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Cameron Clark on Teal Swan: Catalyst or Catastrophe? AKASHIC READINGS. Gallery 3 : Voyage to Infinity with Dolphins, Whales and Dragons. GALLERY 3 You can order quality PRINTS ( 3 prints for $16 each including shipping to the US size 14 x 11 inches ) - or for larger size contact : "Playing is the main purpose why we were created.

Gallery 3 : Voyage to Infinity with Dolphins, Whales and Dragons

Only your form is of this earth. Your core selves are of light and stardust. Vedic Sun Signs - Healing Stars Soul Astrology. Because of the difference in the zodiacs between the Western and Vedic system your Sun sign will more than likely change.

Vedic Sun Signs - Healing Stars Soul Astrology

Vedic atrology uses the sidereal zodiac based on the constellations. Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac based on the seasons of the year. The twelve signs of the zodiac are ruled by the four elements. In a repeating sequence though the zodiac they are: fire, earth, air and water. Put briefly, Fire initiates, earth consolidates, air communicates and water feels. Buddhism. Aesthetic Rapture ~ Transformative Power of Beauty. Story of Hallucinatory Healing with Ayahuasca. Osiris & Christianity - The Christian Adoption of Egyptian Iconography, Symbolism, and Myth. Portals. Portals -- New Energy for the Earth A message from Peggy Black regarding the date 11:11:11 We are here, and we acknowledge and embrace you as the Galactic Citizens that you are.


This is a time of unparalleled opportunity, in which all eyes are focused on your planet. Your earth and all life forms have suffered and are close to total destruction. Awakening with Suzanne Lie: Releasing the Wounded Ego. Dear Arcturians, Yesterday you sent me some information about meeting with the Galactics.

Awakening with Suzanne Lie: Releasing the Wounded Ego

Was I correct in receiving that message? If not, please correct me. If so, please give me more details. The Arcturians Speak: The Breathing Mind by Our Higher SELF. Astrotheology, the Holy Science.

DNA, pineal gland..

New Maps of Heaven - Spiritual Evolution. New Maps of Heaven From Spiritual Evolution Jump to: navigation, search.

New Maps of Heaven - Spiritual Evolution

AstralCity.pdf. Love Song of the Universe. There is a war in Heaven and while it affects humanity it does not belong to them, nor are they the cause, though they are the reason.

Love Song of the Universe

Those of us who walk the path of the Spiritual Warrior, who stand between the Light and the Dark and keep the Balance, exist because we must, because we have chosen to be here among humans at this important time. We work for the greater good, for Love and Truth and Trust, even as we shattered each of them in our journeys from Angel to Demon.

We are called the Children of Light. Over four billion years ago we followed the rebel Elohim Samael into Darkness and became Fallen Angels. Nature of Reality Radio Online Radio by NatureofReality. 4 Gates of Consciousness – Akashic Records. I was doing a channeling for someone recently and she asked me a question about being a keeper of the 4th gate and what it meant.

4 Gates of Consciousness – Akashic Records

I went to her guides to ask and this is the answer that I have received: Many of You are not Equipped to Deal with 3D life 8 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean. Greetings dear ones, we are the Arcturian group.

Many of You are not Equipped to Deal with 3D life 8 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

We wanted to salute once again your courage for being part and embracing the material world on Gaia. You accepted to come down on Mother Earth and to descend from being fully conscious beings to being limited by the material form you have taken. Galactic History. Metaphysical Musing. What Are Spirits? The Divine and the Demonic Frequency Waveforms. The Divine and the Demonic Frequency Waveforms We all have the ability to stretch our thoughts back in time to the Satya Yuga, the Golden Era, before we had forgotten our Real identity as the God-within.

The Divine and the Demonic Frequency Waveforms

The memories of this Golden Age are in the DNA and the subtle body. Bella Capozzi: The Crystal Dolphin Pod. “The Great Crystals Of Atlantis.” Cupcakes and Angels Posted on July 2, 2013 by bella7xoxo Thanks to: This is a message I read on my new Blogtalk show, which debuted today.

Bella Capozzi: The Crystal Dolphin Pod. “The Great Crystals Of Atlantis.”

It’s called Peg and Bella’s Angels and Dolphins, and I cohost it with my good friend, Peg Wolff-Jones. Each week I will share a new message from the Ceatacean Realm. Everyday Spirituality - Life as Prayer. Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, ContributorWaking Times There is growing interest and dialog concerning differences between traditional religious teaching and a form of spiritual practice termed: everyday spirituality or spirituality of the market place.

Surprisingly, the usefulness of spiritual practice in everyday life is an ancient teaching, and lies at the heart of human development systems like Sufism; where travelers are taught, through ordinary daily activity, to align with the Higher and make life a prayer. To help travelers add this practical approach, we will examine the difference between traditional religious form and spirituality; offering various ‘things to know, and things to do’ while following a personal spiritual path. Religion & Spirituality For spiritual travelers, it becomes clear that new age and eastern systems offer techniques that speak to the basic difference between religious form and personal spiritual experience. External Form. Archons, ETS, Creation, Galactic History and The Future of Humanity Andrew Bartzis.

The Revolutionary Nature of the Four Noble Truths. ~ Daniel Scharpenburg. I think that we take the four noble truths for granted in Buddhism. These truths are one of the first things you learn when you begin to study Buddhism. It seems like a simple concept at first, but if we contemplate it deeply, we can discover that it is more revolutionary than we initially suspect. Dylan Charles: Waking from the Waking Dream. Source: Waking Times – 7/06/13, By Dylan Charles Thanks to: Colin Bondi, Contributor Waking Times Many of you have heard the statement that life is a dream or like a dream. It’s an often repeated concept in spiritual circles and, even to some extent, in popular culture. Bella Capozzi: A QHHT Client Story. Part I: Cassie’s Journey To Earth’s Earliest Days. Cupcakes and Angels Posted on June 18, 2013 by bella7xoxo Thanks to: ~ Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct a QHHT session with a wonderfully connected client named Cassie.

Cassie works as an healer and an intuitive, and was interested in learning more about her origins. Gillian Macbeth-Louthan: White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks. Pleiadedolphininfos Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Thanks to: Emotions and solar flares. This is well known topic for many of us but for me recently has become more into my awareness.


Panache Desai: we are now in a vibrational paradigm. Creating Sacred Space To Better Communicate With The Sacred In Your Life. This is another great podcast from Christina Pratt's on sacred space. Ben Arion: You’re Not a Wave, You’re Part of the Ocean. By BenArion, Ashtar Command Crew, March 12, 2013. DL Zeta: Re-Inventing Ourselves with the “Upgraded” Potentials of the New Time. Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia. By DL Zeta – February 7, 2013. THE ARCTURIANS: YOUR PARENT'S GODHOOD. Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Whipping Up Some Miracles – 13 August 2013. When two or more are gathered in intention and heart, the universe will lift them to a place of miracles made manifest. When a person of wisdom give others his truths and secrets, a new lattice of light is created and each person light quotient is then increased. Nurturing our gardens. Dear friends! Sophia Love - Our Song. Sophia Love 06/10/2013 Until recently, we didn’t know we were enslaved.

When Will You Use Your Power? You are 5000 times stronger than the Corporations and Bankers. When Are You Going To Use Your Power?

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U-tubes. 5D. Indigo.