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Dehydrating Tomatoes. Hit the 'Print these Instructions' button below.Don't worry, the gold background doesn't print!

Dehydrating Tomatoes

Phew! From your friends at Easy Food Dehydrating www.easy-food-dehydrating.comCopyright © 2010-2014 ~ find us on Fancy this: While Dehydrating Tomatoes, their vitamin C, vitamin K, Thiamin, and Niacin, along with Folate, and Choline, content increases! Get busy dehydrating tomatoes whether you grow your own, or are in abundance at the grocery stores or roadside vegetable stands! Tomatoes are a fantastic source of vitamin A, followed by vitamin C, and Choline. Trace vitamins are: Niacin, and vitamin E, along with Thiamin, and Betaine, Pantothenic Acid, Folate, and vitamin K. Minerals to be found in tomatoes are: Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Calcium. IcreativeD. A Man Replaces His Lawn With a Giant Vegetable Garden and No Regrets. During the summer, nothing is better than the smell of freshly cut grass.

A Man Replaces His Lawn With a Giant Vegetable Garden and No Regrets

That is, unless, you have a giant vegetable garden growing in the place of your lawn. Instead of turf, this awesome homeowner, user locolukas on Reddit, opted for tomatoes. The results are absolutely epic. What you see actually used to be a lawn. But instead of mowing grass, one man decided to say “screw the lawn” and plant vegetables. He filled his yard’s grid with compost that the city gave away. Seeds began growing quickly and he had to keep up by planting support systems around them. He even developed an irrigation system, which is much more difficult than it looks. He lined his garden with cinder blocks, covered the ground with wood chips and filled the cinder blocks with compost as well.

Arugula came in first. Then spinach. Then beets. Radishes began growing quickly. He grew carrots by the bucketful. Peas aplenty! The man even began giving out the veggies he couldn’t possibly eat, helping to spread the wealth. At First I Thought These Were Classic 18th Century Paintings…Then I Took A Closer Look. Wow! Bill Gekas is an Australian photographer with a love for classic paintings.

At First I Thought These Were Classic 18th Century Paintings…Then I Took A Closer Look. Wow!

But last year Gekas took his love a bit farther and decided to recreate the classics through photography…using his gorgeous 5-year old daughter as the subject. And the outcome is, well, take a look for yourself… It’s not easy to get a small child to look natural in an 18th century scene… He uses props to create the aura of a simpler, more modest time… He must hunt for classic garments and have them fit perfectly for his daughter… Such an elegant 5-year old… Crochet Library » Beading Instructions: Download Bead Techniques Tutorial Guide. Beading is a very rewarding hobby which contributes to your own appearance, creativity, imagination and wallet once you get started to sell your pieces.

Crochet Library » Beading Instructions: Download Bead Techniques Tutorial Guide

In this article, I will talk about an eBook named The Complete Bead Guide which is designed for people who love beads and want to learn more about beading and bead work with step by step beading instructions. Get Beading Instructions With Free Bonuses This is a complete reference guide with step by step beading instructions full of well written descriptions and definitions and understandable for the beginner beader. This bead guide can be applied as a handy reference guide whenever you need answers or want to know where to go next with your beading project.

You can easily complete your projects with the help of step by step beading instructions provided in this tutorial eBook. Free Special Report: Advanced Beading Techniques You can learn more about these beading techniques with step by step bead instructions. ? ? Craft blog. This is the photo tutorial for making a zippered lining for the Lucky Wristlet.

craft blog

The tutorial shows, step-by-step how to make a zippered lining for the Lucky Wristlet. Let me know if something isn't clear. Paper Bag Floors – A Tutorial. I did this project in my home (over concrete, no stain) and I am BEEEEEEEE-YOND excited with the outcome.

Paper Bag Floors – A Tutorial

I can’t say THANK YOU enough to all of the people before me who did this and took the time to share what they learned. The chemgrrl chronicles. I heart wool.

the chemgrrl chronicles

3 Natural Ways To Lighten Hair or add Highlights Using Cinnamon. So you want to lighten your black hair or add reddish or burgundy highlights and you are wary of going through the whole hair dying process, especially since you know that dying the hair with synthetic dyes comes with a whole host of chemicals that can strip and make your hair look awful in the long run.

3 Natural Ways To Lighten Hair or add Highlights Using Cinnamon

Well, I wanted to do the same thing myself and I have tried the following three methods and they really make the hair lighter or add highlights At first I was skeptical because I could barely see any difference at my first try, except if I went into the sun and turned the mirror at certain angles to get the glimpse of a lighter color. I was a royal pest to my husband after trying the following recipes after the first couple times but then something miraculous happened, I could see the color change for myself, after three or so applications.

KaiKini Size Chart by KaiKini. Crochet Vest offwhite Egyptian cotton scalloped by Elegantcrochets.