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VicRoads. VicRoads. Aussie slang by Adelaide TAFE teacher Learn English Online. Behind the News. Weekdays: 02/06/2017 watch BTN Investigates Have you seen or heard something in the news you'd like explained?

Behind the News

Add Question Welcome Book Gallery Over 12,000 kids have sent in their message to refugees.View Kind Classrooms We challenged schools across the country to show a little kindness to their local community.View the gallery River Kids Ngarrindjeri boy, Tyrone, introduces us to some of the people who live on the Murray.Watch Shelly the Turtle 11-year-old Ross releases rare Flatback turtle he helped rescue.Watch Saving The Earless Dragon A class in Canberra is using art to help save an endangered species.Watch Protecting Rivers Two rivers in India have just been given the same rights as people! Bringing back the planet Pluto A group of scientists is trying to get Pluto reinstated as a planet.Watch. Culture & Lifestyle. One of the best ways to explore and access this is to involve real Australians.

Culture & Lifestyle

This may mean excursions – even just within walking distance from your classroom – but there are also other ways to bring ‘real Australians’ into the classroom. Ideas, with related topic content, are listed below: Australian Cultural Dictionary This dictionary is designed for people who are living, or who are going to live, in Australia. We hope it will be particularly useful for international students. Aboriginal culture Get local Aboriginal community figures to come in and talk to students.David Bowie’s Let’s Dance 30 Years On “In 2013, Fairfax spoke with Joelene King, the star of David Bowie’s Let’s Dance video, about its importance for Aboriginal Australians 30 years on.” ANZAC Day. Mobile apps - Public Transport Victoria. The PTV mobile apps allow you to view service times, use the journey planner and set your favourite stops throughout Victoria for faster access to public transport information on the go.

Mobile apps - Public Transport Victoria

Free to download, information on each of the apps is available below: iPhone app Download the PTV iPhone app The latest update of the app is now available! (October 2016) Features: For useful hints and tips, see How to use the PTV iPhone app. Please note: The PTV iPhone app was designed to function on iOS 7 or higher, but will work on iOS 6. New Roots: Smartphone app to help refugees navigate Australian life. Posted For many refugees, adjusting to a new country and getting used to the culture, language and customs of their new home can be a challenge.

New Roots: Smartphone app to help refugees navigate Australian life

Nearly 12,000 Syrian refugees expected to arrive in Australia over the coming months, and a new smartphone application has been developed to help the transition. The New Roots app is the first of its kind in Australia and was developed by Settlement Services International (SSI) together with Beyond Blue, and funded by donations to the Movember Foundation. It includes a number of features including tips for eating well and remaining fit, and guides for managing finances and contacting emergency services. The project also provides online training for caseworkers in settlement services, and training for community leaders. App aimed at helping refugees with mental wellbeing.


Pre-beginner AMEP. Resources: Tutor Resources - 1 Welcome. Welcome to Tutor Resources for the AMEP.

Resources: Tutor Resources - 1 Welcome

Here you’ll find a wide range of Topic Packs to assist you in your tutoring. Tutor Resources are intended to complement your existing resources. Each Topic Pack contains a Topic Plan outlining the tasks, language focus, learning activities and resource requirementsTutor Notes with detailed instructions on how to carry out each activityWorksheets and Flash cards. Topic Packs are organised by Levels and by Settlement Themes. The Topic Packs can be accessed from the menu on the left hand side of this page. Portal welcome page 151005 0. Home - Public Transport Victoria. Fast Connect. Department of Social Services, Australian Government. The Australian Government has developed a Family Safety Pack for men and women coming to Australia.

Department of Social Services, Australian Government

It includes information on Australia’s laws regarding domestic and family violence, sexual assault and forced marriage, and a woman’s right to be safe. The pack includes four factsheets on the following topics: The pack also includes a low literacy storyboard. Anyone accessing the pack is encouraged to share it with their community, organisation or family. The family safety pack is a key initiative of the Second Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022. The Family Safety Pack is translated into the 46 languages below: Interpreters play a crucial role in ensuring that people who don’t speak English, or speak English as a second language, are able to access appropriate support and legal services. ReadSpeaker® docReader™ Migrants, refugees and visitors - Australian Government Department of Human Services.

Triple Zero (000) Page Content Stay focused, stay relevant, stay on the line Is someone seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help?

Triple Zero (000)

Aussie English for the Beginner HTML version. Australian English has developed a rich and distinct vocabulary that some would say reflects our dry wit and occasional wisdom.

Aussie English for the Beginner HTML version

Explore the origins and meanings of our common Australian words and idioms, and test your knowledge of Australian English. Border TV. Help for refugees, humanitarian entrants and new arrivals - Australian Government Department of Human Services. There is help for you if you have recently come to live in Australia, depending on your visa.

Help for refugees, humanitarian entrants and new arrivals - Australian Government Department of Human Services

You may have to serve a waiting period, and other rules may apply. Payments. New to Australia series. Life in Australia booklet. If you are applying for a provisional or permanent visa, you need to read, or have had explained to you, the Life in Australia booklet before you sign the Australian Values Statement.

Life in Australia booklet

If you have difficulty, or are unable to read the booklet, ask a friend or family member to explain the contents to you. Alternatively, you can have the content of the booklet explained to you by your sponsor or your agent if you have one, or by a departmental officer. Other residents of Australia might also find the booklet useful, particularly those who work with migrants or who have relatives or friends who have recently arrived in Australia.

See: Life in Australia (303KB PDF) - English Life in Australia has been translated into community languages commonly spoken by Australian migrants. Lia english full. Department of Social Services, Australian Government. Attachments. Webready balia 4a 120916.