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You Don't Have to Be a Miracle-Worker to Make Vegan Crêpes. Every other Thursday, Gena Hamshaw of the blog Choosing Raw shares satisfying, flavorful recipes that also happen to be vegan.

You Don't Have to Be a Miracle-Worker to Make Vegan Crêpes

Today: Move over, toast. These sturdy crêpes—ideal for topping with spring vegetables, bean dips, or berry preserves—are our new favorite snack. When I think about crêpes, I think about something delicate and airy—something that will require refinement and technique. Refinement and technique are not my strong suits as a home cook. Creativity? This, I've realized, is a mistake. Start Here: Staple Recipes. Vegan & Gluten Free Christmas 2011. A while back we received an email from one of the editors at Bon Appétit Magazine, asking if we wanted to create a vegan and gluten-free Christmas menu for them, as a special web feature.

Vegan & Gluten Free Christmas 2011

We usually aren’t strictly vegan or gluten-free, but were so flattered by the offer that we didn’t have to think more than 2 seconds before answering them that we would happily take it on as a challenge (while dancing a silly dance and singing “We are working with BA, we are working with BA…”). We came up with five different recipes; Cinnamon roasted root vegetables, Mustard kale salad, Spiced spinach tarts, Christmas falafels and a Pomegranate cheesecake. It is always fun to cook at Christmas since you get to use holiday flavors like saffron, clove, cinnamon, mustard and lemon.

We hope that the recipes will be of some assistance in all the Christmas commotion, wether you make one dish or go for the whole menu. Lands & Flavors. Vegan Onigiri, Six Ways. • ビーガンおにぎり • These whimsical Japanese rice triangles can be flavored with a multitude of ingredients and make a great packed lunch or bring-along for a springtime picnic.

Vegan Onigiri, Six Ways

I’ve made six versions of Vegan Onigiri to inspire you to create your own. If you read my last post about my trip to Japan, you’ll remember me mentioning these little rice balls and how they can found in every convenience store. Indeed, they are such a popular and inexpensive snack that most stores stock numerous flavors and some shops even need to be replenished with fresh ones every few hours.

I especially love the packaging they come in; it’s ingeniously designed to keep the nori from touching the moist rice until ready to eat, thus ensuring that the nori stays crisp. Onigiri can be stuffed or left unstuffed. Portobello Mushroom Bacon - Vegan Bacon - Veganosity. Occidentally Oriented. Asian Barbecue-Glazed Lentil and Barley Loaf I was looking through our pantry at the various grains tucked within.

Occidentally Oriented

It occurred to me that I hadn’t done anything with pearled barley in a really long time. Now color me strange, but whenever I see the words “pearled barley” my mind leaps to an image of Pearl S. Buck’s, The Good Earth. Every. Ingredients: 5 Soy-Free Vegan Foods That Have More Protein Than Beef. Protein gets a lot of attention, especially in a plant-based diet where the issue of complete and incomplete protein comes into play, along with protein per amount of weight, which is something else to consider.

5 Soy-Free Vegan Foods That Have More Protein Than Beef

For instance, we don’t need to combine foods as we once thought to form a complete protein (such as beans and rice). That protein myth died years ago, thankfully when we found out our bodies are capable of using all sources of amino acids to form complete proteins. Not Just Grams…What to Consider When Measuring Protein It’s also important to consider that amounts in grams aren’t the only thing that matters when measuring protein in a food.

You should also consider how much percentage of total calories protein makes up in a food. Some plant-based foods are higher in protein percentage than others, however, so making sure to include a variety of plant-based foods in your diet is important for achieving the amount of protein your body needs. Raw banana pancakes, almonds butter & caramel paste – Vegan Cheese Recipes. This Vegan Girl. September 26, 2014 | Posted in:Breakfast When it comes to my own recipes, sometimes I need to get Pinspired.

This Vegan Girl

I follow a lot of vegan recipe boards on Pinterest, which allow me to step out of my comfort zone and make something I’ve never made before. These recipes aren’t for my blog, though. It’s just for me to enjoy. However, there are the rarest of occasions when I step out of the vegan realm, put on my big girl pants, and reluctantly creep into a scary world: the vague search option Food & Drink.

But there’s a method to my madness: the Barney Stinson in me is bored and wants to challenge himself by looking for something to veganize. Healthy. Happy. Life. A Trio of Almond Cheese: Chive, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, Chili & Rosemary. Well, finally - a new blog post!

A Trio of Almond Cheese: Chive, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, Chili & Rosemary

I've just been so busy lately and these have been sitting on the rather large "to be blogged" pile for quite awhile now :-) These are all variations on the Almond Chive Cheese which is actually already on the blog from way back in 2009. Baked Almond Feta. You know when you come across a recipe that you know is going to change your life?

Baked Almond Feta

This one has mine. Seriously. I must first stress here that this is not my recipe, I got it from food dot com whilst on a search for vegan feta. The poster of the recipe states that it is actually from a 2009 edition of Vegetarian Times and was one of the 'editor's picks'. Let's Be Vegan - Easy Vegan Recipes, Tips and Inspiration. Who needs chicken when you can have cauliflower?

Let's Be Vegan - Easy Vegan Recipes, Tips and Inspiration

If you love chinese takeout, you must try this recipe. This orange cauliflower recipe is the perfect substitue for orange chicken. You can serve this with rice or with stir fried veggies like I did. Cook Time: 30 minutes. Saka Saka: The Best Dish You've Never Heard Of. {Vegan, Gluten Free Recipe} I was recently in Paris, a place renowned for its culinary perfection.

Saka Saka: The Best Dish You've Never Heard Of. {Vegan, Gluten Free Recipe}

But in my stay there, I discovered something interesting and surprising. French food is wonderful, but there is a new rival in town thanks to the African immigrants flocking to the city. The French once colonized huge swaths of North, West and Central Africa. And now they’re being colonized in return by migrants from those regions.

And they’re bringing their best cooking with them. I had never eaten from an African restaurant before my stay in Paris, and the food really blew me away. Vegan Cooking 101: Pantry Basics. In vegan cooking, pantry staples are essential. They allow us to turn a few fresh veggies into a satisfying and nom nom nom meal in two shakes of a lamb’s tail—a happy lamb, because he knows he won’t be on the menu at your house. There are a bazillion things a vegan will eventually have bursting out of her cabinets (and spice racks and closets and the back steps because we ran out of room), but if you’re just getting started, this list of necessities will go a long way.

Oil There are almost as many oils as there are stars in the sky, but olive oil, vegetable oil and coconut oil will get you any place you need to be. Use them to sauté, roast, and drizzle on everything and even rub all over yourself for smooth supple skin. Wine & Vinegar Acid is such an important part of cooking, balancing sweet notes and bringing out the other flavors in a dish. Nuts & Seeds As with oils, the variety of nuts and seeds is seemingly limitless.

Light & Luscious Curried Coconut Soup with Lemongrass. {Vegan Recipe} Vegetarian & Vegan Recipe Exchange. The Best Vegan Lasagna You Will Eat. Ever. ~ Molly Patrick. Via Molly Patrick on Jul 3, 2014 I drove 26 hours without stopping and then it all went to hell in a handbasket. I was tired. VeganYumYum. Vegan Tuna Sandwich. *Fish-Free* Lunch. This Tuna Fish-Free Vegan Sandwich is kind of amazing. Not only is it totally delicious, but super duper fast and easy. Whip this recipe up in the morning and have it chilled to perfection by lunchtime. A quick toasting of bread - a slather of the "tuna" salad on some toast and lunch is done. The Flavors? Amazing! Tuna Fish-Free Sandwichvegan, makes about 3 cups 1 16ounce can garbanzo beans, drained / rinsed well 1/2 large juicy lemon (juiced) + pinch of zest 2-3 Tbsp garlic hummus OR thick lemon tahini sauce (Trader Joe's brand) 1 1/4 cups celery, chopped salt + pepper to taste Optional ingredients: crushed nori sheets or kelp sprinkle (for ocean-y flavor) dash of cayenne 1-3 Tbsp nutritional yeast 1/2 - 1 tsp agave syrup ..oh and vegan mayo, Vegenaise would be kind of awesome folded in too..

Vegan recipes and vegetarian recipes - living and raw - uncooked! Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes: VegKitchen with Nava Atlas. The Vegan Experience, a Retrospective: All 28 of Kenji's Vegan Recipes. SLIDESHOW: The Vegan Experience, a Retrospective: All 28 of Kenji's Vegan Recipes Kenji's monthlong Vegan Experience has come to an end. Over the course of that animal-product-free month, he shared many vegan recipes with us.

And whether you're vegan or not, you have to admit, these soups, sandwiches, and shoot even a vegan Frito pie (!) , looked pretty darn delicious. Curry.