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Remembering Eleanor Powell, the Dancer Too Good for Fred Astaire. Drowned out by the Corbyn effect, the Green Party struggles to cut through. The 2017 election could have been a serious opening for the Greens.

Drowned out by the Corbyn effect, the Green Party struggles to cut through

The party fought the last election on a strong anti-austerity and redistributionist platform to the left of the Labour party, and established itself as a credible (if small) electoral force: its membership swelled to 75,000, the party quadrupled its 2010 vote count to 1.2m, kept a record 131 deposits, came second in four seats, and saw Caroline Lucas re-elected as its sole MP. It seemed the stage was set for a bright Green future. But things have changed – and not for the better. Labour’s post-2015 shift to the left under Jeremy Corbyn and his personal popularity among young voters seems to have directly eaten into the Greens’ support.

Far from building on their hard-won gains, polls suggest that while Lucas is expected to hold her seat in Brighton Pavilion, the party may do significantly worse this time. What’s hidden behind the walls of America’s prisons. Few Americans fully appreciate just how many of their fellow citizens are ensnared in the criminal justice system.

What’s hidden behind the walls of America’s prisons

Some may have heard that there are about 2.3 million people behind bars, but that figure tells only part of the story. Yes, in a stunning array of 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 901 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails and 76 Indian Country jails, as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers and prisons in the U.S. territories, we physically contain more human beings than any other country in the world. In addition to those actually locked up, there are another 840,000 Americans being supervised on parole and an additional 3.7 million people being monitored on probation. Consider this: The world’s most populous city, Tokyo, and the U.S. ‘s most populous state, California, have fewer residents combined than the up to 100 million U.S. citizens who now have a criminal record. The fight to see inside. Striking Photographs of the Ancient Tradition of Honey Hunting in Nepal.

Documentary travel photographer Andrew Newey recently went on an expedition to central Nepal, where he spent two weeks living with the Gurung tribespeople in order to document the ancient art of honey hunting.

Striking Photographs of the Ancient Tradition of Honey Hunting in Nepal

In these photos, Newey captures the risks and skills involved with this tradition, which few outsiders have seen either in person or in images. Perched precariously on rope ladders, honey hunters risk their lives to gather the honey, using only long sticks known as tangos to knock the honeycomb off the Himalayan cliffside and into baskets, which are then lowered to the ground. Bitcoin is going wild — here's what the cryptocurrency is all about. Andrew Burton/Getty Images Bitcoin is back in the headlines after soaring in value.

Bitcoin is going wild — here's what the cryptocurrency is all about

One bitcoin was worth $2,800 on May 25, up from $1,200 at the end of April. Expert conversation: ‘The right to luxury could constitute a legitimate claim’ Anthropologist Marc Abélés latest research focused on luxury markets and arts across the globe, a topic he touched on at length with Léa Barreau Tran, from Sciences Po Bordeaux, during an interview published here as part of our ongoing series Globalisation Under Pressure.

Expert conversation: ‘The right to luxury could constitute a legitimate claim’

Léa Barreaux: It’s rather unusual to associate luxury with globalisation because they seem so alien to one another. Luxury is often considered as an “illegitimate” subject in anthropology. You, Marc Abélés, have taken a different approach in establishing a global anthropology of luxury. Globalisation isn’t dead, it’s just shed its slick cover story. The penultimate instalment in our Globalisation Under Pressure series questions the concept of globalisation, suggesting that the so-called backlash against it is merely neoliberalism unmasked.

Globalisation isn’t dead, it’s just shed its slick cover story

With the recent rise in nationalism, surge in protectionism and Donald Trump’s “America first” vision, it’s become common to declare that the golden age of globalisation has come to an end. That the three-decade-old “global village” is closing its doors. But was globalisation ever really about internationalism and shared development? The fact is, globalisation has always been more political discourse than reality. Even the term “global governance” is itself merely a strategic turn of phrase. In Argentina, the Supreme Court spurs national outrage with leniency for a ‘Dirty War’ criminal. The streets of Argentina’s cities went white on May 10 as tens of thousands donned the iconic headscarf of the Mothers and Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who’ve never stopped searching for the sons, daughters, and grandchildren they lost in the country’s “Dirty War” (1976-1983) some four decades ago.

In Argentina, the Supreme Court spurs national outrage with leniency for a ‘Dirty War’ criminal

Buenos Aires saw one of the largest marches in recent Argentinean history as human rights organisations, NGOS and citizens of all political stripes flooded into the Plaza de Mayo, the country’s political heart. Organisers say as many as 200,000 people attended. They came to protest a Supreme Court decision that many feared would reinstate the regime of impunity that once supported Argentina’s six military coups (1930, 1943, 1955, 1962, 1966 and 1976). On May 3, the court ruled in a three-to-two majority decision to grant leniency to Luis Muiña, a convicted kidnapper and torturer, by invoking the so-called “two-for-one” rule.

What is a Dyson sphere? View larger. | Artists’ concept of a Dyson sphere.

What is a Dyson sphere?

Notice the little moon or planet on the left side, being ravaged for raw materials. This image – called Shield World Construction – is by Adam Burn. More about it here. Via First step toward a Dyson sphere? Uruguay government legalises sale of recreational cannabis in pharmacies. Uruguay’s three-year process of legalising recreational cannabis consumption reached its final stage on Thursday, when the government said it would authorise pharmacies to begin selling the substance as of July.

Uruguay government legalises sale of recreational cannabis in pharmacies

Sixteen pharmacies have registered with the government of the tiny South American country to be able to sell marijuana for recreational purposes. That number is expected to increase to 30 in the coming months, said Juan Roballo, head of the National Drug Board. Uruguay became a global pioneer when it legalised the cultivation, distribution and consumption of marijuana in late 2013. One Year After Uruguay Legalized Marijuana, Here's What It's Become. One year ago, Uruguay became the first country in the world to completely legalize marijuana in a move that has since been dubbed the "great experiment.

One Year After Uruguay Legalized Marijuana, Here's What It's Become

" But for the last few months, it looked like Uruguay's experiment was coming to an end as public sentiment continued to go against legal marijuana and a rising presidential candidate vowed to repeal much of the law if elected. At the end of last month, however, voters in Uruguay granted the leftist Broad Front coalition another presidential term by electing 74-year-old oncologist Tabare Vazquez over center-right National Party candidate Luis Lacalle Pou, 53% to 40%. In doing so, Uruguay solidified its left-leaning status and kept alive the country's legal marijuana and the government's growing dispensary system.

So while the "great experiment" almost came to an end before it ever really got its feet off the ground, it has lived to fight another day. Unfortunately, the government is still working on setting up that dispensary network. Life after the end of economic growth. The tide of economic growth that has flowed since the second world war may finally be ebbing. For politicians and most economists, this is like saying the sky is falling. Growth has become guidepost and grail, the sine qua non of economic existence. Growth is necessary to job creation and the health of businesses. Without growth the rolls of the homeless and jobless swell, requiring governments to shoulder more responsibility; yet at the same time tax revenues fall, making both new and existing government debt unbearable. Stimulating growth has become job No 1 for policymakers. Nonetheless, in recent years a few economists have advanced a contrary view. But doubts about growth are no longer theoretical.

Dictators lie about economic growth. Pedestrians walk past a mall in Beijing on June 23. China’s manufacturing activity expanded in June for the first time this year as the effects of Beijing’s mini-stimulus on the world’s second-largest economy gradually kick in, financial firm HSBC reports. (Wang Zhao/ AFP/Getty Images) There’s a lot of recent scholarship suggesting that non-democratic regimes grow faster than democratic regimes. This has led some people not only to admire the Chinese model of growth focused authoritarianism, but to suggest that it may be a better economic model for developing countries than democracy. However, this research tends to assume that both democracies and non-democracies are telling the truth about their growth rates, when they report them to multilateral organizations such as the World Bank. Magee and Doces look at the relationship between reported growth and nights at light and find a very clear pattern.

What eastern bloc dissidents can teach us about ‘living in truth’ Israel, no-platforming – and why there’s no such thing as ‘narrow exceptions’ to campus free speech. Do passages in the Bible justify cutting down forests? Why you don't have to have wealth to be a philanthropist. Amid what is expected to be the wealthiest divorce case of all time, that of the Posh & Becks of philanthropy – billionaire hedge funder Chris Hohn and his soon to be ex-wife Jamie Cooper-Hohn, is a curious insinuation. Both appear to be arguing that they encouraged the other into philanthropy. I was most struck by what Hohn said. Apparently, he was always interested in philanthropy, but said he was a realist and felt he had to be rich before joining the ranks of Warren Buffett et al.

What should a sci-fi spaceship REALLY look like? People making sci-fi movies have it easy. If you’re designing alien technology, not even the most determined pedant could claim with any authority to know how a real Imperial TIE fighter might look. The TIE fighter (as imagined by George Lucas). If you’re making a film about war, or journalism, or (especially) computer hackers there’s always some wiseacre at the back of the cinema ready to tell you why your guns, newsroom or (especially) Ruby script looks wrong. But still the Hollywood spacecraft designers stick to certain rules when assembling their plastic or pixel models of otherworldly craft.

Women flex their muscles by marching against Trump. Barbara Sternberg, Toronto This picture, with the sign “FIGHT LIKE A GIRL” sends a very powerful message — love, strength, family, hope — all that is good in society. Our future is in good hands! Susan Dutton, Port Hope, Ont. I was very disturbed to read that they fingerprinted people who wanted to cross the border to attend the women’s march in Washington. Whose idea was this? From murder capital to model city: is Medellín's miracle show or substance? TV cartoon Peppa Pig – now worth $1bn a year – is making the leap to the big screen. We live, apparently, in a golden age of television. Peppa Pig and its perplexing mysteries. Given the tough time that pigs are getting in the press right now, courtesy of a story that shows just how on the money Black Mirror is, we thought it was worth re-saluting a more family friendly pig: Peppa. Researches find poop-throwing by chimps is a sign of intelligence. Welcome to the naked city: sun, swingers and very little shoplifting.

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