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How to Protect Yourself From Mold in Your Food and Home. Cf8aea3107992b1d2e3ee7bbc4fdca5143fb. Recognizing and Avoiding Common Household Toxins (There's More Than You Think!) January 24th, 2018 By Dr.

Recognizing and Avoiding Common Household Toxins (There's More Than You Think!)

Edward Group. Glutamic acid. Glutamic acid (symbol Glu or E)[4] is an α-amino acid that is used by almost all living beings in the biosynthesis of proteins.

Glutamic acid

It is non-essential in humans, meaning the body can synthesize it. It is also an excitatory neurotransmitter, in fact the most abundant one, in the vertebrate nervous system. It serves as the precursor for the synthesis of the inhibitory gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in GABA-ergic neurons. Is Your Home Toxic? Five Common Health Dangers in Homes ... and What to Do About Them. Is Your Home Toxic?

Is Your Home Toxic? Five Common Health Dangers in Homes ... and What to Do About Them

How your clothes are poisoning our oceans and food supply. The first time professor Sherri Mason cut open a Great Lakes fish, she was alarmed at what she found.

How your clothes are poisoning our oceans and food supply

Synthetic fibers were everywhere. Under a microscope, they seemed to be “weaving themselves into the gastrointestinal tract”. Though she had been studying aquatic pollution around the Great Lakes for several years, Mason, who works for the State University of New York Fredonia, had never seen anything like it. Bases at Woodborough - Harald Kautz Vella (Black Goo) Texas gas leak out of control. By Claire Bernish After the mammoth methane gas leak that spewed uncontrollably from a damaged well in California’s Aliso Canyon was finally capped last week, residents of nearby Porter Ranch began trepidatiously returning to their homes.

Texas gas leak out of control

Lingering doubts over whether Southern California Gas Company will continue using the underground storage field have left many wondering if concerns for their safety are being considered at all — particularly considering the company has, so far, only been charged with misdemeanor violations. All told, the Aliso Canyon leak thrust an estimated 96,000 metric tons of potent methane — not to mention benzene, nitrogen oxides, and other noxious substances — into the atmosphere over a period of months. 10 Tips To Stop Consuming Fluoride, Even If It’s Not In Your Water. Photo credit: If you think you are safe because there is either no fluoride being added to your municipal water, or because you have a water filtration system that removes it, think again.

10 Tips To Stop Consuming Fluoride, Even If It’s Not In Your Water

There are plenty of other ways that fluoride is hiding in plain sight, so to speak, and you probably don’t know it. Some sources of fluoride are obvious, such as toothpaste, but others, not so much. We have made a list of 10 ways that you and your family can avoid this dangerous neurotoxin. Harold Kautz-Vella: Nanoparticles analogous to demons. Cigarettes are loaded with harmful bacteria! You wouldn't put an old pencil or a used popsicle stick in your mouth -- would you?

Cigarettes are loaded with harmful bacteria!

Certainly you wouldn't. The risk of ingesting bacteria is too great. But cigarette smokers face an even greater risk each time they light up. Cigarettes are loaded with harmful bacteria from the fields where the tobacco was grown, from the workers who picked the tobacco leaf, the plant where the tobacco is processed and from where the cigarettes are stored and sold. Microwave Ovens and their Hazards. Health Canada established the Radiation Emitting Devices Regulations, under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act in order to "govern the design, construction and function of microwave ovens that are sold, leased or imported into Canada.

Microwave Ovens and their Hazards

" Part III (Microwave Ovens) of the Radiation Emitting Devices Regulations (C.R.C., C. 1370) specifies the following limits for the leakage radiation at 5 cm from the surface of the microwave oven: Man Puts Tape On His Smartphone And Colors It In. What He Sees Next Is Repulsing. What’s to Blame for Our Dying Planet? Catherine J.

What’s to Blame for Our Dying Planet?

Studies: The Dangers Of Cooking With A Microwave Oven. Source: | Original Post Date: January 2, 2015 – As a busy mother of five, who works full time and still manages to run our mini-farm, I know the importance of saving time.

Studies: The Dangers Of Cooking With A Microwave Oven

How Toxins Harm Your Body's Energy Fields. Screenshot from / Aura Chakra Photography The human body is an amazing biological quantum “machine” that has incredible potential. When we look at the human body from the outside, we see a beautiful biological form made of flesh. 'Dirty Electricity' and the Diseases of Civilization - Dr. Sam Milham. Mobilize – Finally A Documentary Depicting The Dangers Of Cell Phone Radiation. Arjun WaliaActivist Post Cell phone use is only a couple of decades old, and just like anything else we use in this world, revelations regarding their use have not been properly examined and studied until now. The use of cellular phones has become the norm today for people of all ages, using it to stay connected and keep in touch with friends and family. Almost everyone you see today has a cell phone. Protect yourself from cell phone tower radiation. Mon. Jun. 16, 2014 by Jonathan Landsman (NaturalHealth365) Since 1997, the United States has gone from around 50,000 cell towers to over 500,000 and counting.

Op-Ed: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - The Lies They've Told; 15 Things You Should Know; And How This Could Be a Global Killer. This is opposite the editorial page, just Ophir Gottlieb's opinion and research (not Livevol). But every once in a while I write a story that goes well beyond the scope of just finance because this world goes well beyond finance. So, to my 780,000+ readers, I hope this is helpful and insightful. Sea salt and baking soda, best all natural remedy for curing radiation exposure and cancer. If you have been exposed to any form of radiation, either for medical diagnostic purposes (fluoroscopy / mammography / other medical x-ray exams) or in the course of radiotherapy treatment, or if you are otherwise concerned by excessive radiation exposure, overload or poisoning (such as living near a nuclear reactor facility, working with diagnostic radiological equipment / in the nuclear processing industries / uranium mining / uranium or plutonium processing), or if you have been exposed to radioactive particles or higher ionizing radiation doses stemming from other sources such as depleted uranium (DU), testing of atomic weapons, frequent flights in higher altitudes, a nuclear disaster (radiation fallout from the Japan nuclear power plants) etc.

Microwave Ovens Kill Food, and Eventually, YOU! Emf smart meter radiation levels outside of our home. Extensive cell phone use can triple brain cancer risk - Heavy metals scientifically linked to causing diabetes. The Dangers of Microwave Radiation Cannot be Ignored. Gone too far ? Grounding the Human Body, Aluminum Foil, EMF Disipation. 'The human race is in trouble' now that the post-antibiotic era is on our doorstep. David Wolfe on EMF Protection - EARTHING. 8 Household Electronics That Are Hurting You, Part 1 - Dr. Debra Greene. Radiation from cell phones linked to erectile dysfunction. (NaturalNews) As reported in the Environmental Health Trust's latest newsletter, cell phones have now been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED).

While numerous studies have shown that cell phone radiation leads to human sperm death and damage and decreased fertility, the new report of increased erectile dysfunction is sending shock waves through the men's health community. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain or maintain a penile erection sufficient for successful sexual intercourse and is a very common clinical condition that can affect up to 50% of men over 40 years old. Among the known risk factors for ED are diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity and hypercholesterolemia. The damning results of the preliminary study For the study, the researchers recruited 20 consecutive men complaining of erectile dysfunction (ED) for at least six months (Group A), and another group of 10 healthy men with no complaints of ED (Group B).

The expected industry resistance Sources included: Mr. How To Protect Yourself From Computer Radiation. Top 10 U.S. States Infested by Third World Diseases. Traveling Soon? Top 10 U.S. States Plagued by Exotic Diseases. Food That Kills Full Documentary. Soft Killing The American People Using Toxic Food, Toxic Water And Toxic Vaccines. Jagged graphene edges can slice into cell membranes. Snowmageddon Revelations. Catherine J. Facebook. NYPD releases toxic gases on non-consenting guinea pig citizens in subway 'attack drill' New USDA rule allows hidden feces, pus, bacteria and bleach in conventional poultry. ICU patients are being exposed to harmful radiation. Two Reporters Fired by Fox News for Revealing Health Dangers in Milk.

Nanosized aluminum being sprayed in the atmosphere, causing degenerative disease, says neurosurgeon. Self Assembly Nano Particles for RFID Tag (chemtrails) at NAMI. Dry particle storm. Chemtrail Pilots SPRAYING BLOOD Cause Face to Face Near Mid-Air Collisions !!! *MUST SEE* LITHIUM SPRAYED OVER FEMA REGION III WITH ROCKETS AND CHEMTRAILS HD. SMART DUST / NANO-TECH KiLLS!!!!!!! PROOF TV.m4v.

STRANGE FIBERS IN PEOPLE. Energy efficient light bulbs can cause cancer. Ditch the Toxic Sunscreen; Use Coconut Oil Instead. Fukushima Radiation: Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over, Or Worse... Nuked: 2 yrs of Fukushima w/ Leuren Moret part 1. More Michigan Mutations from Fallout 4.21.2012. Fukushima? 5 Million Seabirds Estimated to Have Died on the Beaches of Australia and New Zealand.

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima. FUKUSHIMA UPDATE - CRN SPECIAL REPORT AUG 21 2013. Are your clothes making you sick? Still Using Tampons Or Pads? You Should Read This. Behavioral problems associated with heavy metal toxicity. How All Of Society Is Under Mind Control ► Dr. Patrick Flanagan w/ Jeff Rense. HAARP Pooned Humanity - We Are Being Exterminated - Scripted Doom. 440hz Music - Conspiracy To Detune Us From Natural 432Hz Harmonics?

Diagnosis Schizophrenia Cell phone towers GWEN Synthetic Telepathy MIND CONTROL. Wind turbines making people sick with mysterious illnesses. Your Smart Meter Could be Adversely Affecting your Health. Natural News Blogs Electrosmog: A Preventive Overview.