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Drawing Board - The New Hive. Fantasy Avengers Are the Best Avengers. Over at Deviant Art you will find lots of fantasy genre (books, games, and movie) artwork and fan art of comic superheroes to peruse. But none of them quite combine fantasy and superhero genres quite like this one. Artists often post here to allow viewership of their recent works in hopes of picking up a gig, or just to show off. While these posts from theDURRRRIAN will likely never be featured in a game or comic book cover, it is an awesome way of showing off the artists skills. And they’re just fun to look at — Feel free to play the role of fantasy superhero uber-geek, and get lost in these fan-art masterpieces… (image) i present to you the Captain the big green guy So my housemate gave me the idea of painting the avengers with a high/dark/ epic fantasy setting and who better to start with than loki. took a less ‘sexed-up’ approach so hopefully it works out Descriptions are from the artist’s page here.

And finally, I just liked the style of this one. Create and paint amazing art from photos. - StumbleUpon. 21 Images You Wont Believe Arent Photosphopped (Part 8) This is the latest edition of our most popular feature, in which we demonstrate that the truth is stranger than Photoshop.

21 Images You Wont Believe Arent Photosphopped (Part 8)

Here are more photos that will make every poster in the comment section scream "FAKE! " but are absolutely real. In case you missed the previous episodes, here's Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, the gritty reboot that doesn't acknowledge the previous editions, Part 6 and Part 7. And now ... #21. Via - StumbleUpon. Photo &Milky Way above the Himalayas& by Anton Jankovoy ( - StumbleUpon. Epic Homemade Porsche Win & EPIC FAIL .COM : #1 Source for Epic Fail and Fail Pictures, Fail Videos, and Fail Stories - StumbleUpon. 50 Geeky Street Art Pieces Brimming With Awesomeness. On my list of all things cool, street art is on top, right next to playing the guitar like Jimmy Page.

50 Geeky Street Art Pieces Brimming With Awesomeness

The fun thing about street art is that there aren’t any restrictions. You can be anybody and have anything to say yet fully express yourself in art for everybody to see. This is something geeks have taken advantage of in an awesome way. Check out the images below to see what I mean. Mountains of Books Become Mountains. I thought I’d seen every type of book carving imaginable, until I ran across these jaw dropping creations by Guy Laramee.

Mountains of Books Become Mountains

His works are so sculptural, so movingly natural in their form, they’ve really touched me. His works are inspired by a fascination with so-called progress in society: a thinking which says the book is dead, libraries are obsolete and technology is the only way of the future. His thoughts: “One might say: so what? Do we really believe that “new technologies” will change anything concerning our existential dilemma, our human condition? See Also INCREDIBLE 3D ILLUSTRATIONS JUMP OUT OF THE SKETCHBOOK Carving into the discarded stacks of books, he has created fantastic, romantic landscapes which remind us that though our fascinations and the value we put on different ideas have changed, we as a species have not evolved that much.

“Mountains of disused knowledge return to what they really are: mountains. See more of his beautifully meditative works at - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Landscapes, photos of landscapes, pictures - Waterfalls Havasu.

- StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Mark Jenkins // Street Installations. Besançon Rome Rio de Janeiro Tudela London Dublin Moscow.

Mark Jenkins // Street Installations

- StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Kenneth Parker, Lithified Sand Dunes. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Just a few christmas cards photo from The Simpsons - StumbleUpon. One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk. Two brilliant French artists, Ivan Duval and Jean Sebastien Ides, show us how to have fun with one dollar bill.

One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk

To see more work by Atypyk, visit Were the people our parents warned us against. A student fleeing from mounted police during an anti-war protest, c. 1970 50s HOME | READING LIST | NEWS | FILREIS HOME.

Were the people our parents warned us against

12 Famous Pictures Turned Into Badass Album Covers Slideshow. Pics that you dont make you laugh but are still cool. I hop you don't mind if I use this thread as an excuse to post some Earth porn: My current Wallpaper, The Havasu Falls The Guilin Mountains "Elephant Foot" Glacier My favorite at the moment: Rainbow(Northern Lights?)

Pics that you dont make you laugh but are still cool

Click the images for the full-sized versions. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Eruption Meets Lightning Storm. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Amazing Places To Experience Around the Globe (Part 3) - StumbleUpon. Tim Shumate. Crystal River - The most beautiful river on earth [Pics] - StumbleUpon. Cano Cristales - Crystal River.

Crystal River - The most beautiful river on earth [Pics] - StumbleUpon

River of five colors, as the locals call it, originates in the south of the mountain chain Macarena, Colombia, and flows eastward to its confluence with the Guayabero river. In the Cano Cristales found five colors: yellow, blue, green, black and red. Planet Streetpaintings 3D Lego army - the making.