is some more detail. Following the logic of collective intelligence (as part of my my PhD), I broke up the the scenario thinking process into discrete chunks, came up with a system for analyzing and relating them together, and then distilled them into key outputs for helping the scenario development process. Emergent Thematic Maps One of the coolest things about Futurescaper is how it translates simple input into complex analysis, and then back again into simple insights. To demonstrate this, I tested the system using data from an International Futures Forum project on international climate change impacts for UK Foresight. Since 1999 home of design culture, leading independent publication for design, architecture, art, photography and graphics.

FubizWelcome to The Computer Graphics Society. Ebookee: Free Download eBooks Search Engine! Graffiti Research Lab. The United States of America is going out of business!

Graffiti Research Lab

But here at the U.S. Department of Homeland Graffiti, we want to turn this moment of national embarrassment and hard times into real savings for you and your family. From June 4th through the 28th, the U.S.D.H.G and the Graffiti Research Lab are liquidating all confiscated, high-tech graffiti artifacts and tools, expunged evidence, court exhibits, redacted documents and office furnishings, priced to sell. So grab a handful of Euros or Mao Bucks (U.S. currency still accepted while supplies last) and head on down to Gallery Anno Domini located between U.S.

Routes 101 and 280 in Silicon Valley, California. Artist’s Reception: First Friday, June 6th, 2008 8 p.m. ’til late • free and open to the public Exhibition runs from June 4th – June 28th. CreativeApplications.Net. Fresh Blender News, Every Day. Future of Gaming. Le guide ultime de la connaissance.