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Immersive Arts Alliance. Pan American Unity (Full Mural) – Diego Rivera Mural Project. Among Rare Men: Bronzino and Homoerotic Culture at the Medici Court. Reuben Wu. Artist Walead Beshty Shipped Glass Boxes Inside FedEx Boxes to Produce Shatte... A Dash of Art History — Large (Wikimedia) As you might guess from the... Here to Stay Online. [Chat "regardant" à travers une longue-vue et autre chat perché dessus] : [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol] Title : [Chat "regardant" à travers une longue-vue et autre chat perché dessus] : [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol] Author : Agence Rol.

[Chat "regardant" à travers une longue-vue et autre chat perché dessus] : [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol]

Agence photographique (commanditaire) Publication date : 1911 Type : image image Type : still image still image Type : photograph photograph Language : fre Language : français Format : 1 photogr. nég. sur verre ; 13 x 18 cm (sup.) 1 photogr. nég. sur verre ; 13 x 18 cm (sup.) Format : image/jpeg image/jpeg. Virtual Library (Publications Getty)

File:One of the iwan ceilings of Fatima Masumeh Shrine in atabki sahn, Qom, Iran.jpg. Michael Clark. ‘Andy Warhol and Members of the Factory, 30 October 1969’, Richard Avedon, 1969. In 1969 Richard Avedon photographed the artist Andy Warhol and his entourage of aspiring actors and directors, testifying to ‘the dubious glory of the whole disreputable crew’ (Hamburger Kunsthalle 1999, p.287).

‘Andy Warhol and Members of the Factory, 30 October 1969’, Richard Avedon, 1969

Kaytea Petro at Gnome Island Studios. Rethinking Guernica. Picasso's Twentieth-Century Work-Icon Close-Up. Arts Magazine. New Zealand tourism posters. Soon All This Will Be Picturesque Ruins: The Installations of David Wojnarowicz - David Wojnarowicz. PROJECTS CABARET. EL PENE EN LA HISTORIA DEL ARTE EN COLOMBIA, UROLOGÍA COLOMBIANA, SALUD. Cal Academy Nightlife « Nigel Sussman. This complex isometric illustration was commissioned by California Academy of Sciences to use as a way to promote their Nightlife program.

Cal Academy Nightlife « Nigel Sussman

I worked with Ron Foth Advertising and the CAS design team to create a fun image that exemplifies the spirit of the museum and the event. Nightlife at CAS happens every Thursday night, and is a unique way to experience the museum for anybody that loves learning, science, and is over 21. David Wojnarowicz. COLLAGE - The London Picture Archive. SWT astronomers sleuth van Gogh “Moonrise” mystery : Office of Media Relations. Date of release: 06/10/03 SAN MARCOS – Of all the works by Vincent van Gogh--and the Dutch master produced more than 2,000 paintings, drawings and sketches in his lifetime--the painting Moonrise has remained one of the most mysterious and enigmatic.

SWT astronomers sleuth van Gogh “Moonrise” mystery : Office of Media Relations

Until now. Astronomers at Southwest Texas State University have applied their unique brand of forensic astronomy to the puzzle, shedding new light on the celestial scene: Van Gogh painted Moonrise July 13, 1889 at the Saint-Paul monastery in Saint-Rémy, France. At 9:08 p.m., local mean time, to be precise. Deep Dream Your Photos. Men In Western Art Who Are So Beautiful And Sleepy. Ah lads I fear this is the end for your old pal Handsome Pete I am undone by my own babeliness and must rest til either the end of the earth or of mine own great hotness comes this is it for me im a goner don’t talk like that it’s not your time it’s not your time yet who are you trying to kid I’ve been gorgeous for years now nothing to do now but lay down and give up the fight tell everyone – no tell everyone how hot I was you tell ’em you tell ’em yourself, Hank Hank?

Men In Western Art Who Are So Beautiful And Sleepy

Hank? Im so hot i dont think ill ever be able to stand up again ralphie the hotness just melted right through my spine oh no im a fox. Anton Bugai. A Sketchy Past, The Art of Peter de Sève. EatSleepDraw. ART & ARTISTS: J. C. Leyendecker - part 7. Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 – 1951) was one of the pre-eminent American illustrators of the early 20th century.

ART & ARTISTS: J. C. Leyendecker - part 7

He is best known for his poster, book and advertising illustrations, the trade character known as The Arrow Collar Man, and his numerous covers for The Saturday Evening Post. Peeled sky paintings (2000-2006) Grant Morrison’s 18 Days. From Grant Morrison, the acclaimed writer of Batman, and superstar artist, Mukesh Singh comes “18 Days”, the story of three generations of super- warriors, meeting for the final battle of their age. 18 Days is a re-imagining of the great myth, the Mahabharata and follows the course of the climactic war that concludes the age of the gods and begins the age of man. 18 DAYS is the prototype for every war ever fought.

Grant Morrison’s 18 Days

The scale is epic, wherein the biggest armies ever conceived of face one another across the ultimate battlefield to decide the fate of the future. This hardcover illustrated book and digital e-book from Graphic India will allow readers a first glimpse into the mythic animated series being developed by Morrison. Carey St.Hilaire. UbuWeb. Antoine Guilloppé. Aujourd’hui, on va se taire, si si !

Antoine Guilloppé

On se tait et on écoute, il y a quelqu’un qui nous raconte une histoire… Une chronique en deux parties (la suite sera demain) une nouvelle fois en chronique croisée avec Maman Baobab (parce qu’on aime ça !). Il y a une nouvelle dans la boîte à joujoux. Mademoiselle Chouchou est une jolie poupée de porcelaine et en la voyant le maire et Polichinelle se sentent troublés. Mais c’est surtout le soldat de plomb numéro 7 qui perd ses moyens quand il croise son chemin, et voilà qu’il s’arrête en plein défilé, causant une sacrée pagaille !

Ces deux-là ont eu un gros coup de foudre et même si le soldat doit faire un séjour au cachot pour avoir mis le désordre, Mademoiselle Chouchou l’attendra. Une amie m’avait conseillé ce livre-CD en me disant que c’était l’un de ses plus gros coups de cœur en littérature jeunesse… je n’ai absolument pas été déçu ! Spectacular Rubens: The Triumph of the Eucharist. Tarkovsky Films Now Free Online. Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986) firmly positioned himself as the finest Soviet director of the post-War period.

Tarkovsky Films Now Free Online

But his influence extended well beyond the Soviet Union. The Cahiers du cinéma consistently ranked his films on their top ten annual lists. Ingmar Bergman went so far as to say, "Tarkovsky for me is the greatest [director], the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream. " And Akira Kurosawa acknowledged his influence too, adding, "I love all of Tarkovsky's films. I love his personality and all his works. Shot between 1962 and 1986, Tarkovsky's seven feature films often grapple with metaphysical and spiritual themes, using a distinctive cinematic style.

You can now watch Tarkovsky's films online – for free. 2008. Resumo de 2008BIG – A Metrópole no século XXI Benjamin Marzys e Ricardo Schetty De 16 de abril a 18 de maio de 2008 Exposição integrante do Projeto: BIG_ A Metrópole no século XXI Alair Gomes – um voyeur natural (Projeções) De 29 de maio a 22 de junho – na Galeria Lunara - Projeções De 29/05 a 13/07 na Galeria Iberê Camargo – exposição de fotos originais Beleza Imperfeita Mostra de Vídeos de Melissa Duarte / coletivo AVAF De 25 de junho a 27 de julho de 2008.


The Big Triangle. This Crazy Visual Symphony Is Like Being Inside a Computer, on Drugs. The performance is scripted, but the performers on stage add their own flavor to the proceedings, like a musical performer. Ryoji Ikeda Microfiche, crossword puzzles, and Morse Code don’t sound like the makings of a compelling live performance, but in the hands of Japanese maestro Ryoji Ikeda, these mundane materials become the core of a dynamic audio-visual spectacle called Superposition. The hour-long performance is something like a high-tech rave with a year’s worth of high-school science class schizophrenically drawn upon as its raw material.

Twenty small monitors sit on the front of a stage with one theater-sized screen stretching behind two performers. For One Artist, Colorblindness Opened Up A World Of Black And White. Peter Milton often includes famous artists in his work. In this etching and engraving, called Train From Munich, the doorman is modeled after Marcel Duchamp. Click here for a closer look. Courtesy of Peter Milton hide caption itoggle caption Courtesy of Peter Milton. John Frame - Portland Art Museum. Three Fragments of a Lost Tale Art, music, poetry, and film come together in John Frame’s ambitious project The Tale of the Crippled Boy. Nightingale and CanaryThe Artwork of Andy Thomas. Water to Paper, Paint to Sky: The Art of Tyrus Wong. August 15–February 3, 2014 From August 15, 2013 to February 3, 2014, The Walt Disney Family Museum will present the exhibition Water to Paper, Paint to Sky: The Art of Tyrus Wong. Organized by Michael Labrie, the museum’s director of collections, the exhibition will focus on the life and work of Chinese-American artist Tyrus Wong—a celebrated painter, muralist, kite maker, lithographer, Hollywood sketch artist, calligrapher, ceramicist, and Disney Legend.

At age 102, Wong is still a practicing artist today. Josiah McElheny. Josiah McElheny was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1966, and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and apprenticed with master glassblowers Ronald Wilkins, Jan-Erik Ritzman, Sven-Ake Caarlson, and Lino Tagliapietra. McElheny creates finely crafted, handmade glass objects that he combines with photographs, text, and museological displays to evoke notions of meaning and memory.... Noelia - Mind Blown - Timbaland Edit. Disclosure - F For You ft. Mary J. Blige. CHRIS MILK. 16 Short Films That Launched the Careers of Famous Directors - Mic. Catamite's Art Collection. Olafur Eliasson. Pawel Kuczynski - Strona główna / Home.