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International Creators Magazine. The Trendy Girl - Girly Trends Magazine. Best website, Web design inspiration showcase. Be inspired Art. Architect and digital artist Laurent Rosset creates sweeping photographic landscapes the seem to curl upward into infinity like an enormous wave that obliterates the sky.


Rosset uses much of his own photography to create each image and enjoys discovering how even slight manipulations can vastly change the composition or meaning of a photograph. You can see more of his work on Instagram, and if you liked this also check out Aydin Buyuktas. (via Colossal Submissions) Archaeologists in Turkey recently unearthed an exceptionally preserved mosaic inside the remains of a building from the 3rd century. One section of the three-panel artwork includes a reclining skeleton with an arm over its head, holding a glass of wine and resting an elbow on a loaf of bread. All images via Dan Lam Covered in tiny, multicolored spikes of acrylic paint, Dan Lam's oozing sculptures seem nearly radioactive, glowing as if lit by some unnatural source.

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Grid Based Web Design Resources. As a complement to our prior post "30 Grid-Based Websites", we've made a selection of indispensable resources like layout frameworks, tutorials, books, templates and useful tools that can help you understand and implement grid based design in your projects.

Grid Based Web Design Resources

Let's start with a little history. Many of you know who Massimo Vignelli is, a known designer with a solid modernist influence who developed his career in numerous areas of design. In 1977, he designed the Unigrid System for the National Park Service. The module grid system allowed the creation of brochures in ten basic formats keeping a consistent, recognizable structure. Working with Big Brands: Examples of Success. It seems like a general rule that when creative teams work with big names or large institutions the final results aren't at all similar to what the team had in mind at the beginning of the process.

Working with Big Brands: Examples of Success

The ebb and flow of creativity and ideas is easy at first with all the adrenaline and excitement of having landed a large account. But then comes the execution of the project, the process. Of course, these organizations know their audience better than you do, so it's a job that has to be done jointly. Large companies tend to have large teams which equals many opinions at once. And when their opinions are dissonant amongst each other, it just gets worse. Work We Award. BLDGWLF. 25 Stylish 404 Page Not Found HTML Website Templates. The 404 error is one of the most recognizable errors users can find on the web.

25 Stylish 404 Page Not Found HTML Website Templates

When you visit a non-existent URL on a website, you’ll often come face to face with an error message. The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. These high quality 404 error pages are created by professional website designers. 25 Beautiful premium 404 page not found HTML website templates and layouts. 404 Error Page HTML Website Templates and Layouts TheLoop Error Page Template TheLoop is a unique new Error page template. Download & Info Lost in Space – Error 404. Web. For a business to be successful, the product or service it delivers must be known to prospective consumers.


Unless your business is known in the public and have communication with your clients readily available, you have to use marketing tactics to create product or service awareness. Generating and sustaining a business presence online is more practical than ever before and is essential because it aligns with the way clients make purchasing judgments. HOME.

Web design inspiration. Web and Luxe - Blog Luxe Marketing Mode Web et Nouvelles Technologies. Paperplane - Street, ambient, guérilla marketing and out of home. 55 Excellent Examples of Websites Using HTML5. 1860 shares 10 HTML5 Demos to Make You Forget About Flash You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about how Flash is a dying technology and how it’ll soon be replaced by HTML5.

55 Excellent Examples of Websites Using HTML5

Personally, I think that it will slowly replace Flash for some things, but Flash will always have a place, especially for developing complex games and rich internet applications. If you’ve yet to see… Read More 57 shares 20+ Tools for Quick and Clean Code Development. Octobre 2011. N’ayez crainte, je n’ai pas oublié votre rendez-vous mensuel des incontournables.Découvrez 28 sites parmi ceux qui ont rempli le paysage webdesign de ce mois d’octobre.

octobre 2011

Sélectionnés pour leur maitrise de l’HTML, du CSS, du Javascript et globalement pour leur originalité, savourez cette sélection d’automne qui vous redonnera le sourire. WebdesignerTrends - Ressources utiles pour le webdesign, actus du web, sélection de sites et de tutoriels. Web Designer - defining the internet through beautiful design.

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