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Post-Industrial Design School From 2012 - 2018, we have explored this question primarily through our work co-teaching Entrepreneurial Design, a semester-long compulsory course for first-year students at School of Visual Arts MFA in Interaction Design program. The course challenges students to: get comfortable with sharing their in-progress work online, observe and learn to give back to communities they’re interested in, and design an original crowdfunding project that can generate $1,000 by the end of the semester. All of their work takes place in the real world, which provides students with the opportunity to learn a number of challenging lessons: how to negotiate and embrace real constraints how to design, not just for, but with communities in their work that they—as designers—can’t control outcomes Along the way, they also develop their own practices and rituals around peer critique, asking for and processing feedback, lightweight prototyping, and writing as a form of reflection.

About the Mediated Matter Group The Mediated Matter group focuses on Nature-inspired Design and Design-inspired Nature. We conduct research at the intersection of computational design, digital fabrication, materials science and synthetic biology and apply that knowledge to design across scales from the micro scale to the building scale. We create biologically inspired and engineered design fabrication tools and technologies and structures aiming to enhance the relation between natural and man-made environments. Our research area, entitled Material Ecology, integrates computational form-finding strategies with biologically inspired fabrication.

1024 Projections [Inspiration]: Jaw dropping projections by 1024 collective There have been many ‘projection’ projects recently but this morning I came across 1024. Created by Francois Wunschel and Pier Schneider (2 founders of EXYZT group), 1024 works on the interactions between 1024 Dimensions: Space, Sound, Visual, Light, Body, Architecture, City… Mostly built with Quartz Composer + custom plugins. Here is a selection of their work. GuruBlog GuruBlog Processing Sketches Links Search Twitter

Designinterviews Eva-Lotta is a freelance User Experience Designer. She previously led the Business design team at Skype, worked as interaction designer for Yahoo! in London and as lead designer for Kahn + Associates in Paris. Besides her daytime mission of making the web a more understandable, usable and hopefully more delightful place, she loves sketching, doodling and playing around with various little side projects.

Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas?” Note from Arthur Obermayer, friend of the author: In 1959, I worked as a scientist at Allied Research Associates in Boston. The company was an MIT spinoff that originally focused on the effects of nuclear weapons on aircraft structures. The company received a contract with the acronym GLIPAR (Guide Line Identification Program for Antimissile Research) from the Advanced Research Projects Agency to elicit the most creative approaches possible for a ballistic missile defense system. REWIND REWIND is a research project (2004 - ongoing) , that provides a research resource to address the gap in historical knowledge of the evolution of electronic media arts in the UK, by investigating specifically the first two decades of artists’ works in video. There was a danger that many of these works might disappear because of their ephemeral nature and poor technical condition. The project conserves and preserves them, to enable further scholarly activity.

When the Machine Made Art – Grant Taylor traces the origins of computational creativity Grant D. Taylor is an Associate Professor of Art History and the Art and Art History Department Chair at Lebanon Valley college in Pennsylvania. He is also the author of the 2014 book When the Computer Made Art: The Troubled History of Computer Art, which is undoubtedly the most thorough and well-researched history of computer art (and by association digital art) to have popped on CAN’s radar. Our editorial team voraciously consumed the book shortly after it was published and we continue to draw on it as an indispensable resource on the not-so-well-documented early years of mainframes and plotter drawings. Taking the position that computer art has (for various reasons) remained the stuff of niche production and consumption, Taylor traverses the distrust of institutions and the military-industrial complex that coloured the 1960s and ’70s, the exuberance and democratization of computing in the 1980s, and the wide-eyed anticipation of virtuality in the 1990s. Indeed!

Everything Visual » Generative, Coding & Interactive Posts Filed Under 'Generative, Coding & Interactive' Into the Dark – “Tearing Shadows” projection sculpture (teaser) by Robert Seidel “Tearing Shadows is a new projection sculpture by Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel. Fragments of projection, sculpture and sounds perfoliate the gallery space, allowing the viewer to create endlessly varied audio-visual compositions by wandering around, essentially becoming a part of the artwork itself.”

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