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Pilo lance une pile auto-rechargeable pour les objets connectés. Dans la vision de Pilo, jeune start-up présente à la conférence LeWeb 2014, améliorer une batterie, c'est réussir à s'en passer...

Pilo lance une pile auto-rechargeable pour les objets connectés

La start-up a déjà mis sur pied une pile qui se recharge toute seule. 11 Novembre 2014. Ce qui va suivre est une illustration de ce qui subsiste d’une interview menée par une journaliste, sur le thème d’une émission commandée par la chaîne Planête sur le thème : “les OVNI et le pouvoir”.

11 Novembre 2014

Quand j’avais été sollicité fin 2013 par cette jeune journaliste et réalisatrice, Clémence de la Robertie et qu’elle avait évoqué le thème de son enquête, je lui avais tout de suite dit : En France, c’est un sujet chaud. On ne s’est pas ingénié à dissimuler des choses mais à empêcher des recherches de se développer, au demeurant fort intéressantes sur le plan de la recherche scientifique fondamentale. Je ne crois pas qu’il faille rechercher des responsabilités au plus haut niveau de l’Etat. Bien avant cela, plusieurs entités ont participé à ce blocage : le monde scientifique avec son principal représentant français dont je dépendais : le CNRS, et le CNES qui se considère en quelque sorte comme “propriétaire de l’espace”.

“j’ai consulté ma rédaction. La fin de l’émission est amusante. NASA Images Find 1.7 Million Year Old Man-Made Bridge. By: Nidhi Goyal | December 12th, 2013 The 18-mile bridge is said to have been passable by foot until the 1400s.

NASA Images Find 1.7 Million Year Old Man-Made Bridge

Image courtesy NASA The NASA Shuttle has imaged a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka. The bridge was purportedly passable on foot until 1480 AD when a cyclone moved the sand around. Adam Walked The Earth 209,000 Years Ago - 9000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought. - Adam - our most common male ancestor walked the earth 209,000 years ago, according to new study.

Adam Walked The Earth 209,000 Years Ago - 9000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

The research conducted by Dr Eran Elhaik from the University of Sheffield and Dr Dan Graur from the University of Houston, also debunked the discovery of the Y chromosome that supposedly predated humanity. Researchers used conventional biological models to date our most common male ancestor 'Adam' in his rightful place in evolutionary history. The ground breaking results showed that this is 9,000 years earlier than scientists originally believed. Aliens Dock Ship At ISS To Have Meeting On Live Cam, Video. (Before It's News) “This was caught by Streetcap1 of Youtube and yes its 100% real.

Aliens Dock Ship At ISS To Have Meeting On Live Cam, Video

I have followed this guy and his research for two years and he has never tried deceive anyone. He, like myself only seeks the truth,” says Scott Waring, author of UFO Sightings Daily. Date of sighting: January 29, 2014. Fevrier. Révélation "Paul Hellyer" en français (publié le 1 février 2014) Une fuite de documents lie les rapports d’Edward Snowden aux OVNIs. Leaked document confirms 2013 Examiner report linking Edward Snowden to UFOs - Vancouver ufo.

In a stunning development published on February 24, 2014, the Intercept has released three UFO images as part of a 50-slide PowerPoint presentation from what it describes as the Edward Snowden archives of secret files allegedly stolen from the NSA.

Leaked document confirms 2013 Examiner report linking Edward Snowden to UFOs - Vancouver ufo

Publication of "The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations" now offers independent third-party evidence linking the self-styled surveillance program whistleblower to UFOs in support of claims that first appeared in an internationally syndicated news article released over seven months earlier. Slides 35 to 37 of the “Art of Deception” document display photographs and video still frames of flying saucer-like objects under a section titled “Influence and Information Operations.”

In such remarks, could the former Guardian columnist be inferring the existence of intelligence operations targeting public UFO research and activist contactee videographers? First Reported in June 2013. Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened! Dangerous Human-Animal Hybrids Being Manufactured Right Now! (Jaw-Dropping Videos) (Before It's News) By Josey Wales I strongly recommend you watch the videos I have included in this post that will verify the information I am presenting in this post.

Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened! Dangerous Human-Animal Hybrids Being Manufactured Right Now! (Jaw-Dropping Videos)

FACT: Scientists all over the world are creating extremely bizarre human-animal chimeras. Over the past decade, there have been some absolutely stunning advances in the field of genetic modification. Un ENORME Objet Mystérieux Pris en Photo Près de Jupiter en Février 2014 (Vidéo HD) Des chercheurs inventent les lentilles à vision nocturne. New Technology Allows Water Purification Using Sunlight. At the 247th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical society (ACS), researcher Anne Morrisey from Dublin City University reported her team's new technology, which hopes to provide a simple water purifying system that makes use of sunlight.

New Technology Allows Water Purification Using Sunlight

Morrisey's team began by using a compound called titanium dioxide (TiO2). TiO2 can act as a catalyst; something that speeds up a reaction without being used up itself, but is usually dependent on UV light. In order for this compound to be useful, it would need to be active in visible light. Therefore, the group started investigating the best shape of TiO2 which would allow this property. Although they found the ideal conformation, it was later discovered that TiO2 was inadequate when used alone. New Evidence Suggests Earth Has Vast Subterranean Oceans. It sounds like something from one of those cranks who believe the Earth is hollow, or a mash-up between Jules Verne's classics Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, but University of Alberta scientists claim to have evidence of a vast waterbody 500km beneath our feet.

New Evidence Suggests Earth Has Vast Subterranean Oceans

The evidence for such a large claim is rather small – a few micrograms of water trapped inside a single gem, but according to Dr Graham Pearson, “That particular zone in the Earth, the transition zone, might have as much water as all the world’s oceans put together.” Ringwoodite is named for Dr Ted Ringwood, an expert in the transformations that occur in certain rocks at high pressures.

François Asselineau sur l'Ukraine : "C'est bien le moment pour parler de complot !". Quantum Dot Technology Could Lead To Solar Panel Windows. Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Milano-Bicocca have designed and synthesized a new generation of quantum dots for use in solar energy systems that overcome previous inefficiencies in harvesting sunlight.

Quantum Dot Technology Could Lead To Solar Panel Windows

The study has been published in the journal Nature Photonics.


5/12/2014 LEAKED! SECRET RUSSIAN UFO SATELLITE IMAGES AT SATURN. Pope approves of baptizing Martians. Pope Francis announced that everyone has the right to baptism. Even aliens from Mars. French news agency AFP reports that during the Pope’s daily mass on Monday, May 12, he stated that “Christians cannot ‘close the door’ to all those who seek baptism even if they are ‘green men, with a long nose and big ears, like children draw.’”

He continued: If tomorrow, for example, an expedition of Martians arrives, and some of them came to us, here . . . Martians, right? Pope Francis. Mai. Juin.


Aout. September. Preuves de la télépathie comportementale de masse. Interview de l'ex ministre du Canada sur les ovnis et les extraterrestres. Edgar Cayce: ‘Russia – The Hope of The World’ Reposted from | By Jeff Rense (July14, 2008) The readings of America’s greatest psychic remain an extraordinary body of data which often stagger the reader with its prescience and projections of future events. Many years ago, during the cold war, I remember reading about how Cayce claimed – while in one of his self-induced trance sessions – some remarkable things about Russia.

Today, much of the world views Russia and the brilliant leadership of Vladimir Putin as the only hope of stopping the malignant and deadly spread of world (Nazi) zionism. The signing of the new Russian-Iranian strategic gas and oil agreement on Sunday, July 13, further seems to underscore that any attack on Iran may bring Russia directly and immediately into the conflict on the side of peace and the preservation of a free and independent Middle East and – some would argue by extension – the world.

Energy. People Can Draw Energy From Other People The Same Way Plants Do. A biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major impact on the future of bioenergy eventually providing the evidence to show that people draw energy from others in much the same way. Voiture volante, entièrement autonome. Imaginez un futur où vous pourriez monter à bord d'une voiture volante, vous installer et vous relaxer, pendant que cette dernière vous emmènerait automatiquement à la destination que vous lui avez indiqué.

Ce futur n'est peut-être pas si lointain. La société Terrafugia a récemment annoncé travailler sur ce projet fou, mais bien réel. L'objectif annoncé par le fondateur et PDG de la société est de créer une voiture volante, entièrement autonome, qui soit plus sûre qu'un véhicule classique.

Using Seawater To Create Jet Fuel. Scientists from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have demonstrated significant progress in their novel gas-to-liquid process, which simultaneously recovers carbon dioxide and hydrogen from seawater, and report that it can produce a fuel-like hydrocarbon liquid which may eventually offer a renewable replacement for petroleum based fuel in jet engines.

The ability of Naval Vessels to generate fuel conveys numerous advantages. First off, during conflict this means that the aircraft carrier can maintain a constant supply of fuel without having to spend time away from the mission by returning to land to re-fuel. This time could be significant if the surrounding countries are not friendly forces. DISCLOSURE of New Technology to the world. The agencies and individuals who have been blocking it.

How A Drop of Seawater on Graphene Generates Electricity. Ever since the early 19th century, scientists have known that an electric potential can be generated by simply driving an ionic liquid -- fluids with charged ions in it, like water or sodium chloride solution -- through channels or holes under a pressure gradient. En prison pour avoir refusé de polluer ! Chère amie, cher ami, Géoingenierie et chemtrails par Claire Chazal. Témoignage : "Oui les militaires empoisonnent la population avec les chemtrails" Cette donneuse d'alerte à travaillé pendant de nombreuses années à l'US Air Force. Elle est ingénieur hygiéniste industrielle spécialisée en Bio environnent. ELocaL COMMUNITY MAGAZINE - DNA to Rock the nation Part 1. Changing Our New Zealand History Tears run from her translucent eyes as Monica Matamua learns the news that may change the path for her tribe and answer questions that have been haunting her whanau for generations.

Eyes are the windows to the soul and for 72-year-old Monica, her eyes tell a story better than any words can. Those hazel eyes speak of a tribe of people, steeped in history and entwined throughout the years of Maori folklore, yet until now, fobbed off as eccentrics, strangers and in some cases, ‘mystical beings’. The Patupaiarehe people (and the Urukehu) are well known for their light skin, fair hair and translucent eyes, which is evident when looking at Monica, who has been bullied and teased for years because of the way she looks. Physicists say energy can be teleported 'without a limit of distance'

L'énergie peut être téléportée "sans aucune limite de distance" US Gov Suppresses Solar Hydride Free Energy System! Glenn Canady Facebook: