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2020 US Election

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11/3/20: Biden Racks Up More GOP Support In Final Days – the Complete List. Democratic candidate Joe Biden is padding his already historically large list of crossover endorsements in the final days of the presidential campaign – a list that includes former GOP heavyweights and presidential candidates, party veterans and even some Trump administration officials.

11/3/20: Biden Racks Up More GOP Support In Final Days – the Complete List

Former Gov. John Kasich, who challenged Trump for the GOP nomination in 2016, has been one of Biden’s most vocal Republican backers, lauding his “experience and his wisdom and his decency” at the Democratic convention. Biden has won the endorsements of four Republican cabinet secretaries; Obama administration Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and Bush administration Secretary of State Colin Powell and EPA Director Christine Whitman, who appeared at the DNC alongside Kasich. Anthony Scaramucci, who served as Trump’s White House communications director for just two weeks, endorsed Biden and called Trump “crazy.” Former Rep. 11/4/20: Now We Wait. Mother Jones illustration For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis, the election, and more, subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily newsletter.

11/4/20: Now We Wait

As Election Night 2020 turned into the Day After Election Night, the picture was clear: there would be no picture. After four years of Trump, the country remained too divided to clearly decide whether he should stay or go. It remained possible Donald Trump might be decisively booted from office. It remained possible he might retain power. In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia election officials slogged through an all night count.

The most important election of all time was placed in suspended animation. The remaining possible scenarios appeared to favor Biden, who is already leading in tabulations of the popular vote. This situation—no clear outcome on election night—was no shocker. Meanwhile, the Democrats picked up some Senate seats, but not enough to gain control of the upper chamber of Congress. 11/4/20: Biden Just Won Arizona—Thanks to Latinx Activists. Joe Biden speaks at the Carpenters Local Union 1912 in Phoenix on Oct. 8, 2020, to kick off a small business bus tour.

11/4/20: Biden Just Won Arizona—Thanks to Latinx Activists

Carolyn Kaster/AP For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis, the election, and more, subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily newsletter. For years, pundits have been tracking Arizona’s Latinx voters, saying they had the potential to tip the state blue one day. That day has finally come. Early Wednesday morning, according to the Associated Press and Fox News, Joe Biden pulled out a surprising victory on the back of a strong showing in Maricopa County—a place made notorious by the anti-immigrant, racist policies of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 11/4/20: Tapper rebukes Trump's election speech: Shockingly disappointing. 11/5/20: Cobair Rips Up The Monologue & Starts Over After Trump's Heartbreaking Thursday Night Lie Fest. 11/6/20: We Won. Joe Biden Will Be President-Elect.

11/7: Harris Makes History as 1st Woman & Woman of Color VP. From the earliest days of her childhood, Kamala Harris was taught that the road to racial justice was long.

11/7: Harris Makes History as 1st Woman & Woman of Color VP

She spoke often on the campaign trail of those who had come before her, of her parents, immigrants drawn to the civil rights struggle in the United States — and of the ancestors who had paved the way. As she took the stage in Texas shortly before the election, Ms. Harris spoke of being singular in her role but not solitary. “Yes, sister, sometimes we may be the only one that looks like us walking in that room,” she told a largely Black audience in Fort Worth. “But the thing we all know is we never walk in those rooms alone — we are all in that room together.” 11/7/20: Biden Wins Presidency, Ending 4 Tumultuous Years Under Trump. But as the big cities of the Midwest and West began to report their totals, the advantage in the race shifted the electoral map in Mr.

11/7/20: Biden Wins Presidency, Ending 4 Tumultuous Years Under Trump

Biden’s favor. By Wednesday afternoon, the former vice president had rebuilt much of the so-called blue wall in the Midwest, reclaiming the historically Democratic battlegrounds of Wisconsin and Michigan that Mr. 11/7/20: Biden calls for unity in presidential acceptance speech. 11/9/20: Election Results 2020: John Oliver.

Ongoing: Connivery & Meddling from Trump/GOP in 2020 Elections

11/11/20: No Evidence of Voter Fraud. In Washington, the losing Republican candidate for governor, Loren Culp, has disputed the Republican secretary of state’s determination that the election there was free of fraud.

11/11/20: No Evidence of Voter Fraud

The secretary of state, Kim Wyman, has in turn challenged Mr. Culp, trailing by roughly 14 percentage points in the results, to produce evidence. 11/13/20: Cooper- Trump's outrage doesn't matter. Here's what does. 11/14/20: Highlights From President-Elect Biden's Transition: November 13, 2020. President-elect Joseph R.

11/14/20: Highlights From President-Elect Biden's Transition: November 13, 2020

Biden Jr. narrowly defeated President Trump in Georgia, and Mr. Trump won North Carolina, as the two final states were called on Friday, a week and a half after Election Day. Mr. Biden now has 306 electoral votes and Mr. Trump has 232. 11/19/20: Processing the Persistent Polling Error. In the waning days of 2012 election, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan wrote a universally derided column predicting that Mitt Romney would beat Barack Obama.

11/19/20: Processing the Persistent Polling Error

To buttress her prediction, Noonan offered no data, demographic trends, or voting patterns. Her column was based entirely on absurd, out of touch anecdotes such as: There’s the thing about the yard signs. In Florida a few weeks ago I saw Romney signs, not Obama ones. From Ohio I hear the same.

2020 US Presidential Election Polling

2020 Exit Polls: How valid can they possibly be? The Much Mentioned US Divide.. How Accurate Is That? 10/22/20: What happens after polls close in a U.S. presidential election. On Nov. 3, millions of Americans will trek to their local polling places to cast their ballots for the next president.

10/22/20: What happens after polls close in a U.S. presidential election

That evening, after the polls close, they’ll settle down in front of their televisions to watch the returns roll in from across the country. Sometime that night or early the next morning, the networks and wire services will call the race, and Americans will know whether President Donald Trump has won a second term or been ousted by former Vice President Joe Biden.

Just about every statement in the previous paragraph is false, misleading or at best lacking important context. Over the years, Americans have gotten used to their election nights coming off like a well-produced game show, with the big reveal coming before bedtime (a few exceptions like the 2000 election notwithstanding). In truth, they’ve never been quite as simple or straightforward as they appeared. Here’s our guide to what happens after the polls close on election night. How to vote in every state: a guide. Americans tend to think of voting as something you do on Election Day, a sacred democratic ritual: go to the polls, fill out your ballot in a booth, then wear an “I Voted” sticker to tout your civic virtue.

How to vote in every state: a guide.

The reality is often messier than that, as we’ve seen every year in the hourslong lines, broken machines, and utter confusion at polling places across the country. In 2020, amid a pandemic, this ritual is not only ineffective—it may also be dangerous. Our ability to exercise the right to vote is under threat. President Donald Trump has assailed mail-in voting, even though it is safe, secure, and more popular than ever before. He has refused vital funding for the U.S. This guide is designed to help Americans vote—and make sure their ballots are actually counted. Although every state sets a date by which absentee ballots must be received to be counted, we have excluded those from our recommendations in light of this year’s unusual circumstances.

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