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Law, Justice, and the Holocaust. Background Between 1933 and 1945, Germany's government, led by Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist (Nazi) party, carried out a deliberate, calculated attack on European Jewry.

Law, Justice, and the Holocaust

Basing their actions on racist beliefs that Germans were a superior people and on an antisemitic ideology, and using World War II as a primary means to achieve their goals, the Nazis targeted Jews as the main enemy, killing six million Jewish men, women, and children by the time the war ended in 1945. This act of genocide is now known as the Holocaust. The mental rigours of being US president. Donald Trump is not the first president to be called unhinged.

The mental rigours of being US president

But many of his predecessors are thought to have endured mental health conditions ranging from social anxiety to bipolar disorder and even psychopathy. In the summer of 1776, the American Revolutionary War was going so badly for the rebels that George Washington apparently attempted suicide by redcoat. As his militiamen fled in panic at Kip's Bay, Manhattan, the 44-year-old supreme commander lapsed into a catatonic state, according to biographer Ron Chernow. Washington just sat on horseback staring into space as dozens of British soldiers charged at him across a cornfield. The future first US president's aides grabbed the reins of his mount and with some difficulty managed to spirit him to safety. Twenty years a fool: My long journey home from the left.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Twenty years a fool: My long journey home from the left Elizabeth Nickson March 1, 2015.

Twenty years a fool: My long journey home from the left

Gassing Operations. The Nazis began experimenting with poison gas for the purpose of mass murder in late 1939 with the killing of patients with mental and physical disabilities in the Euthanasia Program.

Gassing Operations

Euthanasia Program A Nazi euphemism, "euthanasia" referred to the systematic killing of those Germans whom the Nazis deemed "unworthy of life" because of mental illness or physical disability. Six gassing installations were established as part of the Euthanasia Program: Bernburg, Brandenburg, Grafeneck, Hadamar, Hartheim, and Sonnenstein. These killing centers used pure, chemically manufactured carbon monoxide gas. Gas Vans. Cinco de Mayo History: Battle of Puebla Was a Turning Point. The battle it commemorates changed the course of North American and European history.

Cinco de Mayo History: Battle of Puebla Was a Turning Point

The fifth of May has been a Mexican holiday since 1862, and has gradually become a bigger one in America. Like many American holidays, it is now encrusted with humbug and commercialism. As with St. The Empire of Lies: The twenty-first century will not belong to China. The Western press is full of stories these days on China’s arrival as a superpower, some even heralding, or warning, that the future may belong to her.

The Empire of Lies: The twenty-first century will not belong to China.

Western political and business delegations stream into Beijing, confident of China’s economy, which continues to grow rapidly. Investment pours in. Crowning China’s new status, Beijing will host the 2008 Summer Olympics. Rose Wilder Lane, Isabel Paterson, and Ayn Rand: Three Women Who Inspired the Modern Libertarian Movement. Mr.

Rose Wilder Lane, Isabel Paterson, and Ayn Rand: Three Women Who Inspired the Modern Libertarian Movement

Powell is editor of Laissez-Faire Books and a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute. He has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, American Heritage, and more than three dozen other publications. Copyright © 1996 by Jim Powell. Liberty was in full retreat in the early 1940s. Tyrants oppressed or threatened people on every continent. Established American authors who defended liberty were a dying breed. Oral Tradition - The Oldest True Stories in the World.

Nothing stirred in the relentless midday heat. The gum trees appeared exhausted, nearly drained of life. The hunters crouched in the foliage, their long, sharp spears poised to unleash at a moment’s notice. The giant birds that were the objects of their attention strode slowly, elegantly, unsuspecting. Most of these creatures were about 7 feet tall. The meat from even one animal offered the tribe sustenance for an extended period of time—but the hunters knew that this reward could come at a price.

The Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year 2019: Holocaust survivor Max Glauben. Leninthink by Gary Saul Morson. Editors’ note: The following is an edited version of remarks delivered at The New Criterion’s inaugural Circle Lecture on September 25, 2019.

Leninthink by Gary Saul Morson

Lenin was more severe. —Vyacheslav Molotov, the only senior official to work for both Lenin and Stalin, when asked to compare them. Lenin “in general” loved people but . . . his love looked far ahead, through the mists of hatred. —Maxim Gorky. How the great truth dawned by Gary Saul Morson. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s three-volume opus, The Gulag Archipelago, which some have called the most important masterpiece of the twentieth century, is subtitled: “An Experiment in Literary Investigation.”

How the great truth dawned by Gary Saul Morson

Consider how odd that is. No Westerner would call such a work “literary,” lest someone discount its documentary value. Literature is one thing, truth another, isn’t that correct? But Solzhenitsyn insists that absolutely everything included is strictly factual, a claim validated when the Soviet Union fell and archives were opened. The Progressive Feminist Who Founded the American Library Association Faces a Reckoning. The Dewey Decimal System is the foundation of the modern library.

The Progressive Feminist Who Founded the American Library Association Faces a Reckoning

Hundreds of thousands of libraries have laid out their collections around the work of the founder of the American Library Association. Now Melvil Dewey has been purged by the American Library Association. Why the Left Disowned Art. – Michael J. Pearce. A new era for painting and sculpture. Getting Over Coco. By my count, there have been five (5) picture-book biographies of Coco Chanel published since 2011. This is five (5) too many. To be fair, Along Came Coco by Eva Byrne (2019); Coco Chanel by Al Berenger (2018); Coco Chanel by Isabel Sanchez Vegara, illustrated by Ana Albero (2016); Coco and the Little Black Dress by Annemarie van Haeringen (2013); and Different Like Coco by Elizabeth Matthews (2011) each have something to recommend them.

Byrne’s book has lively, glam, fashion-illustration-inflected art, sure to entice Fancy Nancy fans. Berenger’s book offers simple subject-predicate sentences and Disney-esque art. No Sanitized Pages in History, Please! The Massive, Overlooked Role of Female Slave Owners. It's estimated that 40 percent of slave owners may have been white women. Most Americans know that George Washington owned enslaved people at his Mount Vernon home. But fewer probably know that it was his wife, Martha, who dramatically increased the enslaved population there. When they wed in 1759, George may have owned around 18 people. Death By Agriculture. Editor’s note: The following essay is an excerpt of the Hoover Press book Hammer, Sickle, and Soil: The Soviet Drive To Collectivize Agriculture. Russia entered the modern age during the reign of Peter the Great (r. 1682–1725). Among his first acts as sole ruler, after his half-brother and co-ruler, Ivan V, died in 1696, was to spend eighteen months in Europe, learning everything he could from a continent in the dramatic throes of a transformation more radical than any region of the world had ever undergone.

He studied a dozen trades—shipbuilding, dentistry, mapmaking, navigation, military science, engineering, and surgery, among others—and brought back with him specialists in these and other fields. He also sent hundreds of young Russians to study in Europe. The Return of Ancient Prejudices. The Enlightenment, Racist? No, Equality Was Key. Enlightenment Wars: Some Reflections on 'Enlightenment Now,' One Year Later. You wouldn’t think that a defense of reason, science, and humanism would be particularly controversial in an era in which those ideals would seem to need all the help they can get. Just Because Anti-Semites Talk About 'Cultural Marxism' Doesn't Mean It Isn't Real.

Did people drink water in the Middle Ages? “Let us make use of a healthy, natural drink which will sometimes be of benefit to both body and soul – if it is drawn not from a muddy cistern but from a clear well or the current of a transparent brook.” ~ Lupus Servatus, Abbot of Ferrieres (9th century) Camille Paglia: It’s Time for a New Map of the Gender World. Socialism Is So Hot Right Now. Does Locke's entanglement with slavery undermine his philosophy? John Locke, who lived through two revolutions in 17th-century England, remains perhaps the most important theorist about democracy. Translated into many different languages, Locke’s ideas inform contemporary philosophical debates about justice and rights, from relative egalitarians such as John Rawls to libertarians such as Robert Nozick to Amartya Sen’s critique of Western-based theories of justice.

The Arab World is Guilty of Colonialist Reversal. Were There Dark Ages? [Warning: non-historian arguing about history, which is always dangerous and sometimes awful. I will say in my defense that I’m drawing off the work of plenty of good historians like Bryan Ward-Perkins and Angus Maddison whom I interpret as agreeing with me. And that the people I am disagreeing with are not historians themselves, but other non-historians trying to interpret historians’ work in a popular way that I interpret as wrong. And that as far as I know no historian believes non-historians should never be allowed to talk about history if they try to be careful and cite their sources.

The Racial Segregation of American Cities Was Anything But Accidental. It’s not surprising to anyone who has lived in or visited a major American metropolitan region that the nation’s cities tend to be organized in their own particular racial pattern. In Chicago, it’s a north/south divide. In Austin, it’s west/east. Nuremberg's Last Living Prosecutor Has an Important Message - Foundation for Economic Education - Working for a free and prosperous world.

May 1: Victims of Communism Day. The Holocaust, the Left, and the Return of Hate - The Tower. Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times. Camille Paglia on Jews and Feminism. The Woman Who Shaped National Geographic. How Free Trade Triumphed and Made Europe Great. Fidel Castro slaughtered his critics and brought the world to the brink of Armageddon. The 25 Most Evil People in History. Neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Living under Hitler, living under Stalin. Audio of the Week: Listen to the only known recording of Hitler's normal speaking voice. FBI Papers on the Jewish Plot To Kill Hitler. Stalin: Inside the Terror. Why the Holocaust Should Matter to You. President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points. Bernie Sanders Wants Me to Apologize for Something I Didn’t Do. List of Presidents of the United States by age. An Account of the Leopold and Loeb Case. Scholars Debunk ‘Times’ Article on Temple Mount.

University of Virginia Library. CivilLaw.pdf. Constitutionally, Slavery Is No National Institution. Mises Daily. Renaming Mount McKinley Obama's Insult To Competence. The Age of Bad Holocaust Novels: Adam Kirsch Reviews John Donoghue's 'The Death's Head Chess Club' MilliganChurchillsIronCurtainSpeech-LessonPlanFinal2.docx-1.pdf.

Maori people. Leftists become incandescent when reminded of the socialist roots of Nazism. Constitution for the United States - We the People. Neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Ebola and the great forgetting: the best of times, the worst of times. Jefferson on Politics & Government: Native Americans. Washington Letter. Why Haiti and the Dominican Republic Are So Different.