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NASA TV’s NTV-1 (PUBLIC) and NTV-3 (MEDIA) CHANNELS NOW IN HD NASA Television’s NTV-1 (Public) and NTV-3 (Media) channels are now transmitting in high definition. NASA Television’s Public Channel (NTV-1), the "NASA TV" most often carried by cable and satellite service providers, provides coverage of NASA missions and events, plus documentaries, archival and other special programming. NASA TV’s Media Channel (NTV-3) provides mission coverage, news conferences and relevant video and audio materials to local, national and international news-gathering organizations. (HD Channel 105 is no longer in service.) NASA Television Is On Satellite AMC-18C Nasa tv

Nasa tv

What's New? NASA Rover Opportunity's Selfie Shows Clean Machine - 04/17/2014 A new self-portrait by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows gleaming solar arrays, thanks to recent help from dust-cleaning winds.Read More >>

Mars Exploration Program

Mars Exploration Program