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Listen here: 10 great podcasts for book lovers. As any reader will tell you, a good book doesn't end when you've flipped the last page.

Listen here: 10 great podcasts for book lovers

There's always more to learn, plots to discuss, themes to debate and backstories to flesh out. And that's where podcasts come in. With the ongoing boom in podcasting, there have been no shortage of great new shows about books. 5 Reasons to Read for Reluctant Readers. Teachers may offer up a killer classroom library and carve out class time for silent reading, but these two things do not guarantee prolific reading, or even moderate reading from your students.

5 Reasons to Read for Reluctant Readers

One of my goals when I was teaching high school was this: to have students fall in love with reading while they were in my classroom (or at least like it a little more). So how do you motivate secondary students in a deeper, lifelong reader way? It's not just about helping a student find that right book, as teachers often see as the ultimate mission, but it's about giving reasons for reading -- and really good ones. Evaluating Internet Sources. 5 Reasons to Read for Reluctant Readers. The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now) PowerSchool Learning: (Previously Haiku Learning.) This is a full learning management system (LMS) that I’m trying to get our school to adopt. Theconversation. U.S. institutions of higher education and U.S. local governments are under extraordinary pressure to cut costs and eliminate from institutional or governmental ledgers any expenses whose absence would cause little or no pain.


In this political climate, academic and public libraries may be in danger. The existence of vast amounts of information – a lot of it free – on the Internet might suggest that the library has outlived its usefulness. But has it? The numbers tell a very different story. In spite of the findings of a survey in which Americans say they are using public libraries less, the usage numbers reported by libraries indicate the opposite. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Excellent YouTube Channels for ... April 12, 2016 In today’s post we are sharing with you three YouTube science channels that we have recently discovered.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Excellent YouTube Channels for ...

You can use these channels to access a wide range of video content covering different scientific phenomena. All of these videos are short professionally animated lessons ideal to use in your class instruction. For more options on YouTube channels for science teachers, check out this resource. Book an appointment: doctors to prescribe novels in new scheme. Doctors will be able to prescribe novels such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time to teenagers with mental-health issues thanks to a new scheme, which launches today.

Book an appointment: doctors to prescribe novels in new scheme

Delivered by charity The Reading Agency and the Society of Chief Librarians, the Reading Well for Young People campaign is aimed at 13- to 18-year-olds, and provides them with a recommended reading list covering mental health issues from depression to eating disorders, and from anxiety to self-harm, bullying and exam pressure. Chosen by mental health experts and young people, the books, a mix of self-help, memoir and fiction, can be recommended by GPs, counsellors and school nurses, and the list of titles will also be available to borrow from public libraries.

The scheme follows the launch of a similar reading programme for common mental health conditions in adults, set up in 2013, and one aimed at people with dementia and their carers, established in 2015. Reading a book is best for empathy. Have you ever read a book which has made you step back and see the world from another perspective, one you may not have even considered previously?

Reading a book is best for empathy

In a new YouGov opinion poll commissioned by Amnesty International UK, parents were asked to select the pastime from a list of activities that they thought developed their child’s empathy the most - and reading has reached the top spot. More than half of 964 parents polled (53%) thought reading a book helped their children put themselves in someone else’s shoes, with just 12% saying TV and just 3% believing playing a computer game was the best way to develop empathy. 4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Create a Perfectly Organized Google Drive - ...

Everyone organizes their Google Drive differently.

4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Create a Perfectly Organized Google Drive - ...

Shockingly, many Google Apps users don’t organize them at all. I have found that, by using a few best practices, there is a system for making Google Drive much more organized and easier to navigate. Proper folder structure, naming conventions, color coding, and keeping track of what is shared with you can go a long way when used properly. These 4 tips show the best way to organize your Google Drive for faster navigation so you never lose track of a document again. 4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Create a Perfectly Organized Google Drive - ... Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen. 2016 Short Story Competition. The Footpath Library is thrilled to announce the 2016 EPIC!

2016 Short Story Competition

Short Story Competition for primary and secondary students across the country. How A School Library Increased Student Use By 1,000 Percent. Mobile Storytelling and Documentary Filmmaking. Civilization Revolution: Learning & Games → Do you play video games?

Mobile Storytelling and Documentary Filmmaking

The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con. In 2012, I attended the ISTE conference in San Diego, CA.

The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con

While I was only there for about 36 hours, it was easy for me to pick up on one of the hottest topics for the three-day event. The "flipped classroom" was being discussed in social lounges, in conference sessions, on the exhibit floor, on the hashtag and even at dinner. People wanted to know what it was, what it wasn't, how it's done and why it works.

The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con. Take Note: How to Curate Learning Digitally. Note taking lies at the heart of curricula around the world. Beginning in elementary school, we teach students to "take notes" so that they can maintain a record of the content disseminated to them by the teacher. And yet, with mobile devices replacing paper notebooks, this process has become increasingly complex as students (and teachers) struggle to apply previous strategies to new tools. In the past, I wrote about the 4Ss of Note Taking With Technology. Students should choose a system that: Supports their learning needs Allows them to save across devices Possesses search capabilities Can be shared. Literature Map Helps You Find Authors You Might Like. Pinkcast 3. Why you should take notes by hand. The 15 most useful Google apps you never knew existed.

Google can be your best friend when it comes to searching for answers or information online. Millions of people use it every day, but only few can utilize Google to its full potential. In fact, this powerful search engine can offer lots of great services, apps and features that aren’t on many people’s radar. Definition and Examples of Literary Terms.

HSC programs and resources. Programs at the Library We can run a free research orientation program for your class. In the program your students will: tour the Library develop search strategies learn how to use the Library's catalogue access eresources through the Library's website. Melbourne Library Service. Most Popular of 2015, No. two: The advanced Google searches every student sho... Information%20literacy. Using social media and web tools to... - What a difference a school library m...

700 Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free. Get FREE AUDIO BOOKS from and also Download hundreds of free audio books, mostly classics, to your MP3 player or computer. The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use To Change The World. Aboriginal Studies - Mackellar Girls Campus Library.