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3D Printing Used to Create Functional Mouse Ovaries. Three-dimensional printing has been used to create mouse ovaries made of gelatin, able to ovulate and produce eggs that can be fertilised and carried to full term.

3D Printing Used to Create Functional Mouse Ovaries

The achievement is described in the journal Nature Communications. It represents a big step towards what Teresa Woodruff of the Women's Health Research Institute at Northwestern University, Illinois, described as the “holy grail” of regenerative medicine: creating prosthetic ovaries for women whose own have been damaged by cancer treatment. The finding opens the possibility that one day women who preserve their ovaries by freezing them prior to cancer therapy might have their egg follicles isolated and implanted into a “prosthetic” ovary to mature. This is preferable to replacing the entire frozen ovary since it may still contain cancer cells, explains Woodruff. An Artificial Skin Created that Feels the Heat. A team of engineers and researchers at Caltech and ETH Zurich say they have developed an artificial skin capable of detecting temperature changes using a mechanism similar to the one used by the organ that allows pit vipers to sense their prey.

An Artificial Skin Created that Feels the Heat

The material could be grafted onto prosthetic limbs to restore temperature sensing in amputees, according to the scientists, who added that it could also be applied to first-aid bandages to alert health professionals of a temperature increase, a sign of infection, in wounds. A paper about the new material will be published in Science Robotics on Wednesday. While fabricating synthetic woods in a petri dish, a team led by Caltech's Chiara Daraio, Ph.D., created a material that exhibited an electrical response to temperature changes in the lab. It turned out that the component responsible for the temperature sensitivity was pectin, a long-chain molecule present in plant cell walls. China Commissions World's Largest 'Floatovoltaic' Facility. Spain Installs World 1st Hybrid Wind-Power Battery Storage Plant. AI Stock-Picker Achieves 76% Success Rate.

World's First “Virtual Reality Search & Booking Experience” Amadeus, one of the big Global-Distribution-Systems (GDS), tries to look deep into the future.

World's First “Virtual Reality Search & Booking Experience”

It’s subsidary company Navitaire introduced the first “Virtual Reality Search and Booking Experience”. The user interacts with VR-glasses and special gloves and selects the desired destination on a virtual globe. Users can search for flights, car-rentals etc. and book directly via credit card. The solution is currently patent-pending. Head of R&D at Amadeus, Rashesh Jethi, says: “We’re not just thinking of the next big idea, we want to execute ideas that help our customers to do things more effectively, more creatively and more easily to deliver value to their business.” Electrick Sprays Touch Controls onto any Object or Surface. First Synthetic Retina Created. CRISPR Used to Eliminate HIV in Mice. An important breakthrough has been made in the eradication of AIDs.

CRISPR Used to Eliminate HIV in Mice

Scientists have found they can successfully snip out the HIV virus from mouse cells using CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Right now patients with the deadly virus must use a toxic concoction of anti-retroviral medications to suppress the virus from replicating. However, CRISPR/Cas9 can be programmed to chop out any genetic code in the body with scissor-like precision, including, possibly, all HIV-1 DNA within the body. And if you cut out the DNA, you stop the virus from being able to make copies of itself. First published in the journal Molecular Therapy, the team is the first to show HIV can be completely annihilated from the body using CRISPR. However, it’s not a permanent solution and it’s still early days for the crew — the study merely builds on a previous proof-of-concept study they conducted last year and the technique has only been used on mice so far. Featured Image: Nick Harris/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE. Smartphone-Linked Insertable Cardiac Monitor Released.

New Transparent, Conductive Material Set to Revolutionise Electronics. A New Material Researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered a new material that could change technology as we know it.

New Transparent, Conductive Material Set to Revolutionise Electronics

This nano-scale, thin-film material is transparent and extremely conductive. Many common electronics, like smartphones and solar cells, use transparent conductors. Tesla's Starts Taking Australian Pre-Orders for its Solar Roof. When Tesla announced its solar roof tiles, we said it would be a perfect product for Australian homes.

Tesla's Starts Taking Australian Pre-Orders for its Solar Roof

Well, if you've been holding off that renovation, now's the time: although installations won't begin until 2018, you can pre-order your solar roof panels now. In a blog post on the company's Aussie site, Tesla lays out its justification for why you should put a solar roof on your house. You'll have your own power source and energy self-sufficiency, your roof will be stronger, and over time — with power cost savings taken into account — it won't be any more expensive than a normal roof. That's in the US, at least — we're doing our own analysis of the costs of how Tesla's solar shingles fit into the Australian roofing market. (Stay tuned for that.) US Consumer Reports pegs the price of a Tesla solar roof at around $US21.85 per square foot.

Swedish Co. Employees Offered Microchip Implants. Self-described biohacker Jowan Osterlund, from Biohax Sweden, holds a small microchip implant, similar to those implanted into workers at the Epicenter co-working space in Stockholm, Sweden.

Swedish Co. Employees Offered Microchip Implants

James Brooks/AP The syringe slides in between the thumb and index finger. Then, with a click, a microchip is injected in the employee's hand. China Quantum Computer to “Eclipse All Others” Developed. In Brief Researchers at the University of Science and Technology in China, led by renowned quantum computing expert Pan Jianwei, may have created the quantum computer destined to outperform all other supercomputers.

China Quantum Computer to “Eclipse All Others” Developed

AI Speeds Drug Discovery Process Dramatically. To create a new drug, researchers have to test tens of thousands of compounds to determine how they interact.

AI Speeds Drug Discovery Process Dramatically

And that’s the easy part; after a substance is found to be effective against a disease, it has to perform well in three different phases of clinical trials and be approved by regulatory bodies. It’s estimated that, on average, one new drug coming to market can take 1,000 people, 12-15 years, and up to $1.6 billion. There has to be a better way—and now it seems there is. Last week, researchers published a paper detailing an artificial intelligence system made to help discover new drugs, and significantly shorten the amount of time and money it takes to do so.

The system is called AtomNet, and it comes from San Francisco-based startup AtomWise. Apple Overtakes Fitbit in Wearables Market. The Apple Watch sales numbers remain a mystery because of the company’s policy not to reveal this information about its wearable technology or other devices.

Apple Overtakes Fitbit in Wearables Market

However, despite the silence about the numbers, Apple has been declared the leader in the wearables market. Fitbit had previously held the top spot because of its highly popular fitness trackers and smartwatches. A recent report from Strategy Analytics placed the spotlight on the global wearable technology marketplace. That report determined that the Apple market share experienced significant growth over last year. Shanghai Metro System Now the World's Longest. The length of Shanghai metro system is now the longest in the world, surpassing the size of networks in other world cities, including New York and Paris.

Shanghai Party Secretary Han Zheng said on Monday that infrastructure transportation within the city is now an important part of the development between urban and rural areas of Shanghai. Han added that Shanghai strengthened its position as global port city, with the transport of containers leading the world the past 7 years. Freight transport out of Shanghai's main airports ranks the third in the world. Spotify Goes Blockchain to Improve Royalty Payment Tracking. Spotify, the largest European streaming music platform, has announced its decision to acquire Blockchain-related startup Mediachain. According to Investopedia, the main objective of the acquisition is to improve Spotify’s tracking and processing of royalty payments thanks to the distributed ledger technology.

What’s Mediachain? Mediachain was launched in 2016 thanks to seed funding received by Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. The New York-based startup created a peer-to-peer database to register, identify and track the online distribution of creative works. This was made possible through Blockchain technology, which works as a timestamp and certification of the ownership of content. Li-Ion Battery Inventor Patents Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Battery. European EV Sales Accelerate. It’s no secret that Americans are embracing electric cars. But new data show that increasingly Europeans are too. Sales of battery-powered cars soared 38 percent in the first quarter after models including Renault SA’s improved Zoe won buyers in Germany and Spain.

That compares with a gain of 2.9 percent for all of last year. New registrations—a proxy for sales—for battery-powered cars increased in the first quarter to 32,627 from 23,703 in the EU, Norway and Switzerland, the Brussels-based European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association said Thursday in a statement. That surge still couldn’t match demand in America, where electric car sales jumped 49 percent to 40,700 units in the period, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Robots Replacing Human Security Guards in Singapore. It's no RoboCop, but this autonomous patrol bot is going to be seen more and more often around Singapore. Ademco, a local security services company, recently launched a rent-a-robot service, in response to fewer people signing up to work as security guards. The 1.6m-tall robots are less like China's egg-shaped robot police, but more like a submarine, with five cameras on its long neck, two front cameras, and four wheels.

The robot can also record licence plates, as well as a 360-degree view of surrounding activities from up to 10 meters (32 feet) away. Robo-Advisors Assist 25% of US Millennial Investors. Costa Mesa, Calif.: 6 April 2017 — Emerging affluent investors—defined as Millennials1 with $100,000 in investable assets—currently control the largest portion of at-risk assets managed by full service financial advisors, according to the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Full Service Investor Satisfaction Study,SM released today. Surprisingly, half (48%) of emerging affluent investors currently working with an advisor say they “probably will” or “definitely will” leave their current firm, compared with just 8% among all other generations of investors. "Wealth managers have been slow to focus on Millennials because they don’t yet have the assets Boomers do, but when looking at potential money in motion—even in the short term—the picture looks quite different," said Mike Foy, director of the wealth management practice at J.D.

Apple Pay Transactions Grow 450% Over Past Year. Mobile wallet adoption may not be gaining traction for most, but Apple is an exception. During the quarterly earnings call yesterday, the tech giant unveiled Apple Pay growth stats from its global markets, citing a 450% increase in transaction volume in “the last 12 months.” Toyota Reveals Secret Hydrogen Truck Project. Sheep Grows Successfully in Artificial Womb; Humans Next? Researchers have developed an artificial womb to sustain the life of premature babies.

That womb just proved successful in animal testing for the first time. This advance could radically transform the lives of millions of premature infants around the world. Google's Connected Levi Jacket Unveiled. Incredibly Cheap House 3D Printed in 24hrs. IBM's Quantum Cloud Computer Goes Commercial. Superconducting lines inside an IBM quantum computer. Pentagon Unveils Perdix Micro-Drone Swarm. Powerful New Quantum Computer Debuts to Skeptical Market. The quantum computing company D-Wave Systems has announced that its latest device features twice the computing capacity of its previous model, which it claims makes it incredibly fast compared to conventional hardware.

But even so, the company still faces a struggle in convincing parts of the scientific community of its worth. Wendy's to Add Automated Kiosks to 1,000 Restaurants in 2017. Apple boldly commits to stop mining minerals to make iPhones. Apple has one of the most aggressive sustainability and recycling programs in tech, but it still pulls plenty of metals and toxic rare-earth materials out of the ground to make iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and other products. Blockchain pioneered with first farmer-buyer agriculture settlement. World's Largest Container Vessel Commences Maiden Voyage. Morrisons Using AI to Improve Product Availability.

Maersk Trials Blockchain to Track Cargo. Nasdaq Launches Machine Intelligence Platform. Moore’s Law Really is Dead. MasterCard Launches ‘Selfie Pay’ Biometric Authentication App in Europe. Uber's Otto Claims to be First Autonomous Freight Delivery. First Farm to Grow Veg in a Desert Using Only Sun & Seawater. Prototype Hybrid Electric Truck Unveiled. World's First Hydrogen-Powered Train Runs in Germany. First Fully Autonomous Warship Aces Sea Trials. Breakthrough With Lab-Grown Corneas Cures Blindness in Sheep. VR Helping Paraplegics Walk Again. Blockchain Lets Neighbours Trade Solar Power. Regenerative Fillings Heal Teeth from the Inside. Semi-Autonomous Bus on Amsterdam's Roads. Lab-Grown 'Living Hip' Genetically Engineered to Stop Arthritis. UK Council 'Staffs' Front Desk with AI called Amelia. A Camera the Size of a Grain of Salt: Smart Dust Next? DeepMind's New Computer Learns From its Own Memory. World's First 1tb SD Card Announced.

BuzzFeed’s Newest Political Reporter is a Bot. Unnoticed, a College Uses a Robot Teaching Assistant for Months. Robot Customs Officers Debut in Chinese Ports. Proterra's Electric Bus Matches Diesel's Utility. Hybrid Nanomaterials Transform Water From Dirty to Drinkable. Shetland's World-Leading Tidal Power Breakthrough. Silicon-Air Battery Achieves Running Time of Over 1,000 hrs For The First Time. Belgian Scientists Build Water-From-Urine Machine. Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives In Pittsburgh. Startup builds AI to Automate All Your Accounting. Apple sells its billionth iPhone. First drug to halt Alzheimer's tested by scientists. Vegan Meat Now the Biggest Tech Industry Trend. Sun-Charged Water Purifier Kills 99.999% of Bacteria. First Dust-Sized Wireless Sensors Created For Implanting Into The Human Body. China Begins 350km/h Bullet Train Operation. MIT Create DuoSkin To Control Devices & Communicate. First US Offshore Wind Farm Commissioned.

China's Futuristic 'Straddling Bus' Trialled. London's First Underground Farm Starts Production. US Banks' Payment Switches Overtaken By Venmo. Solar Impulse Completes Historic Round-The-World Trip. Switzerland Starts Testing Driverless Buses. A.I. Downs Expert Human Fighter Pilot In Dogfights. Brain Scans Now Identify a Person with 99% Accuracy. Sweden Debuts World's First 'Electric Highway' Robots Assume the Role of Mall Security Guards. Electric Bus Manufacturer Releases Fast Charging Patents. First True AI Personal Trainer Built In Earphones. Huawei R&D Spending Ahead of Apple. Luxury Villa Printed On-Site In 45 Days. First Ion-Propelled Space Mission Completed. First Automated Drone Load & Discharge Trialled By DHL. Mind-Reading Computer Instantly Decodes People's Thoughts. Siemens Develops Autonomous Mobile 3D Printing Spider-Bots. Japan Has More EV Chargers Chan Petrol Stations.

Robotic Bee Takes Flight, To Pollinate (& Possibly Spy)