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R Programming

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Statistics. By Terry M.


Therneau Ph.D.Faculty, Mayo Clinic About a year ago there was a query about how to do "type 3" tests for a Cox model on the R help list, which someone wanted because SAS does it. The SAS addition looked suspicious to me, but as the author of the survival package I thought I should understand the issue more deeply. It took far longer than I expected but has been illuminating. First off, what exactly is this 'type 3' computation of which SAS so deeply enamored?

To compute this, one can start by fitting a sufficiently rich model, get predicted values for our age distribution, and then average them. A primary statistical issue with type 3 is the choice of reference. Average population prediction also highlights a serious deficiency in R. R needs a general and well thought out post-fit contrasts function. Resources to help you learn and use R.

Modern Statistical Learning Methods. It's crantastic! Programming in R. The R languageData structuresDebuggingObject Oriented Programming: S3 ClassesObject Oriented Programming: S3 ClassesData storage, Data import, Data exportPackagesOther languages(Graphical) User InterfaceWeb interface: RpadWeb programming: RZopeWeb servicesClusters, parallel programmingMiscellaneousNumerical optimizationMiscellaneousDirty Tricks In this part, after quickly listing the main characteristics of the language, we present the basic data types, how to create them, how to explore them, how to extract pieces of them, how to modify them.

Programming in R

We then jump to more advanced subjects (most of which can -- should? -- be omitted by first-time readers): debugging, profiling, namespaces, objects, interface with other programs, with data bases, with other languages. The R language Control structures Actually, R is a programming language: as such, we have the usual control structures (loops, conditionnals, recursion, etc.) Conditionnal statements: if(...) { ... } else { ... } Courses. EndMemo. Advanced R. programming. Google Tends: R programming.

Onepager Now with knitR. \documentclass[nohyper,justified]{tufte-handout} %\documentclass{article} %\usepackage[absolute,showboxes]{textpos} \usepackage[absolute]{textpos} \usepackage{sidecap} %\usepackage{color} %\usepackage[usenames,dvipsnames,svgnames,table]{xcolor} \begin{document} <<include=FALSE>>= opts_chunk$set(concordance=TRUE) \begin{wide}

Onepager Now with knitR

20 R Packages That Should Impact Every Data Scientist « Data Scientist Insights. Tips:tips. R Graph Gallery. 60+ R resources to improve your data skills. R Programming - Manuals. Code School - Try R. Introduction to R. R Study Group. R Tutorial — R Tutorial. 321a Boyd Graduate Studies University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602 Introductory Materials¶ These materials are designed to offer an introduction to the use of R.

R Tutorial — R Tutorial

It is not exhaustive, but is designed to just provide the basics. Thank You! I have received a great deal of feedback from a number of people for various errors, typos, and dumb things. R by example. Basics Reading files Graphs Probability and statistics Regression Time-series analysis.

R by example

Quick-R: Home Page. R-project Search Engine. Search R packages and functions in MachineLearning. CRAN: Manuals. Edited by the R Development Core Team.

CRAN: Manuals

The following manuals for R were created on Debian Linux and may differ from the manuals for Mac or Windows on platform-specific pages, but most parts will be identical for all platforms. The correct version of the manuals for each platform are part of the respective R installations. The manuals change with R, hence we provide versions for the most recent released R version (R-release), a very current version for the patched release version (R-patched) and finally a version for the forthcoming R version that is still in development (R-devel). Here they can be downloaded as PDF files, EPUB files, or directly browsed as HTML: Translations of manuals into other languages than English are available from the contributed documentation section (only a few translations are available).

The LaTeX or Texinfo sources of the latest version of these documents are contained in every R source distribution (in the subdirectory doc/manual of the extracted archive). Online Learning - RStudio. Cross Validated. Newest 'r' Questions. R Programming. Welcome to the R programming Wikibook This book is designed to be a practical guide to the R programming language[1].

R Programming

R is free software designed for statistical computing. There is already great documentation for the standard R packages on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)[2] and many resources in specialized books, forums such as Stackoverflow[3] and personal blogs[4], but all of these resources are scattered and therefore difficult to find and to compare. The aim of this Wikibook is to be the place where anyone can share his or her knowledge and tricks on R.

It is supposed to be organized by task but not by discipline[5]. How can you share your R experience ? Explain the syntax of a commandCompare the different ways of performing each task using R.Try to make unique examples based on fake data (ie simulated data sets).As with any Wikibook please feel free to make corrections, expand explanations, and make additions where necessary. Some rules : Prerequisites[edit] See also[edit] R Programming - Manuals. Shiny. Style guide · R packages. Good coding style is like using correct punctuation.

Style guide · R packages

You can manage without it, but it sure makes things easier to read. As with styles of punctuation, there are many possible variations. The following guide describes the style that I use (in this book and elsewhere). It is based on Google’s R style guide, with a few tweaks. You don’t have to use my style, but you really should use a consistent style. Good style is important because while your code only has one author, it’ll usually have multiple readers. How to work with Quandl in R. Introduction to Revolution R Enterprise for Big Data Analytics.