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Math and science done right. Memorias de un tambor. Historia de España para el siglo XXI. The Brain with David Eagleman. The Brain with David Eagleman is a PBS documentary series created and presented by neuroscientist Dr.

The Brain with David Eagleman

David Eagleman. Eagleman explores the wonders of the human brain with the goal of revealing why we feel and think the things we do.[2][3][4] The series debuted on PBS in 2015,[5] followed by airings on the BBC in the United Kingdom and the SBS in Australia. As of early 2016 it has been nominated for an Emmy Award. Episode List[edit] The series consists of six 1-hour episodes:[6] Book[edit] Eagleman's book to accompany the series, The Brain: The Story of You,[7] was co-published by Pantheon Books (US) and Canongate Books (UK). Reception[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] The Brain with David Eagleman on the Internet Movie Database.

Leonard Susskind. Leonard Susskind (n.

Leonard Susskind

Nueva York, 1940)[1]​ es profesor en física teórica en la Universidad Stanford. Sus intereses de investigación incluyen la teoría de cuerdas, teoría cuántica de campos, la mecánica cuántica y la cosmología cuántica.[2]​ Helen Czerski. Tabla de mareas 2017 de Roses, Girona para la pesca. Index. About — Aeon. Since September 2012, Aeon has been publishing some of the most profound and provocative thinking on the web.

About — Aeon

It asks the biggest questions and finds the freshest, most original answers, provided by world-leading authorities on science, philosophy and society. Aeon has four channels, and all four are completely free to enjoy. Most weekdays, it publishes Essays – longform explorations of deep issues written by serious and creative thinkers. From Monday to Friday, it also publishes Opinions – short provocations, maintaining Aeon’s high argumentative standards but in a more nimble and immediate form. Aeon’s Video channel streams a mixture of curated short documentaries and original Aeon content, including a series of interviews with experts at the forefront of thought. Finally, Aeon’s Conversations channel invites the reader in to put their own arguments and points of view.

Aeon was founded in London by Paul and Brigid Hains. The team. Michio Kaku. Datos biográficos[editar] Dos pasiones me han motivado durante toda mi vida: el deseo de comprender las leyes físicas del universo dentro de una única teoría coherente, y el deseo de ver el futuro.

Michio Kaku

Finalmente me di cuenta que ambas pasiones eran en realidad complementarias. De padres japoneses, en su hogar fue educado en las enseñanzas del budismo, mientras que en la escuela recibió enseñanza cristiana. Backyard Brains. Nightscapes & Time-Lapse book. What’s in the book ...

Nightscapes & Time-Lapse book

Getting Started The digital revolution and how DSLRs make shooting the “world at night” possible; Plus the steps to learning how to take great images and time-lapse movies Chapter 1: Choosing and Using Gear Choosing a camera; Setting a camera for exposure, file type, noise reduction, focus, and other menu functions; Choosing lenses Chapter 2: Twilight Time Shooting still images of sunsets, twilights, conjunctions, moonrises, and twilight panoramas Chapter 3: Auroras When and where to see auroras (Northern and Southern Lights); How to set your camera. Zooniverse - Real Science Online.

Shiny - Gallery. Home. Quincunx. Minitab. Minitab® 17 Analice sus datos y mejore sus productos y servicios con el software de herramientas estadísticas más utilizado en el mundo entero para implementar proyectos Six Sigma.


Más información | Prueba Gratis. Persi Diaconis. Card shuffling[edit] Diaconis has coauthored several more recent papers expanding on his 1992 results and relating the problem of shuffling cards to other problems in mathematics.

Persi Diaconis

Among other things, they showed that the separation distance of an ordered blackjack deck (that is, aces on top, followed by 2's, followed by 3's, etc.) drops below .5 after 7 shuffles. Separation distance is an upper bound for variation distance.[8][9] El quinzet. ¡Cuánta Ciencia! » Noticias de Ciencia, Tecnología y Salud. Mark Burgess Website. The Making of a Software Wind-Tunnel Could we make the analogue of a wind tunnel for scale testing of software?

Mark Burgess Website

Part 1 Part 2 Automated EBook Publishing for Kindle from Latex source with CFEngine As someone who uses Latex for its superior print quality, I was disappointed (but not surprised) to learn that the tools for publishing on Kindle do not include Latex support. So here is how to build Kindle from Latex using CFEngine. Configuration Management for Continuous Delivery Continuous delivery of software has been championed lately, and made popular by Thoughtworks philosophers, most notably Jez Humble and David Farley, amongst others of Martin Fowler's group. New Technology, Science News, The Future Now. ResearchGate. Science - Journals. [Libros que nos inspiran] ‘El poder de la neurodiversidad’ de Thomas Armstrong. KRAUS, LAWRENCE M. - the physics of star trek.pdf - - uso compartido de documentos - descargar - KIKA KINKICH. Ciencia, Tecnología y Pensamiento.

Bienvenido a REDcientífica. Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics.


Space. Edge : Conversations on the edge of human knowledge. SINC - Servicio de Información y Noticias Científicas. CWP at Antropologia.