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R programming

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R - Plot data in multiple files using ggplot. R Programming: Plotting time-series data (using data.frame) Updating R from R (on Windows) – using the {installr} package. Upgrading R on Windows is not easy.

Updating R from R (on Windows) – using the {installr} package

While the R FAQ offer guidelines, some users may prefer to simply run a command in order to upgrade their R to the latest version. That is what the new {installr} package is all about. The {installr} package offers a set of R functions for the installation and updating of software (currently, only on Windows OS), with a special focus on R itself. To update R, you can simply run the following code: Running this function will perform the following steps: Check what is the latest R version. If you know you wish to upgrade R, and you want the packages moved (not copied, MOVED), you can simply run: Since the various steps are broken into individual functions, you can also pick and choose what to run using the relevant function: If you like using the global library system, you can run the following in the old R: And then run the following in the new version of R: The {installr} package also offers functions for installing various other software on Windows.

Thanks. An Introduction To R for Trading w/Ilya Kipnis. Using R in real time financial market trading. R in finance. Quantmod: Quantitative Financial Modelling Framework. Impatient R. Translations français: Translated by Kate Bondareva.

Impatient R

Serbo-Croatian: Translated by Jovana Milutinovich from Geeks Education. Preface This is a tutorial (previously known as “Some hints for the R beginner”) for beginning to learn the R programming language. It is a tree of pages — move through the pages in whatever way best suits your style of learning. You are probably impatient to learn R — most people are. This page has several sections, they can be put into the four categories: General, Objects, Actions, Help. General Introduction Blank screen syndrome Misconceptions because of a previous language Helpful computer environments R vocabulary Epilogue Objects. Some hints for the R beginner. Some hints for the R beginner Learning R.

Some hints for the R beginner

GitHub - swirldev/swirl_courses: A collection of interactive courses for the swirl R package. Microsoft R Open: The Enhanced R Distribution · MRAN. Skip to main content Microsoft R Open: The Enhanced R Distribution Microsoft R Open, formerly known as Revolution R Open (RRO), is the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft R Open: The Enhanced R Distribution · MRAN

It is a complete open source platform for statistical analysis and data science. The current version, Microsoft R Open 3.2.5, is based on (and 100% compatible with) R-3.2.5, the most widely used statistics software in the world, and is therefore fully compatibility with all packages, scripts and applications that work with that version of R. It includes additional capabilities for improved performance, reproducibility, as well as support for Windows and Linux-based platforms. R. Announcing R Tools for Visual Studio. This post is by Shahrokh Mortazavi, Partner Director of Program Management in the Data Group at Microsoft.

Announcing R Tools for Visual Studio

I am delighted to announce that Visual Studio now speaks another language: R! R is decidedly the most popular statistical/data analysis language in use today. R Tools for Visual Studio brings together the power of R and Visual Studio in a convenient and easy to use plug-in that’s free and Open Source. When combined with Visual Studio Community Edition, you get a multi-lingual IDE that is perpetually free (for small teams). Today we’re releasing this as a public preview for evaluation and testing by developers. Here are the exciting features of this preview release: Other features requested by the R developer community, including a Package Manager GUI, Visual Studio Code (cross-plat), etc. will be part of one of our future updates.

16 courses to learn R in 2016 - Master Data Analysis. Explore Statistics with R. Do you want to learn how to harvest health science data from the Internet?

Explore Statistics with R

Or learn to understand the world through data analysis? Start by learning R Statistics! Skilled professionals who can process and analyze data are in great demand today. In this course you will explore concepts in statistics to make sense out of data. You will learn the practical skills necessary to find, import, analyze and visualize data. Statistical programming is an essential skill in our golden age of data abundance. We will dive into this data together. Intermediate R. Range, variance and standard deviation as measures of dispersion. R news and tutorials contributed by (573) R bloggers. Amazon. Why R. R (see also here) is a free language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Why R

It is superior to other graphics/analysis packages commonly used in Astronomy, e.g. supermongo, pgplot, gnuplot, and features a very wide range of statistical analysis and data plotting functions. Furthermore, R is already the most popular amongst the leading software for statistical analysis, as measured by a variety of indicators, and is rapidly growing in influence. R is really important to the point that it’s hard to overvalue it.

It allows statisticians to do very intricate and complicated analyses without knowing the blood and guts of computing systems. Google research scientist, quoted in the New York Times These pages are intended to be a brief summary of some basic information needed to get started quickly with R in a broadly astronomical context.