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Facebook Twitter - Online REPL, Compiler & IDE. Kivy: Cross-platform Python Framework for NUI Development. Let's build a simple Android app, part 2. In the last exciting installment of “Let’s Build a Simple Android App”… We went through the process of creating a basic app that asked a question and let you give a response.

Let's build a simple Android app, part 2

It was cooler than it sounds – it had a nice color palette and everything. Develop. OpenFace. Free and open source face recognition with deep neural networks. 2016-01-19: OpenFace 0.2.0 released!


See this blog post for more details. MINICRAFT. 3D canvas raymarching demoscene 256b HTML5 minecraft raycasting notch Tribute to MINECRAFT, voxel flyby in 252 bytes of HTML5.


Motivation About one year ago Notch wrote a Minecraft flyby in JavaScript in 4kb with procedural textures, camera, fog, ... It was really cool and fast. The code was mostly optimized for speed, so surely with some efforts it could fit in 2 or maybe even 1kb. Two weeks ago, I released WOLFENSTEINY and the feedback was absolutely amazing. Source code. Blog.adtile. Viljami S. wrote this on While I’ve worked over a decade building various websites, it has only been the past 3 years that I’ve started learning more on how to work with plain JavaScript, instead of using jQuery always as the starting point.


The fact that I’m learning a dozen new things every day now, has made working on Adtile’s JavaScript SDK feel more like building an open source project than “actual work,” and I have to say I like that a lot. Today, I’m going to share some of the basic things I’ve learned during the past years, which will hopefully also help you to dive into the world of plain JavaScript, making it easier to decide whether or not you will need jQuery in your next project.

Progressive Enhancement. Tcl the misunderstood. Salvatore antirez Sanfilippo, 6 March 2006Why Tcl is not a toy language, but a very powerful one In an article recently linked from reddit entitled Tour de Babel you can read (among lots of other nonsense): Heck, people still use Tcl as an embedded interpreter, even though Python is far superior to Tcl in every conceivable way -- except, that is, for the frost thing.

Tcl the misunderstood

Ok, the whole article is well.. not very valid, but unfortunately while many misconceptions are promptly recognized by the informed reader, this one against Tcl is generally believed at face value. Welcome to the Tclers Wiki!


Ruby en vingt minutes. Introduction Ce court tutoriel ne devrait pas prendre plus de vingt minutes de votre temps.

Ruby en vingt minutes

Il part du principe que vous avez déjà installé Ruby ; si ce n’est pas le cas, il vous est chaleureusement conseillé de le faire avant de poursuivre votre lecture. Note: le traducteur a ici considéré qu’il était plus pertinent de conserver l’entièreté du code en anglais, plutôt que de présenter un mélange en « franglais » de mot-clés anglais et noms de variables français. L’usage d’un langage de programmation, quel qu’il soit, nécessite hélas (?) Encore quelques notions essentielles dans la langue de Shakespeare. Gambas - Gambas Almost Means Basic. VASSAL. Natural Docs. Script-cover - Javascript code coverage detector for web pages in Chrome. Node.js, MongoDB, and you: an intro in parts. List of languages that compile to JS · jashkenas/coffee-script Wiki. Javascript PC Emulator. Utiliser des applications Linux sous Windows.


Open Source Cloud Computing. Coding - the new Latin. 28 November 2011Last updated at 08:45 <div class="warning"><img class="holding" src=" alt="students on computers" /><p><strong>Please turn on JavaScript.

Coding - the new Latin

</strong> Media requires JavaScript to play. </p></div> The campaign to boost the teaching of computer skills - particularly coding - in schools is gathering force. Today the likes of Google, Microsoft and other leading technology names will lend their support to the case made to the government earlier this year in a report called Next Gen. The statistics on the numbers going to university to study computing make sobering reading. Le colonel Moutarde, sur la table (de hachage), avec un livre de maths. Quand des chercheurs en informatique font de la théorie, certains écoutent, comme les développeurs de Perl. D'autres dorment au fond de la classe : cette fois, le bonnet d'âne est pour PHP, Python, V8 (JavaScript par Google, qui sert par exemple dans node.js), Ruby (sauf CRuby), de nombreux serveurs d'applications en Java, mais aussi ASP.NET.

Ils ont dû se réveiller brutalement mercredi, lors d'une présentation d'Alexander Klink et Julian Wälde au Chaos Communication Congress montrant comment saturer très simplement un serveur grâce à une attaque basée sur la complexité algorithmique. DevGuide - supersonic - The page contains a developer's guide to Supersonic. - Supersonic Query Engine - a column oriented database query engine library. First, let's give you some background of the project.

DevGuide - supersonic - The page contains a developer's guide to Supersonic. - Supersonic Query Engine - a column oriented database query engine library.

Licensing All Supersonic Query Engine source and pre-built packages are provided under the Apache License 2.0. The Supersonic Community The Supersonic community exists primarily through the discussion group, the issue tracker and, to a lesser extent, the source control repository. You are definitely encouraged to contribute to the discussion and you can also help us to keep the effectiveness of the group high by following and promoting the guidelines listed here. Ecommerce Pictures - Icones, boutons, logos et images gratuites pour le e-commerce. Easy Facebook Scripting in Python « Heterogenous Mixture. UPDATED: fbconsole Pypi Package and Github Repository Sometimes you just want to write a little script using Facebook’s api that updates your status, or downloads all your photos, or deletes all those empty albums you accidentally created.

Easy Facebook Scripting in Python « Heterogenous Mixture

In order to streamline my writing of one-off facebook scripts, I created a micro api client that implements the client-side authentication flow and has a few utility functions for accessing the graph api and fql.