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The Racial Segregation of American Cities Was Anything But Accidental. It’s not surprising to anyone who has lived in or visited a major American metropolitan region that the nation’s cities tend to be organized in their own particular racial pattern.

The Racial Segregation of American Cities Was Anything But Accidental

In Chicago, it’s a north/south divide. In Austin, it’s west/east. Nuremberg's Last Living Prosecutor Has an Important Message - Foundation for Economic Education - Working for a free and prosperous world. Only one lawyer who prosecuted the Nuremberg trials is still alive today, and he has an important message for the world: war is not the answer. 60 Minutes recently interviewed Ben Ferencz, a son of Romanian Jewish immigrants who found refuge in the United States.

Nuremberg's Last Living Prosecutor Has an Important Message - Foundation for Economic Education - Working for a free and prosperous world

His father worked as a janitor, and Ben was the first person in his family to go to college. After Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, he was driven to enlist in the military. Due to his short stature, the Air Force rejected him, as did the Marines. May 1: Victims of Communism Day. Perhaps as many as a hundred million people were victims of communism in the last century, deliberately rounded up, shot, starved, or simply forced to march into snowy wasteland until dead, exterminated by communist regimes.

May 1: Victims of Communism Day

The most comprehensive statistical source for democide statistics, Death By Government, puts the toll at 106 million. Necrometrics estimates that Stalin and Mao alone killed 60 million. Wikipedia, defining democide more narrowly, puts the toll between 21 million and 70 million. The Museum of iCommunism estimates 100 million murdered. The Black Book of iCommunism estimates 80 to 100 million. The Holocaust, the Left, and the Return of Hate - The Tower. Alex Chalmers, the co-chair of the Oxford University Labour Club, resigned on February 17, citing widespread anti-Semitism and hostility to Jews among its members.

The Holocaust, the Left, and the Return of Hate - The Tower

His statement and a subsequent press release by the Oxford University Jewish Society make for sobering reading, not least because this is not an isolated case. In early March, the British Labour Party was forced to explain why it allowed Gerry Downing, who had written about the need to “address the Jewish Question,” and Vicki Kirby, who once tweeted that Adolf Hitler might be the “Zionist God,” to be readmitted to the party following their suspension for anti-Semitism. Kirby had been nothing less than a parliamentary candidate, and upon her return was appointed vice-chair of her local party executive committee. Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times.

Camille Paglia on Jews and Feminism. “History moves in cycles,” Camille Paglia writes in the introduction to Free Women, Free Men, a new collection of her writing on sex and feminism.

Camille Paglia on Jews and Feminism

Reading her work of the last quarter-century, it is indeed remarkable how everything old has become new again. Rape on college campuses, sexual harassment, political correctness: These issues are headline news today, just as they were when Paglia emerged as a major public voice in the early 1990s. The Woman Who Shaped National Geographic. How Free Trade Triumphed and Made Europe Great. We are in the midst of the centenary of the First World War, which was fought from 1914 to 1918.

How Free Trade Triumphed and Made Europe Great

But, in fact, the true first modern world war enveloped Europe and other parts of the globe more than a century earlier from 1791 to 1815, during which first Revolutionary and then Napoleonic France was at war with virtually all the nations of Europe. Death and destruction followed everywhere as the French armies invaded and occupied countries and then were resisted and driven out. Historian Robert Mackenzie explained the conflict in his 1882 history of the nineteenth century: “At the opening of the Nineteenth Century all Europe was occupied with war. The European people then numbered one hundred and seventy million, and of these four million were set apart, by their own choice or the decree of their governments, to the business of fighting. Economic Warfare to Beggar-Thy-Neighbor. Fidel Castro slaughtered his critics and brought the world to the brink of Armageddon.

While his modish Western admirers liked to call him ‘Fidel’, the despotic President Castro’s frightened subjects dared not speak his name.

Fidel Castro slaughtered his critics and brought the world to the brink of Armageddon

They feared they would be overheard by ever-present secret police spies who made East Germany’s Stasi look like amateurs. Glancing around nervously, they would mime either a beard or a set of epaulettes, before speaking in whispers about the tyrant who dominated every aspect of their hungry, censored lives. No wonder. The 25 Most Evil People in History. Neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Living under Hitler, living under Stalin. Commmenter “Tom G” writes: …[N]on-Jewish “German life in Nazi Germany” before and thru the war was a heck of lot better than “Russian life in the USSR”.

neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Living under Hitler, living under Stalin

Knowing what I know now, if I had to choose how to live thru that time, I’d have chosen to live under Hitler rather than Stalin (being also non-Jewish). “German life in Nazi Germany” before and thru the war was a heck of lot better than “Russian life in the USSR”. Audio of the Week: Listen to the only known recording of Hitler's normal speaking voice. FBI Papers on the Jewish Plot To Kill Hitler. “In 1933, I was approached by someone respectable, a Jew not involved in any criminal activity, and asked for my help.

FBI Papers on the Jewish Plot To Kill Hitler

He wanted me to contact some of my underworld pals in a plan to kill Hitler.” I stared at the man sitting across from me. I was incredulous. A plan to kill Hitler in 1933? Involving Jewish American mobsters? Stalin: Inside the Terror. Why the Holocaust Should Matter to You. People tour the nation’s capital to be delighted by symbols of America’s greatness and history.

Why the Holocaust Should Matter to You

They seek out monuments and museums that pay tribute to the nation state and its works. President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points. President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points 8 January, 1918: President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points It will be our wish and purpose that the processes of peace, when they are begun, shall be absolutely open and that they shall involve and permit henceforth no secret understandings of any kind. The day of conquest and aggrandizement is gone by; so is also the day of secret covenants entered into in the interest of particular governments and likely at some unlooked-for moment to upset the peace of the world. It is this happy fact, now clear to the view of every public man whose thoughts do not still linger in an age that is dead and gone, which makes it possible for every nation whose purposes are consistent with justice and the peace of the world to avow nor or at any other time the objects it has in view.

I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. Bernie Sanders Wants Me to Apologize for Something I Didn’t Do. It’s hard getting old. Bernie Sanders is getting old and he’s not thinking straight. It doesn’t help that his political philosophy is out of whack. His latest scheme to get votes is demanding that white America apologize for slavery. I’m pretty sure that the deaths of 600,000 dead American citizens who died to “free the slaves” is quite an apology. List of Presidents of the United States by age. This is a list of United States Presidents by age. This table can be sorted to display United States Presidents by name, order of office, date of birth, age at inauguration, length of retirement, or lifespan.

Age at inauguration is determined by the day a president assumed office, not the day of the election. An Account of the Leopold and Loeb Case. A tragedy of three young lost lives, a dead fourteen-year-old victim and the imprisonment of two teenage killers, unfolded in Chicago in 1924. Scholars Debunk ‘Times’ Article on Temple Mount. History is too vast, and time too short, to waste on fool-proofing for nonsense, which is why you won’t find serious historians spending their time de-bunking late-night pseudo-documentaries about the alien landing in Nevada that set off the Cold War or the super-secret advanced society that ruled the lost continent of Atlantis. But what happens when a marginal, crackpot theory makes its way into a major media outlet, where it has been deployed, consciously or not, for insidious political purposes?

From Thursday’s New York Times: University of Virginia Library. CivilLaw.pdf. Constitutionally, Slavery Is No National Institution. Photo THE Civil War began over a simple question: Did the Constitution of the United States recognize slavery — property in humans — in national law? Southern slaveholders, inspired by Senator John C. Mises Daily. Old people in Sweden say that to be Swedish means to supply for your own, to take care of your self, and never be a burden on anyone else's shoulders.

Renaming Mount McKinley Obama's Insult To Competence. Politics: President Obama says he's changing the name of Alaska's Mt. The Age of Bad Holocaust Novels: Adam Kirsch Reviews John Donoghue's 'The Death's Head Chess Club' MilliganChurchillsIronCurtainSpeech-LessonPlanFinal2.docx-1.pdf. Maori people. Leftists become incandescent when reminded of the socialist roots of Nazism. Constitution for the United States - We the People.

Neo-neocon » Blog Archive » Ebola and the great forgetting: the best of times, the worst of times. Jefferson on Politics & Government: Native Americans. Washington Letter. Why Haiti and the Dominican Republic Are So Different.